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Jennifer Jones Birthday & Fun Facts

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Jennifer Jones Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Jennifer Jones
Place Of Birth
Tulsa , USA
104 years old
Birth Date
March 2 1919

Jennifer Jones Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
American Academy of the Dramatic Arts
Net Worth

About Jennifer Jones 

Jennifer Jones was an American actress who made her mark on the entertainment industry through her many films.

Born and brought up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, she was known for her Oscar-winning performance in the movie 'The Song Of Bernadette', as well as for several other roles.

Some of the other movies that she appeared in would be 'Since You Went Away' and 'Duel In The Sun'. Apart from being a tremendously talented actress herself, Jennifer Jones was also known for being married to three very famous and influential men. She was also a mental health activist and founded a mental health and education institution in memory of her late daughter. She was also the spokesperson for the Norton Simon Museum and held a very consequential role in it. Keep reading to know more about Jennifer Jones, her career as an actress in Hollywood, as well as her personal life!

Jennifer Jones Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Jennifer Jones’ net worth?

Jennifer Jones' estimated net worth at the time of her death in 2009 stood at a whopping $3 million.

How much did Jennifer Jones earn per year?

Jennifer Jones never revealed to her fans how much money she made in a year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Jennifer Jones?

Jennifer Jones' height was 5 ft 6 in (170 cm)!

How old was Jennifer Jones?

Jennifer Jones was born on March 2, 1919. She passed away on December 17, 2009, in her residence in Malibu, California. She was 90 years old at the time of her death.

Childhood And Education

Jennifer Jones was born and brought up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her parents were also entertainers and hence, she had early exposure to the field. Not much is known about her childhood.

She graduated from Northwestern University before starting her studies in acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She learned acting from this New York-based institute and then started her journey toward becoming a Hollywood star.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who was Jennifer Jones dating?

Jennifer Jones was married to Robert Walker from 1939-1945. During their marriage, they also had two sons together. However, Jennifer Jones and Robert Walker got divorced in 1945.

Jones then married David O. Selznick, who was also the film producer who gave her a headstart in the industry. They got married in 1949 and remained together until 1965.

After the death of Selznick, Jennifer Jones married Norton Simon. They were married to each other from 1971-1993.

Jennifer Jones was not dating anyone at the time of her death in 2009.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Jennifer Jones is best known for her work as an actress based in the United States of America. She appeared in films such as 'The Song Of Bernadette', 'Since You Went Away' and 'Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing'.

Many critics of the time suggested and confirmed that Jones' career was molded by her ex-husband, David O. Selznick. She played a series of different roles because of his instructions and whilst some of them won her awards, still, others did not gain any critical acclaim.

Charity Work

Jennifer Jones was the spokesperson for her late husband's museum and also started mental health foundation. The Jennifer Jones Simon Foundation for Mental Health and Education was started in memory of her daughter. Jones was also known for the many things that she did as a mental health activist.

What awards did Jennifer Jones win?

Jennifer Jones won many awards during her three-decades-long career in the Hollywood industry. Of those awards, some of the most notable were her Oscar Award and her Golden Globe Award.

Other Interesting Jennifer Jones Facts And Trivia

  • Jennifer Jones was a renowned actress who worked during the Golden Age of Hollywood.
  • She was born and brought up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and since her parents were also entertainers, she had early exposure to the industry.
  • She also received formal training in acting from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, which is located in New York. This gave her extensive knowledge about acting and allowed her to later become a Hollywood star!
  • Before she could start her film career, Jennifer Jones worked on a radio show.
  • It was also at this time that she met her future husband, David O. Selznick. He was a popular film producer at the time and was behind Jennifer Jones' debut in the film industry.
  • The two worked together on several projects, and their relationship eventually changed from professional to a personal one.
  • She was married to Robert Walker at the time and had also had two sons with him.
  • Both Jennifer Jones and David O. Selznick divorced their respective spouses in order to marry each other.
  • Jennifer Jones divorced Robert Walker in 1945 and she married David O. Selznick in 1949. However, their marriage only lasted until 1965.
  • Jones is known for marrying some of the most famous and influential people of the time. Apart from Robert Walker and David O. Selznick, Jones was also married to Norton Simon for a few years.
  • Jones received her Academy award at a very young age. In fact, she was given this award on her 25th birthday.
  • She won an Academy Award, or Oscar award, and a Golden Globe award for the best actress in light of her tremendous role in 'The Song Of Bernadette'.
  • She also received many other Oscar nominations throughout the three decades that she worked as an actress. One of these nominations was as a supporting actress in 'Since You Went Away'. However, she could not win this time.
  • Before Jennifer Jones studied acting in New York, she also completed her bachelor's degree from Northwestern University.
  • Jones celebrated her birthday on March 2.
  • Some of the many movies that Jennifer Jones appeared in were 'The Song Of Bernadette', 'Swinging Sixties London', 'Since You Went Away' and 'Duel In The Sun'.
  • She passed away on December 17, 2009, in her residence in Malibu, California. According to sources, she passed away due to natural reasons.
  • Jones did many films during the ’40s and ’50s and was widely known at the time due to her beauty and talent.
  • The March-born actress had three children Mary Jennifer Selznick, Robert Walker, and Michael Walker.

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