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Jean Luc Bilodeau Birthday & Fun Facts

Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography & More

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Jean Luc Bilodeau Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Place Of Birth
Vancouver, Canada
33 years old
Birth Date
April 11 1990

Jean Luc Bilodeau Facts

Child Star?
Actor, former dancer
Education & Qualifications
Holy Cross Regional High School in Surrey
Net Worth
Barbara Bilodeau, Raymond Bilodeau.
Danielle Bilodeau

About Jean Luc Bilodeau

Jean Luc Bilodeau is a popular Canadian Actor.

Jean Luc Bilodeau became famous for his roles like 'Trick 'r Treat,' a movie, and 'Baby Daddy', a TV series. The Canadian actor is 31 years old (as of 2022) and won the Teen Choice Award.

Before starting his career, Jean Luc Bilodeau was a dancer. Jean Luc Bilodeau made his debut in a film called 'Ill-Fated'. A few years later, he got a supporting role in the movie called 'Trick 'r Treat', a black comedy horror film. This film was well acclaimed by critics and even owned a cult status.

Other movies of Jean Luc Bilodeau include famous films like 'Piranha 3DD' and 'Axis'. Jean Luc Bilodeau also played the main role in the 'Kyle XY' TV series, which is science fiction-based. Although this TV series received good viewer ratings, after the third season, it was canceled. Jean Luc Bilodeau's most notable work was 'Baby Daddy', an American television series where he played the lead role.

In 2015, during the shooting of 'Baby Daddy', a Halloween party accident happened when his costume caught fire, and his legs and arms were burnt. Luckily, his face was saved.

Jean Luc Bilodeau Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Jean Luc Bilodeau's net worth?

According to 2021, Actor Jean Luc Bilodeau's net worth is around $1 million. Jean Luc Bilodeau is a Canadian actor born in Canada (Vancouver). Jean Luc Bilodeau became famous for playing the lead role of Ben Wheeler in the American TV series 'Baby Daddy'. For playing this role, he was quite appreciated.


How much does Jean Luc Bilodeau earn per year?

According to a reputable source, the average annual income of this Canadian actor, Jean Luc Bilodeau, is around $50,529 per year. At a young age, he is believed to have earned millions.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Jean Luc Bilodeau?

The height of Jean Luc Bilodeau is around 5 ft 10 in (178 cm). This Canadian actor has the perfect average height. 

How old is Jean Luc Bilodeau?

The age of Actor Jean Luc Bilodeau is around 31 years old. He was born on November 4, 1990 in Canada (Vancouver). His zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Childhood And Education

Jean Luc went to Holy Cross High School in British Columbia, in Canada. Jean Luc Bilodeau was a dancer before he became an actor. Jean Luc Bilodeau was a good dancer at an early age. He was a dancer for around nine years. He dropped out of dancing because he was busy shooting for movies.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Jean Luc Bilodeau's family?

Jean Luc Bilodeau is of Canadian French origin and is the son of Barbara Bilodeau and Raymond Bilodeau. Jean's sister Danielle Bilodeau is a great talent agent. His parents and his sister Danielle Bilodeau stay in British Columbia, Canada. 

Who is Jean Luc Bilodeau dating?

According to sources, Actor Jean Luc Bilodeau was dating Emmalyn Estrada from 2010 - 2014. However, he broke up with her. This Canadian actor was in a relationship with Chelsea Hobbs . Jean Luc Bilodeau is rumored to be dating Elise LeBlanc as of August 2022.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Before becoming an actor, Jean Luc Bilodeau was a dancer. Since 2004, he has been acting. Jean Luc first appeared in the film' Ill Fated' with a small role. This film was a black horror-comedy. Jean Luc became popular after playing the lead role of Ben Wheeler in the TV series 'Baby Daddy'.

'Baby Daddy' made him quite famous. Even though this American television series 'Baby Daddy' earned mixed reviews, the lead TV actor Jean Luc Bilodeau was appreciated, and he was even awarded the Teen Choice Award. In May 2017, the 'Baby Daddy' TV series finale was aired. Jean Luc Bilodeau also appeared in many films like 'Casa Vita' and '16 Wishes'.

Jean Luc appeared in science fiction 'Kyle XY'. This TV series aired from 2006 - 2009, with three seasons. He played the role of Josh Trager. 'Kyle XY' story was about a boy who wakes up naked in a forest without any memory. He started working for 'Kyle XY' when he was 16.

In 2007, Jean Luc Bilodeau played a supporting role in a horror film called 'Trick 'r Treat'. The story centered around Halloween and a weird trick-or-treat festival, and the film earned positive reviews and became a cult-related film.

In 2008, Jean Luc Bilodeau played a guest role in the 'Supernatural' TV series. In 2009, he played a role in the comedy series 'The Troop' in one episode.

In 2010, Jean Luc Bilodeau had a chance to play the lead role in the film '16 Wishes', which Peter DeLuise directed.

In 2011, Jean Luc Bilodeau played the supporting role for the film 'Best Player.'

Jean Luc Bilodeau also played a small role in the famous movie 'LOL' stars Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore, Douglas Booth, and Ashley Hinshaw. Lisa Azuelos directed it. The movie 'LOL' was a teenage or coming-of-age movie.

Charity Work

The actual charity work of Jean Luc Bilodeau is not known; however, he went to the Stars Charity Soccer Match and Vancouver Whitecaps FC Legends that took place in British Columbia, Canada, on September 14, 2019. Jean Luc Bilodeau was seen posing for photos there.

What awards has Jean Luc Bilodeau won?

In 2017, Jean Luc Bilodeau won the Teen Choice Award for his role in the American TV series 'Baby Daddy.' 

Jean Luc Bilodeau's Hobbies And Interests

Actor Jean Luc Bilodeau loves acting and dancing. In 2019, he was seen posing in a charity soccer match; this means he loves soccer too.

Other Interesting Jean Luc Bilodeau's Facts And Trivia

  • Jean Luc Bilodeau appeared in the movie 'Piranha 3DD' in 2012, which earned an average success. The film earned $ 8.5 million; however, its budget was around $5 million. The next year, Jean Luc Bilodeau appeared in another film called 'Love Me.'
  • From 2012 - 2017, Jean Luc Bilodeau played the lead role of Ben Wheeler in the famous American series 'Baby Daddy.' The series is about a 20- years- old guy who is surprised when a baby is left at his doorstep. The baby is a result of his one-night stand. The male protagonist Ben Wheeler decides to raise the baby with the help of his brother, mother, and close friends. He gained fame as a TV actor. 
  • In 2014, Jean Luc Bilodeau appeared in 'Expecting Amish'.
  • As a TV actor, Jean Luc Bilodeau's big screen role came in 2015 in the romantic comedy movie 'All In Time', directed by Christopher Fetchko.
  • Jean Luc has an Instagram account; if you want to know more about his latest updates, you can check out @jeanluc.

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