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Jorge Posada Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Jorge Rafael Posada
Place Of Birth
San Juan, Puerto Rico
52 years old
Birth Date
August 17 1970

Jorge Posada Facts

Child Star?
Baseball Player
Education & Qualifications
Alejandrino High School
Net Worth
Paulina Posada, Jorge Posada Jr
Jorge Posada Sr., Tamara Posada,
Michelle Posada

About Jorge Posada

He is a retired baseball catcher who played for the New York Yankees professionally as a catcher in Major League Baseball.

Jorge Posada was a roaster for four World Series, won five Silver Slugger Awards, and is a five-time All-Star. A switch hitter -a batter who is both a right-hander and a left-hander - Jorge Posada scored .275 home runs, .273 batting average, and 1065 runs batted in (RBI) in his career. His batting and attitude were rated high by the team.

Jorge Posada was a part of the Core Four for the New York Yankees and Andy Pettitt, Mariano Rivera, and Derek Jetter.

 Jorge Posada was in minor and major leagues but always contributed to the team. He played in 100 games as a catcher in one season by the time he turned 38 years old, the most games ever for a Yankees catcher.

Yankees honored Jorge Posada by retiring his jersey No. 20 on August 22, 2015.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Jorge Posada's net worth?

Jorge Posada has a net worth of $6 million.

How much does Jorge Posada earn per year?

Jorge Posada's earnings per year are not revealed.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Jorge Posada?

He is 6 ft 2 in (187.96) tall.

How old is Jorge Posada?

As of 2022, Jorge Posada is 51 years old and was born on August 17, 1970.

Childhood And Education

Jorge Rafael Posada studied at Alejandrino High School and Calhoun Community College. Jorge Posada attended Alejandrino High School in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Jorge posada participated in several sports events, especially baseball. He was added to the all-star team in 1988-89 and was the umpire for the girls' softball.

An All-Star game is played between outstanding players chosen from American League and National League.

Jorge Posada's Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) score was insufficient for college admission. However, Fred Frickie, the head coach of the Calhoun Community College baseball team in Decatur, Alabama, recruited him without scouting him in 1991. He received an Associate Degree from the college.

He was selected as the best hitter in 1990 and best co-captain in 1991. He was also selected All-Conference - the highest acceptance for the individual athletic achievement- in 1991. Posada was given the Alabama Community College Athletic Hall of Fame in 2006.

Family, Romance, And Relationships 

Who is Jorge Posada's partner?

Jorge Rafael Posada was born on August 17, 1970. Jorge Posada is born in Puerto Rico (San Juan). Jorge's father, a baseball player, is Cuban and was a scout for the Colorado Rockies. His mother, Tamara Posada, is from the Dominican Republic. Jorge has one sibling - Michelle Posada.

His uncle, Leo Posada, another baseball player, played for the Kansas City Athletics. Jorge married Laura Mendez Posada, an attorney, former model, and actress from Puerto Rico, in 2000. The couple has two children, Paulina and Jorge Luis Junior. Posada's son Jorge Luis is suffering from craniosynostosis.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Jorge Posada is a Puerto Rican baseball player.

Jorge Posada is best known as a catcher in Major League Baseball for New York Yankees, as part of four World Series wins and five Silver Slugger Awards.

Puerto Rico-born Jorge Pasoda was an infielder and went on to be a catcher during his career. After playing for one year in minor league Oneonta Yankees, he became a catcher. Jorge Posada also played for Prince William Cannon and Greensboro Hornets. When promoted to Albany-Colonie Yankees, Jorge Posad continuously improved his statistics and became an all-star.

In 1995 Jorge Posada debuted in the Major League. The Yankees selected Jorge Posada in 1990. but in 1998, he became a regular player. Posada's MLB debut with the Yankees was in 1995 when he replaced Jim Leyritz in the ninth inning of a game on September 4, 1995. The Yankees selected Posada on their postseason roster despite appearing in only one game. As a pinch-runner, scoring a run, he appeared in the 1995 American League Division Series (ALDS).

Posada appeared in eight games in 1996. 1997 was a turning point for Posada as the team won World Series against San Diago Padres. As the backup catcher for Joe Girardi, Posada succeeded Leyritz in 1997, as Girardi mentored Posada. Posada was the backbone of the Yankees lineup, and his contract was renewed for $350,000.

In 2000, Jorge Posada was the first choice catcher of his team, and following this, Posada had his first All-Star appearance and further to 2000 World Series-winning. In 2003, he became another Yankees catcher to score 30 runs in a season. Jorge Posada's best season was in 2007 at the age of 35, batting .338. Jorge Posada retired in 2011. The MLB catcher played 17 seasons with the New York Yankees, winning four World Series Championships.

Charity Work

Posada's organization, the Jorge Posada Foundation, supports research efforts to combat craniosynostosis, a condition his son had. The Puerto Rican also started a fund-raising campaign for victims of Hurricane Maria.

What awards has Jorge Posada won?

In 2003, he was voted the third Most Valuable Player (MVP) award and became the second Yankees catcher to score 30 home runs in a season. Posada also won the Silver Slugger Award.

Other Interesting Jorge Posada Facts And Trivia

  • Jorge Posada appointed a personal trainer and running coach to improve his physical condition during the off-season.
  • 1997 was a turning point for Posada as the team won World Series against San Diago Padres.
  • Jorge Pasoda says he never touched steroids while playing Major League Baseball.

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