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Joanne Whalley Kilmer Birthday & Fun Facts

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Joanne Whalley Kilmer Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Joanne Whalley
Place Of Birth
Salford, England
62 years old
Birth Date
August 25 1961

Joanne Whalley Kilmer Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Braeside School of Speech and Drama
Net Worth
Mercedes Kilmer, Jack Kilmer

About Joanna Whalley

Joanne Whalley, also known by her stage name as Joanne Whalley Kilmer, is an English actress.

Joanne Whalley's career took off when she was only 13 years old, and she has done several television and film roles. Some famous roles are Emma Craven in 'The Edge Of Darkness' and Christine Keeler in 'Scandal'.

Joanne Whalley's ex-husband, Val Kilmer, is an American actor. With over 30 films and an even longer list of television roles, she has been nominated for several awards, including the Golden Nymph Award for her role in 'The Borgias'. Please keep reading to learn about her family and career.

Joanne Whalley Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Joanne Whalley’s net worth?

Her net worth comes mainly from her successful acting career. Joanne Whalley has a net worth of $5 Million.

How much does Joanne Whalley earn per year?

Joanne Whalley has not revealed this information.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Joanne Whalley?

Joanne Whalley is 5 ft and 4 in (163 cm) tall.

How old is Joanne Whalley?

The English actress celebrates her birthday on August 25. She was born in 1961. Joanne Whalley, as of July 2022, is 60 years old.

Childhood And Education

She was born in Salford. However, her family was on the move. They first moved to Levenshulme and then to Stockport, Cheshire. She studied at the Bredbury Comprehensive School, then at Harrytown Convent Girls' School. She attended Braeside School of Speech and Drama, where she studied acting.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Joanne Whalley’s partner?

Joanne Whalley is a divorcee and is currently not known to be dating anyone.

However, she was married to Val Kilmer. in 1988 they tied the knot. They welcomed their firstborn, Mercedes Kilmer, in 1991 and their son Jack Kilmer in 1995. Mercedes Kilmer and Jack Kilmer have taken after their parents and stepped into the limelight as actors. Joanne Whalley and Val Kilmer filed a divorce to part ways in 1995, and their parting was confirmed in 1996. Their divorce was because of irreconcilable differences.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Joanne Whalley's career began when she was only a young 13-year-old teen. Her first few appearances were in TV shows, but soon she began taking on movie roles.

Her first role was in the show 'Coronation Street' as Pamela Graham. Whalley was in three episodes between the years 1974-1976. She continued to rise to fame and began many television roles throughout the '70s, such as 'Omnibus', 'how We Used To Live', and 'Emmerdale Farm'.

Joanne Whalley's first film role was in 1982. Whalley is well known for her role as Sorsha in the 1988 film 'Willow' and Christine Keeler in the 1989 film 'Scandal'. Apart from these, she has acted as Natalie Tate in 'Storyville', Jenny Scott in 'Shattered', and Patricia Nash in 'Flood'. One of her recent movies is 'Love Is Love Is Love' which was set to release at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2020. However, due to COVID-19, it had to be postponed and rescheduled and was released in September of that year at the Deauville American Film Festival. So far, she has acted in over 30 films, but her TV roles far outweigh this number.

Let's look at some of her lead roles in Tv shows. In 1982, she was cast in the leading role of Ingrid Rotherwell in 'A Kind Of Loving'. She starred in eight episodes of the romance drama miniseries. After this, she acted in several shows like the CBS miniseries 'Scarlett' as Scarlett O'Hara, 'Criminal Minds' as Karen Donovan in 2005, and in seven episodes of 'Gossip Girl' as Princess Sophie Grimaldi between 2011-2012. From 2011-2013, Joanne Whalley was cast as Vanozza Cattaneo in 'The Borgias'. She acted in 25 episodes of the historical drama until it was canceled in 2013. Following this, she landed a role in 'A. D. The Bible Continues', a religious American drama series as Claudia. She also played the role of Rheda in 'Beowulf: Return To The Shieldlands' in 13 episodes. In 2018 Whalley was cast as Sister Maggie in the Marvel series 'Daredevil'. She appeared in season three of the series. As of 2022, her upcoming project is the television sequel of the American fantasy adventure film 'Willow' from 1988. Whalley is said to reprise the role of her character as Sorsha from the film in the series. The series is set to release on November 30, 2022, if all goes well, in Disney+.

Will you believe it if we tell you that the English actress was also part of the music industry at one point? Yes, it's true! Joanne Whalley was part of a local band in her hometown called Slowguns. She left this band to join another pop group called Cindy & The Saffrons, where she was their lead singer. They recorded the song 'Past, Present And Future', originally written and sung by the Shangri-Las, but their recording ranked 56 on the UK singles charts. Their second cover was 'Terry' by Twinkle in 1983. But this single did not do as well as they imagined, and the group soon split.

What awards has Joanne Whalley won?

In her long acting career, Joanne Whalley has been nominated for some prestigious awards.

In 1995 she was nominated for the BAFTA TV Award for Best Actress for her role in 'Edge Of Darkness' as Emma Craven. Joanne Whalley was nominated for the Golden Nymph Award for the Best Actress in 'The Borgias' as Vanozza Cattaneo.

Joanne Whalley also shared with the cast of '44 Inch Chest' the Best Ensemble Award at the San Diego Film Critics Society Awards 2010.

Other Interesting Joanne Whalley Facts And Trivia

  • She had a music career while being an actress too.
  • Among her initial debuts in films were 'Pink Floyd- The Wall' in 1982, where she was a groupie, and in the 1979 biopic 'Birth Of The Beatles', she acted as a Beatles fan.
  • In 'Willow', she dyed her hair bright red for her role.
  • She met her husband Val Kilmer on the set of 'Willow' in 1988 when she was 27, and the fellow actors got married the same year.
  • After her marriage to Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley moved to Los Angeles. Here, she began appearing in more Hollywood films than in UK-made ones.
  • She announced her stage name to be known as Joanne Whalley Kilmer.
  • In the sequel of 'Gone With The Wind' called 'Scarlett', Whalley played the role of Scarlett O'Hara. She is the only other actress apart from Vivian Leigh to have played this female lead role.
  • She collaborated with the pop-punk band Blink-182 in the song 'Stockholm Syndrome', where she read a letter at the beginning of the song.
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