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John Astin Birthday & Fun Facts

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John Astin Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Place Of Birth
Baltimore, USA
93 years old
Birth Date
March 30 1930

John Astin Facts

Child Star?
Actor, Director
Education & Qualifications
John Hopkins University
Net Worth
Current Partner
Valeri Ann Sandobal
Sean Astin, Mackenzie Astin, Tom Astin, David Astin, Allen Astin
Alexander Astin

About John Astin 

John Astin took birth on March 30, 1930, and is a legend of the American entertainment industry has made his mark as an actor, television director, and an occasional voice artist as well.

John Astin is best known for starring in the black comedy sitcom titled 'The Addams Family', where he portrayed the role of Gomez Addams. John Astin began his acting career back in 1957 when he starred in the TV series named 'Studio One', in which he played the role of a reporter.

The Baltimore, Maryland-born actor primarily acted in TV shows which included the likes 'Maverick' in which he played the role of Joe Lambert, 'Michael Shayne' where he was recognized as Mr. Woods, 'The Twilight Zone' as Charlie in the episode 'A Hundred Yards Over the Rim' in 1961. Some of the other TV shows which helped John Astin establish his career as a professional actor included 'West Side Story', 'The Addams Family', 'Dennis the Menace', 'The Pruitts of Southampton', a well-known ABC sitcom. Scroll down to learn more about the Baltimore, Maryland-born film director and actor best recognized for his part in the TV series 'The Addams Family'.

John Astin Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is John Astin’s net worth?

John Astin is believed to have a net worth of around $6 million.

How much does John Astin earn per year?

The annual income of John Astin is unknown but is believed to significantly depend on his work as an actor and television series, and film director.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is John Astin?

John Astin stands tall at 5 ft 11 in (180 cm).

How old is John Astin?

John Astin took birth on March 30, 1930. The Baltimore, Maryland-born actor turned 92 this March 2022.

Childhood And Education

John Astin was born to Dr. Allen Varley Astin and Margaret Linnie Mackenzie and was raised in Baltimore, Maryland, where John lived with his parents. John Astin was earlier recognized as the son of Dr. Allen Varley Astin, who held the post of 'Director of the ‘National Board of Standards' from 1951 - 1969. John Astin was a student at Woodrow Wilson High School, where he completed his graduation in 1948. The actor was a prodigy in the field of math and took great interest in sciences, following the footsteps of his father to a large extent. John Astin later traveled to West Pennsylvania and joined the 'Washington Jefferson College' to earn a degree as a math major.

During his time at Washington Jefferson College, John Astin's life took a turn when he watched the three-act play titled 'Our Town' by Thornton Wilder as he felt uniquely inspired. During the ’50s, there were further events that shaped the future of John Astin as he joined the math department of John Hopkins University. The actor began to take up acting jobs in Baltimore and paid the least amount of attention to his studies. In 1952, the actor completed his graduation with a degree in drama.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is John Astin’s partner?

John Astin married his first wife, Suzzane Hahn, and welcomed three sons with her. The couple got married in 1956 but parted ways in 1972 following a divorce between the two. Three of John Astin's sons with Suzzane Hahn include Tom Astin, David, and Allen. John Astin then married Patty Duke in 1972. Upon tying the knot on August 5, 1972, John Astin adopted Sean Astin, Patty's son from her previous relationship.

The couple had a child of their own on May 12, 1973, when they welcomed their youngest son, Mackenzie Astin. Upsettingly, John Astin and Patty Duke's marriage ended on November 3, 1985, as the couple filed for a divorce. Following his divorce from Patty Duke, the actor married Varie Ann Sandobal on March 19, 1989, and the couple is believed to live happily together until a date in Baltimore, Maryland.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Before John Astin established himself as a film director and actor, he was a sweeper at the 'Off-Broadway' theater in New York to stay afloat. In 1954, John Astin went on to become a part of the crew which staged the act. Moreover, John Astin was invited in 1955 for the Season 2 of the show. Following his success at Off-Broadway theater, John Astin bagged the roles of Collins and Francisco in 'Tall Story' and 'The Power and the Glory', respectively. John Astin gained massive recognition for his comic timing and was soon featured in a number of movies and television shows. John Astin is popularly recognized for having portrayed a host of eccentric characters over a long period of time. John Astin is also well known for being a part of the animated series titled 'Attacker of the Killer Tomatoes' where the American actor voiced the character of 'Dr. Putrid T. Gangreen'.

