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Jeff Seibert Birthday & Fun Facts

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Jeff Seibert Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Jeff Seibert
Place Of Birth
Baltimore, USA
38 years old
Birth Date
July 26 1985

Jeff Seibert Facts

Child Star?
American entrepreneur, Angel Investor.
Education & Qualifications
Gilman School
Net Worth

About Jeff Seibert 

Born on July 27, 1985, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, Jeff Seibert is an angel investor and an American entrepreneur.

Jeff Seibert rose to fame after he co-founded Crashlytics. However, right after a year of its inception, Crashlytics was obtained by Twitter in 2013.

His other venture, Increo, was further acquired in 2009 by Box. After a while, in 2015, Twitter announced Jeff Seibert, giving him the responsibility of overseeing the core products of Twitter. For nine months, Seibert followed the orders of Twitter. After nine months, he came back to where he belonged. Jeff Seibert then joined the Fabric team. After one and a half years or so, Jeff Seibert announced the sale of Fabric to Google. He also made it very clear that he would now quit his role in Fabric.

Being a reputed business person at such a young age, Jeff Seibert is truly an inspiration to many youngsters, especially those planning to make a mark in the world and establish themselves as budding entrepreneurs. On YouTube, there are several videos of Jeff Seibert where he gave inspirational speeches in several places to develop a positive mindset of the youngsters. Seibert was called to Stanford University several times to deliver inspirational speeches on his journey and how people should not lose hope despite all odds.

Many of his videos on YouTube garnered likes and views. This is a clear indication that people, especially the young generation, are very much moved by the words of this American entrepreneur from Baltimore. In 2020, the startup founder starred in 'The Social Dilemma', a documentary drama.

Jeff Seibert Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Jeff Seibert's net worth?

As has already been mentioned, Jeff Seibert is an entrepreneur in Baltimore whose co-founding Crashlytics earned him a lot of wealth. Jeff Seibert has gathered a substantial net worth of nearly $1.5 million.

How much does Jeff Seibert earn per year?

Although Jeff Seibert, the angel investor, is very vocal about his business and its growth, he has not disclosed his annual income to the media.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Jeff Seibert?

Jeff Seibert is a secretive person who does not want the media to focus their attention on anything else apart from his business and startups. Therefore, no information is available about his body measurement.

How old is Jeff Seibert?

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, the USA, on July 27, 1985, Jeff Seibert is 36 years old. Indeed, Jeff Seibert tasted success at a very young age. Therefore, we can expect him to develop more startups and business policies in the future.

Childhood And Education

Jeff Seibert was born in Baltimore. From a very young age, he was fascinated by technology and its mechanism. When children played on the fields and loved roaming around, Jeff Seibert took interest in technology and how things worked. It is surprising to note that Jeff Seibert's IQ and interest in technology led him to learn C, a computer programming language, at the ripe age of 10 or 11. So, by completing his sixth standard, Jeff Seibert was well educated in C.

After learning C, Jeff started writing a series of Macintosh shareware applications one after another. Indeed, Jeff had a God-gifted talent for grasping anything related to technology very soon. When Jeff was thirteen years old, he launched his first application. It was a specialized program for graphing known as Histogram. This application was launched on the Mac OS platform, and it performed well.

Back then, Ambrosia Software developed a computer game known as Escape Velocity, Jeff was in high school, and he went ahead to launch EVONE in 2002. This was yet another application, rather a graphical editor, that was designed for Escape Velocity.

As a person from Baltimore, Jeff Seibert graduated from the Gilman School in 2004. At Stanford University, Seibert applied for an undergraduate degree in computer science. Continuing his studies at Standford University, Seibert majored in computer science with outstanding performance. During his stay at Stanford University, Jeff Seibert's ability made him the vice president of the Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students, better known as BASES. From the years 2005 - 2008, Jeff Seibert's stamina allowed him to lead the Entrepreneurial Thought Leader series. It was again due to Jeff Seibert's competence that he got a chance to crack the Mayfield Fellowship Program and study under the guidance of Tina Seelig and Tom Byers.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Jeff Seibert dating?

Currently, Jeff Seibert is single and concentrating whole-heartedly on his business startups.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

While Jeff Seibert was studying at Stanford University, Apple selected Jeff as a campus representative. Further, Jeff, along with Kimber Lockhart, formed Increo. While co-founding Crashlytics, Jeff Seibert's association with Wayne Chang in 2011 helped him to grow more in life. As a computer science student, Seibert designed the developer platform of Twitter known as Fabric.

Other Interesting Jeff Seibert Facts And Trivia

  • After a year of launching Crashlytics, it was acquired by Twitter at a value of $100 million.
  • The fabric was launched in October 2014. By the next two years, more than two lakh developers began using it.
  • Jeff Seibert's zodiac sign is Leo.

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