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Javon Walton Birthday & Fun Facts

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Javon Walton Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Javon Walton
Place Of Birth
Atlanta , USA
17 years old
Birth Date
July 21 2006

Javon Walton Facts

Child Star?
Actor, Boxer
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
DJ Walton, Jessica Walton
Jayla Cookie Walton, Jaden Walton, Daelo Walton

About Javon Walton

Javon Walton is an American professional boxer, actor and social media influencer, born on July 22, 2006, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Javon Walton is also known as Javon 'Wanna' Walton. Wanna Walton has a fraternal twin brother, Jaden Walton. Astrologers recognized Wanna Walton's zodiac as Cancer, which is also a cardinal water sign.

Javon Walton is among the outstanding talents on HBO's 'Euphoria.' The 16-year-old performs the role of Ashtray, a perceptive preteen who helps his narcotic older brother Fez.  Walton is not just a gifted actor, but also a fantastic athlete who has dabbled in modeling and voice acting. 

Wanna Walton has featured in various boxing championships, and tv-series and also acts as a social media influencer for brands on his Instagram page.

Javon Walton's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Javon Walton’s net worth?

The four-time winner of the Georgia State Boxing Championship, Javon Walton, is seen as one of the fast-rising young athletes and actors from Atlanta, Georgia. Wanna Walton's estimated net worth is $1 million.

How much does Javon Walton earn per year?

Javon Walton’s annual earnings are estimated to be $2,00,000.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Javon Walton?

Javon Walton's height is 5 ft 2 in (157.4 cm) in 2022.

How old is Javon Walton?

Javon Walton is 16 years of age. The young American actor and boxer was born on July 22, 2006.

Childhood And Education

Wanna Walton was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, by DJ and Jessica Walton. He attended a local private school in Atlanta, Georgia.

Javon Walton began boxing and gymnastics at the age of four. Later, he participated in the Junior Olympics and won several state competitions.

Javon Walton has three siblings: his elder sister, who goes by the name Jayla Cookie Walton; his twin brother, Jaden Walton; and his younger brother, Daelo Walton.

Javon’s father, DJ Walton, grew up in South Florida after being born in New York. He founded Onward Athletics in Buford, Georgia, and serves as its head boxing coach. Javon Wanna Walton, an accomplished actor, and amateur boxer is trained and managed by DJ.

Family Life

Javon Walton told The Face that his father taught him that whatever he wants to do, he should work hard to do it, adding that when he was very young, he never put limitations on himself.  Walton's father formally gave him the moniker Wanna after observing that Walton took that advice to heart and applied it to every aspect of his life, including boxing and gymnastics.

Wanna Walton has since merited and lived up to the moniker he was given. Although Wanna Walton is only 16, he is already a champion boxer, medalist, gymnast, and TV star actor.

Owing to some assistance from his older brother, Walton's younger brother and youngest son of DJ and Jessica Walton, Daelo Walton, was able to land just a single-episode role as the young Walton's character, Ashtray. Walton tells Complex that after hearing Daelo read a part to him, he was so inspired that he gave Sam Levinson, the author of 'Euphoria,' a tape of Daelo. He genuinely desired to be a baby Ashtray, according to Walton. Levinson concurred and quickly hired Daelo for the show's guest appearance.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Javon Walton dating?

Javon Walton is not dating anyone as of 2022.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Javon 'Wanna' Walton is among the four children of DJ and Jessica Walton. The television personality, Steve Harvey, found Wanna Walton on social media in 2017 and invited him to participate in his televised daily talk show, 'STEVE.' He began acting in 2019 in the critically praised and popular HBO TV series 'Euphoria' as Ashtray.

As Adonis Creed's handler in 'Creed II,' starring Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone, Javon Walton made his acting career debut in 2018. He portrays the recurring character Lucifer 78 in the second season of the popular Starz tv called series 'Heels.'  In the forthcoming 2023 film 'Heart of a Lion,' which is based on the life of legendary boxer George Foreman, DJ has been cast in the character of Miguel Paez. Forrest Whitaker plays the lead in the George Tillman, Jr.-directed movie. J.J. Perry, a well-known movie director, and stunt coordinator exposed DJ to stunts in 2020 for the Sylvester Stallone-starring movie 'Samaritan (2022).'  On his first film as a director, 'Day Shift (2023),' starring Jamie Fox and Snoop Dogg, Perry hired DJ for stunts.

Alongside Sasha Lane and John Cusack, Walton portrays the title character in Amazon's adaptation of the well-known British television series called 'Utopia.’ Walton voiced Pugsley in the second season of MGM's cartoon ‘The Addams Family,’ in 2021.

He is also tipped to play a major role, Sam Cleary, in the early awaited superhero thriller movie ‘Samaritan’ alongside Slyvester Stallone and would appear in the Netflix heroic television series ‘The ‘Umbrella Academy’ in 2022.

Javon Walton has also collaborated on production with Dwayne Johnson, otherwise known as The Rock.

It is difficult to imagine that Wanna Walton, a native of Atlanta Georgia, has time for anything other than acting and increasing the publicity for the movies he has featured in as an actor. He, however, also manages to fit in time to practice boxing, which is perhaps seen as one of the biggest televised sports in the world. 

The Atlanta-born athlete, Javon Walton hopes to compete in boxing and gymnastics at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. Despite how lofty that may sound, the 'Euphoria' star actor looks capable of achieving it!

After watching Walton's interview, casting director Jennifer Venditti got in touch with Walton's father to inquire about Walton's availability for a 'Euphoria' audition. He even modeled with Alex Rodriguez for Dick's Sporting Goods.

Apart from his acting and boxing career, Javon Walton is also a social media influencer. Want to promote different brands via his Instagram platform. His Instagram handle is @Onwardwanna with about 5.7 million followers as of 2022

What awards has Javon Walton won?

Javon Walton put in an appearance for Muhammed Ali Collection in 2018.

Wanna Walton has been crowned five times Georgia State champion in her Boxing Championship.

Javon Walton was crowned four-time winner of the USA South East Regional Championship.

Other Interesting Javon Walton Facts And Trivia

  • At the age of eight, Walton was named among the seven athletes to be named NEXT.
  • Wanna Walton only had a prior on-screen appearance at the time with the Under Armour commercial alongside Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), but that did not deter the future Ashtray from applying for the part.
  • Wanna Walton revealed to Men's Health that the professional boxer, Manny Pacquiao, was his first hero. At the age of two, he used to watch Pacquiao contest on television. Walton has since added Julio César Chavez and Mike Tyson, two additional boxing greats, to his list of heroes.
  • Notwithstanding the personal and career life of these professional boxing athletes, Wanna Walton draws inspiration from each of their individual impulses for success and uses the same to further his acting career. He explains to Complex, that "you can't just slack around in boxing, it's the same with acting. You must perform in each scene."
  • One of Wanna Walton's life objectives has been to compete internationally in sports. Even his kindergarten teacher remembered his creating a painting of himself as an Olympic winner standing on a stage one day in class.  As for how Walton would balance acting with the Olympics, he tells The Face that boxing would be given 100% of his primary focus as he comes closer to the games.

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