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Jim Morrison’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Jim Morrison

Eye Color


Place Of Birth

Melbourne, Florida State, USA


78 years old

Birth Date

December 08, 1943

Star Sign


Jim Morrison Facts

Child Star?



Singer, poet, actor, lyricist, and songwriter

Education & Qualifications

George Washington High School

Net Worth

$20 million

Current Partner

Pamela Susan Courson


George Stephen Morrison, Clara Clarke Morrison


Anne Robin Morrison, Andrew Lee Morrison


1.8m (5'9"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Sheep

Annual Earnings

$4 million+ per year

About Jim Morrison 

James Douglas 'Jim' Morrison was the lead singer of the American rock group 'The Doors.'

Apart from being a singer and songwriter, Jim Morrison was also heavily invested in poetry. After a prolific career in rock music, during which The Doors released successful singles and albums, Jim Morrison had drifted away from the limelight to focus on his literary endeavor.

Mr. Morrison lived the final days of his life in Paris, the capital of France. It was in Paris that the former lead singer of The Doors breathed his last on July 3, 1971, at the age of 27. He was subsequently buried at the Pere Lachaise Cemetary, which is the most-visited cemetery in Paris.

Jim Morrison's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Jim Morrison's net worth?

The legendary singer of The Doors is worth about $20 million, as per today's estimates.

How much did Jim Morrison earn per year?

It is estimated that even after death, Mr. Morrison earns over $4 million each year. This comes mostly through royalty income and the sale of image rights. Mr. Morrison's main source of income while he lived was the profits of The Doors' record deals. The group also earned money by performing in live shows and music concerts.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Jim Morrison?

Mr. Jim Morrison stood 5 ft 9 in (180 cm) tall from head to feet.

How old was Jim Morrison?

Having been born on December 8, 1943, Mr. Morrison lived until July 3, 1971. He passed away at the young age of 27 years.

Childhood And Education

Jim Morrison's birth took place in the city of Melbourne, Florida State, United States of America. James Douglas Morrison came into this world on December 8, 1943, and the names of his parents were Mr. George Stephen Morrison and Clara Clarke Morrison. Mr. Morrison's father was in the U.S. military and had achieved the rank of Rear Admiral in the navy. Rear Admiral was, in fact, the commanding officer of the U.S. naval forces during the Gulf of Tonkin episode of 1964, an event that was directly responsible for giving rise to the U.S.-Vietnam War. A young Jim Morrison showed signs of deft and sharp intellect. The young Jim Morrison had the company of two younger siblings while growing up. Mr. Morrison had a younger sister named Anne Robin Morrison, who was around four years younger than him. Mr. Morrison's younger brother was Andrew Lee Morrison, who was a year younger than his sister Anne.

Due to his father's peripatetic job, the Morrison family had to move from one place to the other on quite a few occasions. So, it was only natural then that the young Jim Morrison would go to different schools during his childhood. He was enrolled in Alameda High School, California State, for some time during his final years in school. Later, he was shifted to George Washington High School in Alexandria, Virginia State, and close to Washington D.C. It is from here that Mr. Morrison gave his final school exams. He then proceeded to attend college first at Saint Petersburg Junior College, located in Pinellas County, Florida. While studying here, Mr. Morrison developed a keen interest in poetry and was a regular contributor to reading sessions at Beaux-Arts coffeehouse. He did not stay at this place for a long time, as he got himself transferred to Florida State University and again to the University of California, Los Angeles. Mr. Morrison had registered for a course in film studies. It was at UCLA that Mr. Morrison met one of his future band members, Mr. Ray Manzarek. The two of them founded a rock group in 1965 after adding drummer John Densmore and guitar player Robby Krieger in their midst.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Jim Morrison's partner?

Jim Morrison was in a relationship with Pamela Susan Courson from 1965 until the time of his death in 1971. The two had reportedly married, but the validity of that union was never proven by any party.

Career And Professional Highlights

Soon after leaving university, Mr. Morrison and his band members signed a record deal with Elektra Records. The group came out with their first album 'The Doors' in 1967. It was a monumental success, and the song 'Light My Fire' from the same album beat the competition to stay at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for a long time. The band became immensely popular in the late 1960s and was easily one of the most influential music groups of its generation.

In total, The Doors could produce a total of six studio albums with Jim Morrison at the helm of the affairs. In 1967, the band had its debut album released. It was followed by 'Strange Days' the same year. 'Waiting For The Sun' came out in 1968, which was then followed by 'The Soft Parade' in 1969. The 1970 album 'Morrison Hotel', and the 1971 release 'L.A. Woman' was the group's last two releases. 'L.A. Woman' has the distinction of being released in the market following the death of Jim Morrison in July 1971.

Best Known For…

Jim Morrison is best known for being one of the founding members and lead singer of the rock music producing band 'The Doors.' Mr. Morrison was nicknamed 'The Lizard King' and had a distinctive baritone voice. Being the prominent songwriter of the band, Mr. Morrison wrote some of the most iconic songs performed by the late-1960s rock band.

What awards did Jim Morrison win?

Even though Jim Morrison did not live long enough to be bestowed with awards at award shows, his legacy continues to encourage music lovers to take up listening to the music of The Doors. Mr. Morrison was posthumously inducted into Rolling Stone magazine's list of '100 Greatest Singers of All Time.' The Classic Rock Magazine honored Mr. Morrison by placing him at number 22 in the list of '22 Greatest Singers in Rock.

In the year 1993, 'The Doors' was admitted into the prestigious Rock and Rock Hall of Fame. The ceremony was a regal affair in which the remaining three members, along with Eddie Vedder, played some of their iconic songs.

Jim Morrison's Hobbies And Interests

Mr. Morrison was not only a great songwriter, he had a deep love for reading and writing poems. The Melbourne-born artist was invested in knowing about the Native American cultures and traditions in America.

Other Interesting Jim Morrison Facts And Trivia

  • Mr. Jim Morrison's father, George Morrison, was an accomplished pianist. He had the habit of playing the piano at family get-togethers and parties.
  • Mr. Morrison would have been aged 77 years had he lived.
  • The name of Mr. Morrison's band, 'The Doors,' was inspired by a poem written by noted English poet William Blake.
  • The Doors first grabbed the attention of talent scouts while performing at the Whiskey-a-Go-Go bar on Hollywood Sunset Strip.
  • Mr. Morrison began calling himself 'The Lizard King' after getting fascinated by Native American art and culture.
  • Mr. Jim Morrison's first love had always been poems and the poetic tradition. After taking time off from music, he started to write poems while residing in Paris. His first book of poems, 'The Lords [and] The New Creatures,' was self-published in 1970.

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