Some of the other shows which featured John Astin as their voice artist include 'The Twisted Tale of Felix the Cat' in 1995, 'The Wild Thornberrys' in 1999, 'Taz-Mania' in 1991, 'Johnny Bravo' in 1997, 'Duckman' from 1994 - 1997, 'Pinky and the Brain' in 1997, and 'Bonkers' in 1994. John Astin is believed to be a gem in the world of comedy, and the actor largely established this fame from his role as 'Glad Hand', a comic-natured social worker in the 1961 musical film 'West Side Story'. The actor gained massive fame following his role in the show 'The Addams Family', where he featured Gomez Addams, the leader or the patriarch of the family. Some of the other key characters of 'The Addams Family' were Pugsley Addams, butler Lurich, and Wednesday Addams. After his time at 'The Addams Family', John Astin featured as a guest on a host of shows primarily for his comic talent, including the likes of 'The Patridge Family', 'Night Court', 'Love American Style', 'Get Christie Love!', 'Marcus Welby MD', and 'McMillan and Wife'.

Charity Work

Even though there is no information about the charitable tasks undertaken by John Astin, if any, John Astin's son, Sean Astin, supports various charitable institutions and foundations such as 'Melanoma Research Foundation', 'Make A Film Foundation', 'Screen Actors Guild Foundation' and 'LEAP Foundation'.

What awards has John Astin won?

John Astin hasn't won an award to date, but the actor once received an Oscar nomination in 1969 for 'Prelude' under the category Best Short Subject, Live Action Subjects.

Other Interesting John Astin Facts And Trivia

  • John Astin was born to Dr. Allen Varley Astin and Margaret Linnie Mackenzie and was raised in Baltimore, Maryland, where he lived with his parents.
  • Recently in 2018, John Astin hogged the limelight when he worked as a voice artist for the character of 'Uncle Dudley' in the animated series titled 'Justice League Action'.
  • John Astin is known to currently work as a Homewood professor of the arts at the John Hopkins Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.
  • In the ’60s, John Astin gained considerable fame for featuring in a host of TV shows and movies, which included 'The Wheeler Dealers', 'That Touch of Mink', 'Viva Max!', 'The Spirit Is Willing', 'Move Over Darling', 'Candy', and several others.
  • In order to establish his acting career in the early days, John Astin featured in only single episodes of various television shows, including 'Ben Casey', 'Maverick', '77 Sunset Strip', 'Death Valley Days', 'The Wild Wild West, 'Death Valley Days', 'The Flying Nun', 'The Odd Couple', 'The Twilight Zone', and a few others.
  • Did you know, in 2011, the Merrick Barn was renamed 'John Astin Theatre' to recognize the efforts in the field of art. John Astin is also credited for revitalizing the drama course at 'John Hopkins University'.
  • During the '80s, John Astin kept mesmerizing his fans and starred in a list of productions, some of which were 'Different Strokes', 'Night Court', 'The Facts of Life', and 'Murder, She Wrote'.
  • The actor shared the screen with Marty Ingles when he featured in the 1962 ABC sitcom titled 'I’m Dickens, He’s Fenster', where both John Astin and Marty Ingles played the roles of a couple of accident-prone carpenters.
  • John Astin was also a part of the Canadian-American reprisal of the TV series 'The Addams Family'. The movie was titled 'The New Addams Family', and John Astin himself portrayed the character of Grandpa Addams.
  • Although there was no romantic relationship between Carolyn Jones and John Astin, the two were believed to be very good friends. Carolyn Jones famously portrayed the role of Morticia Addams in the TV show 'The Addams Family'.
  • John Astin was present at the funnel of Carolyn Jones in 1983 and delivered the eulogy as well, reflecting the friendship between the two actors.
  • Between 1971 and 1972, John Astin notably made three appearances on the show 'Night Gallery', but on all three occasions, he appeared in a new avatar.
  • John Astin's son Sean Astin followed his father and went into an acting career. He is best-known for playing the character of Samwise Gamgee in 'Lord of the Rings'.

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