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John Paul Jones’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

John Paul Jones

Place Of Birth

Arbigland house, UK


45 years old (died on July 17, 1792)

Birth Date

July 06, 1747

Star Sign


John Paul Jones Facts

Child Star?



American sailor

Education & Qualifications

National Louis University in Evanston

Net Worth

$90 million

Current Partner

Maureen Jones


Jean McDuff, John Paul Sr.


Mary Paul Louden, William Paul, James Paul, Adam Paul


1.7m (5'7"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Rabbit

About John Paul Jones 

John Paul Jones was a Scottish-American navy commander who was the inaugural famous naval commander of the U.S. during the American Revolutionary War. He garnered numerous acquaintances amongst the ruling leaders of the United States, notably Benjamin Franklin and John Hancock, and also adversaries who convicted him of theft. His acts on the British seas throughout the War gave him worldwide notoriety that he still has today. Henceforth, John Paul Jones is known as the Father or the founder of the American Navy, a title he possesses along with John Adams and John Barry.

Jones was brought into the world and schooled in Arbigland, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland, where he went on to become a sailor and captain of many commercial ships. He escaped to the Colony of Virginia as a cabin boy after killing one of his traitorous fellow men with a weapon, and in 1775 entered the recently formed Continental Navy in its fight and struggle versus the Kingdom of Great Britain during the Revolutionary War. He oversaw US Navy vessels deployed in France and conducted one unsuccessful raid on Britain as well as other strikes on British commercial vessels. In 1787, after being left without a post, Paul Jones entered the Russian Navy and rose to the position of rear admiral.

Childhood And Education

John Paul was born in Arbigland, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland. His parents were Jean McDuff, his mother, and John Paul Sr., his father. He had four siblings, a sister, Mary Paul Louden, and three brothers, William Paul, James Paul, and Adam Paul.

John Paul began his seafaring experience as an assistant under Captain, Benson, when he was 13 years old, cruising out of Whitehaven in the northern province of Cumberland. Paul's older brother, William, had moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia. Hence, several of the teenage Paul's journeys led him to Virginia.

John Paul Jones' Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was John Paul Jones' net worth?

The net worth of John Paul Jones was estimated to be around $90 million.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was John Paul Jones?

John Paul Jones was 5 ft 8 in (173 cm) tall.

How old was John Paul Jones?

John Paul Jones was 45 years old at the time of his death on July 18, 1792.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Paul took command of a ship when the captain died at a very young age, which led to the beginning of his career as a sailor. John Paul was employed as the third companion of King George in 1764 and then advanced to the first companion in 1766. John Paul Jones successfully navigated the vessel back to shore and was appointed a commander. He conducted two visits to the West Indies as commanding officer. He was compelled to shoot the leader of a traitorous squad in self-defense in 1773, following which he escaped to the Colony of Virginia, to avoid prosecution.

When the Revolution commenced, he proceeded to Philadelphia and entered the fledgling Continental Navy as an inaugural captain on the vessel, Alfred, in 1775. Following his voyage to the Bahamas onboard the vessel, 'Alfred', alongside Commander, Esek Hopkins, Paul was entitled to raise the Grand Union Flag. He was shortly transferred over to the leadership of Providence.

Jones's second leadership arose as a consequence of Commander Hopkins' instructions to rescue multitudes of American captives imprisoned to labor in charcoal fields, as well as to capture British ships, in August 1776. While on the six-week journey to Nova Scotia, Paul Jones seized 16 British ships and imposed substantial impairment during the attack on Canso.

On September 1779, the 42-gun official, Bonhomme Richard, designated after Benjamin Franklin, joined four additional vessels and two mercenaries to attack England in the Fight of Flamborough Head. Jones faced one of the deadliest battles in naval history on September 23, 1779, alongside the 44-gun official, Serapis. Despite the fact that his entire ship was on fire and drowning, Jones refused to submit to the British forces. Whilst representing the Russian navy, he wrote the publication, 'Narrative Of The Campaign Of The Liman'.

With a baseless charge and no credit on his professional trajectory, he was extremely disappointed. In 1790, he then relocated to Paris and lived there for the rest of his lifetime. John Paul Jones was selected to head the 74-gun, USS America, in June 1782; however, his employment was terminated when Congress opted to surrender America to the French forces as a substitute for the destroyed vessel, Le Magnifique. Jones landed in Warsaw, Poland, and encountered Tadeusz Kosciuszko, who persuaded him to quit the authoritarian Russian service and represent Sweden in 1789. Notwithstanding Kosciuszko's support, the Swedes, although intrigued, opted not to hire Jones.

What awards did John Paul Jones win?

John Paul Jones received the foremost naval award, Congressional Gold Medal, approved by Congress for Jones's valor and brilliant services. Jones was also awarded the Institution du Mérite Militaire or the Order of Military Merit (also called the Institution of Military Merit). He was honored for his chivalry with the Order of St. Anne or the Imperial Order of Saint Anna, a Holstein ducal.

Other Interesting John Paul Jones Facts And Trivia

  • John Paul Jones passed away on July 18, 1792, and his casket was seated in Bancroft Hall, Naval Academy Chapel, Annapolis, Maryland.
  • French King Louis XVI awarded Jones with the title, Chevalier John Paul Jones, along with a gold-hilted sword in 1787.
  • A letter was found concerning the proclamation of battle by Algeria to John Jay, written by Jones himself when officials were looking for the body of John Paul.

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