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Jonathan Stewart Birthday & Fun Facts

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Jonathan Stewart Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Jonathan Creon Stewart
Place Of Birth
Fort Lewis, USA
36 years old
Birth Date
March 20 1987

Jonathan Stewart Facts

Child Star?
Former NFL player
Education & Qualifications
University of Oregon
Net Worth
Current Partner
Natalie Hills
Kaia Grey, Nora
Jonathan Stewart Sr., Lora Faison
Cory Faison

About Jonathan Stewart 

Jonathan Stewart is a former NFL player who played for the Carolina Panthers and the New York Giants.

He began playing high school football and excelled at it. He soon reached new heights and played college football, after which he became a professional footballer.

Jonathan Stewart's career was extremely successful, bringing him reasonable offers. After an ankle injury, his career was threatened before he eventually hung up his boots. He retired in 2019 from professional football at the age of 32. Learn more about his net worth, awards, and honors here.

Jonathan Stewart Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Jonathan Stewart's net worth?

Jonathan Stewart has a net worth of $12 million.

How much does Jonathan Stewart earn per year?

There is no information about how much Stewart earns annually.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Jonathan Stewart?

The football player is 5 ft 10 in (178 cm) tall.

How old is Jonathan Stewart?

Jonathan Stewart is 35 years old. He was born in Fort Lewis, Washington, on March 21, 1987.

Childhood And Education

Jonathan Creon Stewart studied at Timberline High School. Here he took an interest in football. He began playing as the team's lead rusher. In 2002, when he was in his sophomore year, he was forced to take a break and missed half the season owing to his ankle injury. But he was not held back by this, and upon his return, he played with full force like he always did.

He was also a sprinter and was part of the school's track and field team. He set the record for running 100 m in 10.78 seconds in 2005, a record that is yet to be broken by the school's students as of 2022. In 2004 in his senior season, Jonathan Stewart played a total of 2,301 rushing yards and scored 32 touchdowns.

Stewart decided to go to the University of Oregon over others like Ohio State University, Nebraska, Notre Dame, and California. It was in college that his professional football career started taking shape. He played hard and was one of the best players on the team. Jonathan Stewart was unstoppable; not even injuries could bench him for too long. He always bounced back. Stewart joined the Oregon Ducks in 2005 and was one of the best recruits with the highest profiles at the time to attend the university. During his freshman year, Jonathan Stewart sustained another injury to the ankle that left him benched for a while. But despite that, he was the team's third-leading scorer with a total of 54 points to his name.

In his sophomore year, he played well, but his ankle continued to be his point of weakness. He scored 10 rushing touchdowns. His junior season went well too. With wins over the Washington University's team, Cal's Golden Bears, and Stanford's football team, the Oregon Ducks were leading. With his second touchdown against Fresno State, he set the longest run ever in the history of Autzen Stadium. The record was 88 yards. At the end of Stewart's junior season, he had 1,722 rushing yards and 11 rushing touchdowns. He was chosen by league coaches to attend the All-Pacific-10 Conference first team.

He entered the NFL Draft in 2008 leaving his senior year at Oregon to pursue his dreams of being a professional footballer.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who are Jonathan Stewart's parents?

Although there's not much information about them, their names are known. Jonathan Creon Stewart was born to Jonathan Stewart Sr. and Lora Faison in March 1987. He has a sibling named Cory Faison. They lived in Fort Lewis, Washington, where Stewart grew up.

Who is Jonathan Stewart's partner?

Jonathan Stewart is married to Natalie Hills. Jonathan Stewart and Natalie Hills welcomed their first daughter Kaia Grey in 2017 and their second daughter Nora in 2021.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Jonathan Stewart is a world-renowned former NFL player who played in the 2015 Super Bowl.

He began his professional football career in 2008. He was drafted as a Carolina Panther. He signed a contract worth $14 million. Stewart was one of three top running backs to have been drafted that year to the NFL. In his second game, he helped the team make a comeback after the unlucky first half of the game. He scored two second-half touchdowns. He also scored his first postseason touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals the same year.

He renewed his contract with the team in 2012. A five-year contract worth $37.811 million was signed. However, his career in 2012 and 2013 was filled with torment from his injured ankle. He bounced back yet again, making 2014 an excellent season for him.

In the following years, Stewart continued to score many touchdowns and even played in the 2015 Super Bowl, scoring a lone touchdown but unfortunately, the team lost to the Denver Broncos.

Stewart bid farewell to his team in 2017. He was known to be the football team's best leading rusher. The following year Jonathan Stewart signed a brand new contract of $6. 9 million for two years with the New York Giants. Unfortunately, he spent most of his time as a reserve. His injury kept him from playing his best. The contract ended early, with the team letting him go in 2019. He signed a contract with the Carolina Panthers once more for only a day. He eventually retired as a Carolina Panther.

What awards has Jonathan Stewart won?

Jonathan Stewart has many collegiate accolades and titles as well as from when he was a Carolina Panther.

While in high school, he received the Washington Gatorade Player of the Year award.

In college, he got the title of NCAA leader in kick return yards and was named MVP of the 2007 Sun Bowl. He won the Doak Walker Award as a Semifinalist in 2007, along with the title of Pac-10 leader in rushing yards.

In 2009, as a Carolina Panther, he was given the FedEx Ground Player of the week honors.

Jonathan Stewart's Hobbies And Interests

If you go through Stewart's Instagram page, you will see that he takes great pleasure in producing music. He loves playing the guitar and the piano. Stewart also writes songs. He said that he does not want to make money from his musical talent. It is just something he really loves doing.

Other Interesting Jonathan Stewart Facts And Trivia

  • Jonathan Stewart was the 13th player to be drafted by the Carolina Panthers.
  • He had a toe surgery right after he was drafted into the NFL.
  • In the 2009 NFL season, DeAngelo Williams and Stewart were one of six duos in NFL history to rush 1,000 yards in a season.
  • The duo set an all-new NFL record for being the only ones to rush 1,100 yards each in a single season.
  • His NFL stats include 7,335 rushing yards, 51 rushing touchdowns, and seven receiving touchdowns.
  • Natalie Hills and Stewart co-own a magazine called Charlotte Lately and run a digital marketing agency named Coast Creative.
  • He took an interview sponsored by Wellcare for a series called 'The Next Chapter' in which former NFL players talk about their lives after football. He was helping to build a center for the Carolina Panthers. He said he'd invested in a lot of real estate when he was playing football, and it was important to him that he did work like this to help others.

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