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James Lesure Birthday & Fun Facts

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James Lesure Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Place Of Birth
Los Angeles, USA
53 years old
Birth Date
September 21 1970

James Lesure Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
University of Southern California
Net Worth
Current Partner
laura boyle

About James Lesure 

James Lesure is a famous American television personality who is well known for his role in many sitcoms.

The actor is known to have performed in many television series. Some famous series by him are the 'Girlfriends' and the 'Guide To Divorce'.

James Lesure is also seen in guest roles in many series. He started his career through minor roles and climbed the ladder of success with time. James Lesure has been trying his luck in movies since the '90s. However, it was only after eight long years of hard work that his work paid off, and he was offered a vital role as a co-lead. This role paved the way for James Lesure's success and landed him many other movies. Before this role, James was well known only among the casting community. It was only after seeing him in a strong role that fans recognized his true potential of him. Things looked different for him after that, and he was offered better roles in movies. The timeline after 2012 for the television actor James Lesure was the beginning of his extraordinary career as an actor. Although he has given many masterpieces to the theater industry, such as the 'Good Girls'. After 'Good Girls', he starred in many comical series such as 'Mr. Sunshine' after which his role in the 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' is also very famous. Continue reading to find out about James Lesure's career!

James Lesure Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is James Lesure’s net worth?

James Lesure has earned himself a fortune of around $5 million from his role as a famous television actor.

How much does James Lesure earn per year?

A significant chunk of James Lesure's net worth has arrived from his primary source of income which is his role as an actor. James Lesure is known for his recurring role in many series. Due to these contracts, James is known to have a per annum income of $210,000.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is James Lesure?

James Lesure has a perfect height of 6 ft 1 in (1.88 m).

How old is James Lesure?

James Lesure was born on September 21, 1970. Hence, as of 2021, the star is 51 years old.

Childhood And Education

James Lesure was born in Los Angeles, in southern California. James wanted to get his education from a university near his home. Therefore, James Lesure decided to get his bachelor's degree from the University of Southern California. After his undergraduate from the University of Southern California, he also wanted to study drama and therefore went to the USC School of Dramatic Arts. From his student years, James Lesure understood that he had an extreme love for acting and began testing his inner actor by performing on stages. His very first drama was 'Hair' and 'The Island'.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is James Lesure dating?

James Lesure is dating his long-time girlfriend, Laura Boyle. James Lesure always wished to keep his personal life away from the camera, which is also the reason why not much is known about his family in Los Angeles. No information about his parents and siblings from Los Angeles is available.

Career And Professional Highlights

The television actor has been seen in many Hollywood series and movies. At the very start of his career, James Lesure was seen in a guest role in many movies. Some of his first movies are 'Mad About You', 'Martin', and 'Seinfeld'. It was only in the movie 'For Your Love' where James Lesure got the attention he deserved. He has also worked with Matthew Perry, although his work with Matthew Perry was not for a movie but a comedy series.

Best Known For…

His work in 'Las Vegas' as Mike Cannon is also remarkable. He did the role for around five years. James Lesure took leave from 'Las Vegas' in 2008. After 'Las Vegas', the actor signed projects such as the 'Sunset Strip' in 2007, and the 'Sunset Strip' was signed with studio 60. The recurring role in series such as the 'Bad Blood' and 'Blue Bloods' was also recognized by fans. However, roles in series such as the 'Bad Blood' and ' Blue Bloods' came during the time when James Lesure was already quite established in his career. His initial roles were in movies like 'Lipstick Jungle' and one recurring role in 'Half and Half'. The 'Good Girls' by James Lesure is one of his most famous works.

Charity Work

Lesure greatly believes in charity and is closely associated with many charity associations. He is notable for his work in the 'Sickle Cell Disease Foundation,' and he has also received an award for his work in the foundation.

James Lesure’s Hobbies And Interests

From a young age, James Lesure started taking a great interest in acting. More so, he also started trying his hand at acting right from school. Slowly his hobby of acting became his passion, and after getting a bachelor's degree from college, he learned drama and started pursuing an acting career. 

Other Interesting James Lesure Facts And Trivia

  •  James Lesure played the role of an FBI agent in his famous series 'Good Girls'. His name is Agent Turner in the series.
  • At present, James Lesure is focusing on his current project at hand, which is 'Good Girls'. The show is still running, and James is playing an essential role in it.
  • James is known for his work in 'Your Love' and 'Las Vegas'. His role in 'Blue Blood' is also remarkable; he played the role of detective Alex Mcbride in the show.
  • James Lesure is an American actor; he was born in the southern side of California and attended a nearby college.
  • James is famous for his role in the 'Blue Bloods' crime drama, and he was in the show until season five. However, from season six, he took his leave from the show.
  • James had to leave the show as the producers had other plans for the direction in which they wished for the show to go.

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