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June Allyson Birthday & Fun Facts

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June Allyson Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
June Allyson
Place Of Birth
New York, USA
106 years old
Birth Date
October 7 1917

June Allyson Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Current Partner
David Ashrow
Robert Geisman, Clara

About June Allyson

June Allyson was a renowned actress from Bronx, New York, United States.

June Allyson was a movie actress. Allyson went on to do many movies and television shows.

June Allyson started her career as a tap dancer in short films. In 1943, Allyson signed up with MGM and came into the limelight with her movie 'Two Girls And A Sailor.' She has won numerous awards and is well-known for her work even today. Allyson had formed a June Allyson foundation for raising public awareness and medical research.

June Allyson's Net Worth, Earnings, and Spending Habits

What was June Allyson's net worth?

According to Forbes, The net worth of June Allyson was roughly around $10 million.

How much did June Allyson earn per year?

Allyson's annual earnings are not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was June Allyson?

June Allyson was 5 ft 2 in (157 cm) tall.

How old was June Allyson?

June Allyson was 88 years old at the time of her death.

Childhood And Education

On October 7, 1917, June Allyson was born in The Bronx, New York City. She was born to Robert Geisman and Clara. Allyson had a brother, namely Henry. In 1918, June's father abandoned their family. Since then, she grew up in poverty and lived with her maternal grandparents. Her mother, Clara, worked as a cashier at a restaurant and a telephone operator for survival. She occasionally reunited with June when she had funds, but Allyson grew up mostly with her grandparents and other relatives.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was June Allyson's partner?

June Allyson wedded Dick Powell in 1945 and he passed away in 1963. She remarried David Ashrow in 1976.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Due to the death of her stepfather, June Allyson left her high school halfway and became a tap dancer at the Lido Club in Montreal where she was paid $60 per week. June Allyson worked as an actress at Astoria, Queens NY studio. Ambitious June Allyson gave a shot in her modeling career but was termed as the 'sad-looking before part' in a bathing magazine ad. Her career breakthrough occurred when she was labeled as ingenue by the educational opposite comic dancers Herman Timberg, Jr, Pat Rooney, singer Lee Sullivan, and future comedian Danny Kanye in a series of shorts. These incorporated 'Pixilated' (1937), 'Swing For Sale' (1937), 'Ups And Downs' (1937), 'Dates And Nuts' (1938), 'Dime A Dance' (1938), and 'Sing For Sweetie' (1938). In 1957, Allyson signed with Universal and acted in two remakes; 'Interlude' and 'A Stranger In My Arm,' and the box office fiascos had led to her removal as an A-list movie star.

Allyson's some famous movies include 'The Three Musketeers(1948), 'The Bride Goes Wild' (1948), 'Words And Music' (1948), and 'Little Woman' (1949). She acted in 'The Reformer And The Redhead' (1950) and 'Right Cross' (1950) with Dick Powell. She later did 'Too Young To Kiss' (1951). Her first film was 'Girl Crazy' (1943).

Her television shows include 'The Dupont Show With June Allyson' (1959-1961), 'Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre' (1960), 'The Dick Powell Theatre' (1962-1963), 'The Name Of The Game' (1968), 'The ABCD Comedy Hour' (1972), 'Curse Of The Black Widow' (1977), 'Three On A Date' (1978), 'The Incredible Hulk' (1979), 'House Calls' (1980), 'The Kid With A Broken Halo' (1982), 'Hart To Hart' (1984), 'Murder, She Wrote' (1984), 'Misfits Of Science' (1985).

Charity Work

After Allyson's husband Dick Powell's death, she dedicated herself to charitable works, championing the significance of gynecological and urological diseases in seniors.

What awards did June Allyson win?

Allyson received the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress and the Best Motion Picture Actress-Musical/Comedy for her work in 'Too Young To Kiss.' She was awarded the Jury Prize for acting at the Venice festival for 'Executive Suite'. She received a Motion Pictures star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her philanthropy to the film industry. 

Other Interesting June Allyson Facts And Trivia

  • June Allyson is known for her role as Mary Hill in the film 'The Sailor Takes The Wife' (1945).
  • June Allyson shared her longest marriage with Dick Powell.
  • June Allyson passed away in July 2006 due to bronchitis and respiratory failure in California.
  • June Allyson was from The Bronx, New York City.

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