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Jep Robertson Birthday & Fun Facts

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Jep Robertson Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Jules Jeptha Robertson
Place Of Birth
Bernice, USA
45 years old
Birth Date
May 28 1978

Jep Robertson Facts

Child Star?
Actor, businessman, editor, cameraman
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Current Partner
Jessica Robertson
Lily Robertson, Merritt Robertson, Priscilla Robertson, River Robertson, Augustus Robertson
Phil Robertson, Marsha Kay Robertson
Alan, Jase, Willie Robertson.

About Jep Robertson 

Jep Robertson came into the limelight when he and his family made an appearance in a popular television series titled 'Duck Dynasty'.

The series featured his family members and was among the most-watched television programs in the non-fiction category. Jep Robertson and his wife Jessica Robertson, post the success of 'Duck Dynasty', released their own series, which was an adjunct of their previous show titled 'Jep and Jessica Growing the Dynasty' in 2016.

The television program's revolved around the decision of his family to adopt a boy. Furthermore, the multitasker also works as an editor and cameraperson for the show Duck Commander.

Jep Robertson took birth on May 28, 1978, in Bernice, Louisiana, and his astrological sign is Taurus.

Jep Robertson is also a businessman and has a family business that deals with different types of hunting accessories. He even has his own line of clothing launched in collaboration with his wife, known as the Calvary Clothing brand.

Jep Robertson Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Jep Robertson’s net worth?

The net worth of Jep Robertson is between $5-10 million, which he has earned as part of working as a tv actor, cameraperson, editor, and businessman.

How much does Jep Robertson earn per year?

The annual income of the Louisiana-born celebrity is not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Jep Robertson?

Jep Robertson is 6 ft( 183 cm) tall.

How old is Jep Robertson?

Jep Robertson took birth on May 28, 1978. At present, his current age is 44 years.

Childhood And Education

Jules Jeptha Robertson or Jep Robertson was born in Bernice, Louisiana, on May 28, 1978. The name of his parents is Phil Robertson and Marsha Kay Robertson, who made an appearance along with him in the popular television series titled 'Duck Dynasty'. Jep Robertson spent his early life with his three brothers, Alan, Jase, and Willie Robertson. Furthermore, the tv personality is also the nephew of Si Robertson. Furthermore, while growing up, Jep was interested in hunting and other outdoor activities. Jp has a traumatized childhood due to an incident in school. He started skipping classes because of it. He got involved in some bad company as well, but his family, including his older brother Willie Robertson, helped him stay on track and overcome all obstacles.

Family, Romance And Relationships


Who is Jep Robertson dating? (OR) Who is Jep Robertson’s partner?

Jep Robertson met his better half, Jessica Robertson, in a hair salon, and after dating for some time, got married in 2001. The son of Phil Robertson is also a father of five children. Their children's names are Lily Robertson, River Robertson, Merritt Robertson, Priscilla Robertson, and Augustus Robertson. The last of their children, Augustus Robertson, was adopted. The entire family came together along the sitcom 'Duck Dynasty' and later in its spin-off program 'Jep & Jessica'.

Career And Professional Highlights

The television artist Jep Robertson started his career as a camera operator along 'Duck Commander', which was his family business. His job was to create Duckmen DVDs in the electrical department initially, but in 2009 he made an appearance in a program titled 'Duck Commander' that was telecasted on the Outdoor Channel. Jep Robertson was not only appointed to act in the show, but he was also made the production manager and member of the team that was creating the movie.

The family business of Jep Robertson also specialized in selling various kinds of hunting accessories which comprised hunting apparel, cooking products as well as novelty items. Furthermore, the business is also known to deal in deer-hunting accessories under the brand titled ' Buck Commander'.

Jep Robertson and his wife Jessica collaborated and introduced their Calvary clothing line in July 2014, which they created in association with Australian-based designers Rick Caballo and Melissa Core. The list of products along the clothing line comprised T-shirts, jewelry, and beanies. Furthermore, the products were made available both online and offline. The offline stores that sold these products included the 'Duck Commander' store as well as the Dressing Retail Store located in West Monroe, Louisiana.

After gaining some recognition, Jep Robertson appeared in the show 'Duck Dynasty' along with his family members, which started getting telecasted in 2012. The show became extremely popular and made Jep Robertson a renowned television star. There were 130 episodes of the show telecasted for the audience before it ended in 2017. The show included many of his family members, including his elder brother Jase Robertson and his wife Missy Robertson, Willie Robertson and his wife Korie Robertson, and many more.

Jep Robertson and his married partner Jessica Robertson were also seen along the adjunct of the show 'Duck Dynasty' titled 'Jep & Jessica'. The television program revolved around a family's choice to adopt a boy.

Jep Robertson is an excellent cook and has launched his own food truck called Jep's Southern Roots. The truck is launched in collaboration with his wife. Jep also got the vehicle in season two of 'Jep & Jessica'. Furthermore, Jules Jeptha Jeprobertson shifted from West Monroe to Austin, Texas, with his five children, Lily Robertson, Merritt Robertson, Priscilla Robertson, River Robertson, and Jules Augustus, as well as his wife, Jessica.

Jep Robertson, in collaboration with his wife, also wrote several books that showcased negative experiences he faced in the past and how he successfully moved away from these negativities with assistance from religion. 'The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God: What Honesty and Pain Taught Us About Faith, Family, and Forgiveness' is one such book.

Jep Robertson and his wife are even famous on social media channels. The Instagram account of Jep Robertson has more than four million followers. Similarly, the YouTube channel of the family has more than two million subscribers.

Best Known For…

Jules Jeptha Robertson, the high net worth tv personality, gained recognition after he made an appearance in television reality series titled 'Duck Dynasty' in 2012 with his entire family.


Charity Work

Jep Robertson is known to perform various charitable works. Several times, he is known to represent his family in the 'Duck Dash' fundraiser program. Jep is often known at the event to commence the race and distribute the awards to the winners. The money accumulated along the event is further donated to a medical care institution for children known as Shriners Hospital for Children. Furthermore, Jessica and Jep are known to work with Corello, which is into fashion, and accumulate money for donations to the St Jude Children's Research Hospital.


Jep Robertson’s Hobbies And Interests

Jep Robertson had a great interest in religion and was known to keep a long beard. Furthermore, the multi-talented person also participated in several fundraisers to donate to needy people and institutions. During his youth, Jep was also attracted to hunting and varied outdoor activities. 

Other Interesting Jep Robertson Facts And Trivia

  • Jep Robertson, as of 2022, is running his food truck business Hep's Southern Roots, which is located at Dripping Springs in Texas.
  • Currently, Jep Robertson and his family live in Austin, Texas, United States of America.
  • Jep Robertson and his family are very popular on social media and have millions of followers on their social media accounts.

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