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Joe Manganiello Birthday & Fun Facts

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Joe Manganiello Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Joseph Michael Manganiello
Place Of Birth
Pittsburg , USA
47 years old
Birth Date
December 28 1976

Joe Manganiello Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Carnegie Mellon University
Net Worth
Current Partner
Sofia Vergara
Susan Manganiello, Charles Manganiello
Nicholas Manganiello

About Joe Manganiello

Joseph Michael Manganiello is an American actor born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in the United States of America.

Joe Manganiello has a younger brother and is married to the famous actress of 'Modern Family' fame, Sofia Vergara. His professional film career began with 'Spider Man' the movie, where he played the character of Flash Thompson and got a great amount of love from his fans and followers.

His big break was the HBO series, 'True Blood' where played the character of a werewolf, Alcide Herveaux. 'True Blood' is an American series that made it to the big screen in 2008. The series has nine seasons. However, Joe Manganiello made his appearance in the third season.

Joe Manganiello Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Joe Manganiello’s net worth?

It is estimated that Joe Manganiello has a net worth of $20 million.

How much does Joe Manganiello earn per year?

It is estimated that Joe Manganiello earns up to $2 million per year. However, the exact earnings per annum are not known on the internet.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Joe Manganiello?

 Joe Manganiello is 6 ft 4 in (196 cm) tall.

How old is Joe Manganiello?

Joe Manganiello was born on December 28, 1976, this makes him 45 years old, as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Joseph Micheal Mangello was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Susan Manganiello and Charles Manganiello in 1986. He has a younger brother, Nicholas Manganiello, and was born Joseph Michael Manganiello. His mother has Austrian, Croatian, Austrian, and Armenian ancestry. On his dad’s side, he is of Italian descent. His great-grandmother was one of the survivors of the Armenian genocide. In 2015, Joe Manganiello got married to 'Modern Family' actor, Sofia Vergara. Joe is the stepfather to her son, Manolo. Sofia shares her son with her ex-husband Joe Gonzalez. She got married to Joe when she was only 18 years old, as the two have been dating since they were pretty young. Sofia and Joe Manganiello got engaged only six months after dating and got married in November 2015 in Palm Beach, Florida.

Joe Manganiello was raised in Mt. Lebanon. He went to St. Bernard school, a catholic middle school then went to Mt. Lebanon High School; he was captain of his school's basketball, football, and volleyball teams and went to play Varsity for all three sports. He played the role of Jud Fry in the senior year production of the play 'Oklahoma!'. After suffering many injuries, he was dropped from his sports teams.

He attended the University of Pittsburgh and joined the theater. Joe Manganiello applied to Carnegie Mellon in his senior year but was rejected, he re-applied at the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama and was one of the 17 students to get accepted into the acting program. Joe Manganiello was a writer, producer, and actor in the student film.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Joe Manganiello’s partner?

Joe Manganiello is married to Sofia Vergara. They married in Palm Beach, Florida, in November 2015. Sofia is the founder of Latin World Entertainment and a known actor and model in the United States of America.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Joe Manganiello is best known for his role in the HBO drama, 'True Blood', he got the character of a werewolf Alcide Herveaux and joined the show in season 3. To understand his character, the werewolf Alcide Herveaux, Joe Manganiello read all the novels from which the show was adapted while he trained and grew his hair and beard to match the character. His fans poured immense love on his character, and he gained immense popularity.

Joe Manganiello was also seen in the famous movie, 'Magic Mike' as Big Dick Richie, this movie became a box office phenomenon and also had a sequel in 2015, 'Magic Mike XXL'

He made his own documentary film, 'La Bare', which was financed, directed, and produced by his new production company, banner '3:59', along with his brother Nicholas and screened at  Slamdance Film Festival. He sold domestic and international rights, including sales to Netflix and Showtime, within 24 hours of the first screening.

He has guest-starred on all three series of CBS's 'Crime Scene Investigation' television franchise. Joe's characters in various series and shows have been loved by his fans.

In 2007, Joe Manganiello directed and produced a documentary called 'DieHardz'. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon, Joe Manganiello moved to Los Angeles and quickly signed with an agent three days later, auditioning for the role of Peter Parker in the 'Spider Man' movie. Even though he did not originally audition for it, he eventually got the role of Flash Thompson, his first-ever role after graduating from college. In 'Spider Man 3' Joe Manganiello has a brief cameo. Following this cameo role Joe Manganiello, has never worked in the 'Spider Man' franchise.

Joe Manganiello started to find television work by guest-starring in 'Las Vegas', 'Jake In Progress' and 'Close To Home'. In 2006 he played the character of John Leguizamo's 'Alcoholics Anonymous' sponsor that premiered on a CBS television pilot episode, 'Edison'.

He was also seen as Brad on the famous television show ‘How I Met Your Mother' for several seasons. He made his first appearance in the show in Season 2 when he was hosting a part that was attended by Marshall and Barney. He appeared in the episode, 'Ted Mosby: Architect'.

Charity Work

Joe Manganiello supports charity foundations like Born This Way Foundation, Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation, Stand Up To Cancer, Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation, and many more

What awards has Joe Manganiello won?

Joe Manganiello won many awards, like the Saturn Award in 2011 for Best Guest Performance in a Television Series for the show 'True Blood' . He also won a Scream Award in 2011 Breakout Performance in the male category for 'True Blood'.

Joe Manganiello’s Hobbies And Interests

Joe Manganiello's hobbies include food, sports, music, and gardening

Other Interesting Joe Manganiello Facts And Trivia

  • He used to spend his summers on Peaks Island, Maine.
  • Has been skydiving with the Army's parachute team, 'The Golden Knights'.
  • Joe Manganiello used to shovel sand and gravel off of a truck and do demolitions for a construction company.
  • He trained as a boxer and was a former sparring partner of NHL player Brantt Myhres.

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