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Joakim Noah Birthday & Fun Facts

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Joakim Noah Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Joakim Noah
Place Of Birth
New York, USA
38 years old
Birth Date
February 24 1985

Joakim Noah Facts

Child Star?
Basketball Player
Education & Qualifications
University of Florida
Net Worth
Yannick Noah, Cecilia Rodhe
Eleejah Noah, Joalukas Noah, Jenaye Noah, Yelena Noah

About Joakim Noah

Joakim Simon Noah is a professional basketball player born on February 25, 1985.

Joakim Simon Noah is an American basketball player born in New York, United States. He is also known by Joakim Noah, and most of his family members and relatives call him by this name.

Joakim Noah is Swedish, American, and French by birth, and he became the first NBA center after winning the NBA Defensive Player of the year in 2014. He joined the Chicago Bulls as a professional basketball player in 2007.

In 2016, he signed with the New York Knicks, and in 2007 he joined the Chicago Bulls. Later on, in 2013, Joakim Noah was named to his first All-Star game. Joakim Noah is a basketball player who played for the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Joakim Noah's net worth?

Joakim Noah's net worth is estimated to be $50 million.

How much does Joakim Noah earn per year?

This information is not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Joakim Noah?

Joakim Noah's height is 6 ft 11 in (210.82 cm).

How old is Joakim Noah?

Joakim Noah, the basketball player who plays for the Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association (NBA), was born on February 25, 1985, in New York, United States.

Childhood And Education

Joakim Noah was born in New York City and has Swedish, French, and American roots. Joakim Noah's father, Yannick Noah, played as a professional tennis player, and he was a French singer. Yannick Noah has been ranked as the former world champion. Yannick Noah was ranked as a number three tennis star and won the 1983 French Open.

On the other side, Joakim's mother, Cecilia Rodhe, was Miss Sweden and the fourth runner-up at Miss Universe in 1978. Joakim Noah grew up with his sister Yelena. He has four siblings: Eleejah Noah, Joalukas Noah, Jenaye Noah, and Yelena Noah. In 2006 and 2007, during his college basketball years, Joakim Noah played for the Florida Gators, and he won various NCAA championships in a row.

Then in 2007, Joakim Noah was selected by the Chicago Bulls in the NBA draft. The Chicago Bulls chose Joakim Noah with the ninth overall pick. He was the representative of France in international competitions. After joining the Chicago Bulls, he was named the NBA Defensive Player Of The Year. In 2014, Joakim Noah won the title of All-NBA First Team and became a two-time NBA All-Star player.

Joakim Noah studied at the University of Florida, and this was just before his NBA career, before winning the NCAA Championships. His grandfather, Zacharie Noah, was also a Cameroonian professional football player, and in 1961, his grandfather won the Coupe de France. During his high school days, he played for the United Nations International School, The Lawrenceville School, and Poly Prep Country Day School.

Joakim Noah spent his early childhood days in France and Paris, and later on, when he was ten years old, he returned to New York. In 2004, Joakim Noah was listed as the number 75 player in the nation and the number 19 power forward in the country.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Joakim Noah dating?

There is no information about his personal life available. It is also not known whether he is single or dating someone.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Joakim Noah is best known as a professional basketball player who played for the Chicago Bulls. Even his father was a tennis star, and his grandfather was a former football player.

During his sophomore year, he was set up as a power forward, but later, they shifted him to the center to fill the space of his team players. Later on, Joakim Noah made a lead for his team in blocks and points and was named the Most Outstanding Player (MOP).

Joakim Noah also got an athletic scholarship, and therefore, he attended the University of Florida. From 2004 to 2007, Joakim Noah played for coach Billy Donovan for the Florida Gators men's basketball team.

On July 24, 2009, Joakim Noah made his first comeback for the senior French National Team against Austria. He grabbed nine rebounds and earned 16 points. Then, in 2011, he joined the French team in the Euro basket.

One of the career highlights of Joakim Noah was when he was named the NBA Defensive Player Of The Year from 2013 to 2014. He was ranked fourth in the Most Valuable Player voting, and after getting selected for All-NBA First Team, Joakim Noah made 11.3 rebounds, 12.6 points, and 1.24 steals for the Bulls.

Corey Brewer, Noah, and Horford (teammates) announced the Gator's national championship that they will return for their junior seasons. The Florida Gators and Joakim would repeat as 2006 and 2007 national champions.

Joakim was named the Most Outstanding Player (MOP) during the NCAA Tournament's Minneapolis Regional. Joakim made a lead against Villanova in the final game with five blocks, 26 points, and 15 rebounds.

In 2016, Joakim made a deal with New York Knicks, his hometown team. The deal was for $72 million.

Charity Work

There is no information about Joakim Noah's charity work.

What awards has Joakim Noah won?

  • Coming on to Joakim's playing career achievements, he played for the Memphis Grizzlies in the men's professional basketball league in North America. The Memphis Grizzlies play in the National Basketball Association (NBA).
  • He was honored with the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award and has had NBA All-star appearances for two consecutive years.
  • In 2006, AP named Joakim an honorable mention All-American. In the final hour of 2006, Joakim was named the Most Outstanding Player.

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