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Jean Luc Godard’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Jean Luc Godard

Place Of Birth

Paris, France


91 years old

Birth Date

December 02, 1930

Star Sign


Jean Luc Godard Facts

Child Star?



Director, Screenwriter, Film Critic

Education & Qualifications

University of Paris

Net Worth

$3 million

Current Partner

Anne Marie Miéville


Odile Godard, Paul Godard


Véronique Godard, Rachel Godard, Claude Godard


1.7m (5'6"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Horse

About Jean Luc Godard 

Born in Paris, Jean Luc Godard is a famous French-Swiss film director, critic, and screenwriter.
Jean Luc Godard started his career as a film critic at Cahiers du Cinéma, where he was bold about speaking against the making of conventional cinema with no innovation. He rose to fame during the 1960 French New Wave for modern cinema.
Jean Godard received a global acclamation with his 1960 feature film 'Breathless'. His quote, 'What I want above all is to destroy the idea of culture. Culture is an alibi of imperialism. There is a ministry of war. There is a ministry of culture. Therefore, culture is war' explains his idea of work. Some of his notable works include his iconic films such as 'My Life To Live', 'Contempt', Pierrot Le Fou', 'A Woman Is A Woman', and 'Histoire(s) Du Cinema'.
Jean Godard is a known inspiration for legendary directors like Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Soderbergh, Robert Altman, and Brian De Palma. Jean Luc Godard made a name for himself in the movie industry and inspired others to bring about a revolutionary change in the world of cinema.

Jean Luc Godard's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Jean Luc Godard’s net worth?

Jean Luc Godard has a net worth of $3 million at the age of 91.

How much does Jean Luc Godard earn per year?

The primary source of income for Jean Godard is his career as a successful director and his collaboration with music labels such as the ECM Records. However, his annual income is not revealed to the public.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Jean Luc Godard?

Jean Luc Godard stands at the height of 5 ft 6 in (170 cm).

How old is Jean Luc Godard?

Born on December 3, 1930, Jean Luc Godard is 91 years old as of 2021.

Childhood And Education

Jean Luc Godard was born in Paris, France, to parents Odile Godard and Paul Godard. They moved to Switzerland when Jean Godard was four years old. He has three siblings named Véronique Godard, Rachel Godard, and Claude Godard. In 1948, after his parents divorced, Jean Godard moved back to Paris and completed his schooling at the Lycée Buffon boarding school.
He attended the University of Paris to earn a degree in ethnology. During his time at the university, he came in touch with Jacques Rivette, François Truffaut, and Éric Rohmer.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Jean Luc Godard’s partner?

Jean Luc Godard is with Anne Marie Miéville since 1978. Whether they are married or not is not known.
Previously Jean Godard was married twice. His first marriage was to actress, singer, writer, and director Anna Karina from 1961-1965. After their marriage ended, he got married to Anne Wiazemsky in 1967. His marriage with Anne Wiazemsky lasted until 1979. Anne Wiazemsky is a famous novelist and actress from France.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Jean Luc Godard's early career was in partnership with his university mates Rivette and Rohmer. The three collaborated to establish a magazine named Gazette du cinéma and published about five issues. Rivette and Rohmer were his partners for yet another life saga where the trio directed two movies before Jean Luc Godard got financially cut off from his parents. For almost a year, from 1951-1952, Jean Godard spent a Bohemian lifestyle before he started working for the magazine Les Cahiers Du Cinéma. He was an avid critic of movies.
By 1953, the French director returned to Paris and started working for a construction firm to earn money for directing films. His first film, named 'Une Femme Coquette', was a short film and was made in 1955. His next film was 'Operation Concrete', released in 1958. In the meantime, he was working with magazines like Les Cahiers Du Cinéma, Arts, and Artistes Associés. By 1959, Jean Luc Godard had made his first French film, 'All The Boys Are Called Partick'.
Jean Luc Godard directed a Jean Cocteau homage 'Charlotte And Her Boyfriend' in 1958. In the same year, he directed 'A Story Of Water' inspired by an unpublished shot of a flood in Paris, paying homage to Mack Sennett. He started working as a film critic for Temps De Paris in the following year.
Jean Luc Godard jumped into mainstream filmmaking in 1960 with his drama-crime film 'Breathless'. After the release of this film, Jean Godard gained worldwide fame among critics and at the box office. In the subsequent years, he directed movies like the comedy-music-drama 'A Woman Is A Woman', 'The Seven Deadly Sins', 'Vivre Sa Vie', 'À Bout De Souffle', 'Le Nouveau Monde', 'Les Carabiniers', 'The World's Most Beautiful Swindlers', and 'Une Femme Mariée'. By the end of 1964, owing to the controversial and eye-catching works made by the director, two French television shows were dedicated to his name.
The other films that Jean Luc Godard directed during the France New Wave period from 1960-1967 were 'Le Petit Soldat' or 'The Little Soldier' and 'Le Mépris'. Jean Godard and his ex-wife founded the production company Anouchka Films in 1964. They directed movies like the comedy-crime-drama 'Bande à Part' or 'Band Of Outsiders' and 'Alphaville'. Their movie 'Pierrot Le Fou' was released in 1965 and was widely accepted as one of the most influential movies during the political era of France.
Jean Luc Godard made films like 'Made In USA', 'La Chinoise', and his infamous production 'Week-End'. Being in the entertainment industry for over 60 years, Jean Luc Godard has directed over 130 films, including short films, documentaries, features, and short videos.

What awards has Jean Luc Godard won?

Director Jean Luc Godard won the 2011 honorary academy award for bringing a new kind of cinema into the industry of France. He won the 1969 international Bambi award for 'Week-End', eight Berlin International Film Festival Awards, the 1965 British Film Institute Award for 'Pierrot Le Fou', six Cathiers Du Cinéma Awards, two Cannes Film Festival Awards, two César Awards- France, the 2002 Fajir Film Festival award for being a director for 'Éloge De L'Amour', two Faro Island Film Festival Awards, the 1961 French Syndicate of Cinema Critics Award, the 2018 ICS Cannes Award, the 1995 Locarno International Film Festival award, the 2010 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award, the 1995 Montreal World Film Festival Award, the 1991 National Society of Film Critics Awards, USA Award, the 1994 New York Film Critics Circle Award, the 1960 Prix Jean Vigo Award, the 1987 Prix Louis Delluc Award, the Rotterdam, San Sebastian International Film Festival Awards, seven Venice Film Festival Awards, and the 2015 Yoga Award. He received a lifetime achievement award at Kerela, OFCS, and Stockholm film festivals. This director was inducted into the 2019 OFTA Hall of Fame.

Other Interesting Jean Luc Godard Facts And Trivia

  • Jean Luc Godard's movie 'Pierrot Le Fou' was acknowledged by the Cannes Film Festival president Gilles Jacob as a retrospective and recapitulative movie.
  • Jean Luc Godard's iconic movie 'Breathless' was shot by the legendary documentary cameraman Raoul Coutard.
  • Actor Tom Sherak received Jean Luc Godard's honorary academy award.

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