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Kalani Hilliker Birthday & Fun Facts

Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography & More

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Kalani Hilliker Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Kalani Brooke Hilliker
Place Of Birth
Phoenix, USA
23 years old
Birth Date
September 22 2000

Kalani Hilliker Facts

Child Star?
Dancer, Actor
Education & Qualifications
Master Ballet Academy
Net Worth
Current Partner
Brandon Chang
Matthew Hilliker, Kira Girard
Jax Girard, Jett Newman, Kaliah Newman

About Kalani Hilliker

Kalani Brooke Hilliker is an American dancer, model, actress, fashion designer, and YouTuber.

Kalani Hilliker was born on September 23, 2000, in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. She has made appearances on 'Abby's Ultimate Dance' and 'Dance Moms Season 4.'

Kalani Hilliker has always wanted to be a backup dancer for Beyonce or Katy Perry.

In July 2016, she confirmed that Free is her favorite solo that she has ever performed. In addition, she also stated that Hotline is her favorite dance group and that her favorite duet is 'Disconnected.'

She admires the work of Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and Drake.

Kalani Hilliker's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Kalani Hilliker's net worth?

Kalani Hilliker has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

How much does Kalani Hilliker earn per year?

The annual earnings of Kalani Hilliker have not been revealed yet.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Kalani Hilliker?

The height of the dancer is around 5 ft 3 in (163 cm).

How old is Kalani Hilliker?

Kalani Hilliker was born on September 23, 2000, and as of 2021, she is 21 years old.

Childhood And Education

Kalani Hilliker was born in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2000. She started dancing when she was just two years old. Her mother recognized her talent, and she was enrolled in dance classes at Club Dance in Arizona at the age of five. At the age of 10, she enrolled at Master Ballet Academy for ballet training.

Kalani Hilliker was homeschooled so that she could pursue dancing full-time.

She was born to Matthew Hilliker and Kira Girard and has three other siblings, Jax Hilliker, Kaliah Newman, and Jett Newman. She is the eldest daughter of the couple. However, Jett is her half-brother. Her mother divorced her father and married David Newman. We don't have much information about her school and education. However, she did her schooling from her home. We don't have information about her higher education or college.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Kalani Hilliker's Partner?

Kalani Hilliker is not married yet. However, she is in a relationship with a fellow dancer Brandon Chang, as of 2022. They have been dating since 2018. He is a fellow dancer from Miami.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

In 2013, Kalani Hilliker became a recurring character in the series on ABC family, 'Bunheads.' She worked on multiple episodes as Baby Bun. The same year, she also participated in Lifetime's 'Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition,' a dance reality competition series. She very well made it to the final four, finishing in fourth place.

Kalani Hilliker first appeared on the second season of 'Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.' Abby loved her for her technique and flexibility, and she was called back on the show, finishing fourth in the finals.

After the show, she joined 'Abby Lee Dance Company.' Her debut on 'Dance Moms' was big trouble, and she left the show with her mother to go back to Arizona because Kira considered her family more important than fame. They returned in the next season and remained until 'Ashlee's Big Decision Part 1,' after which all the elite dancers left ADLC to form 'The Irreplaceables.'

Kalani Hilliker has also appeared on 'America's Got Talent' and 'The View.' She worked on two films in 2018, 'Happy Death Day 2U' and 'Swiped.' She also appeared in 'Contemporary Dancer' in Breaking Brooklyn and in the film 'Adrenochrome.' She made an appearance as Sabrina on the TV series 'Dirt' (2018). In 2017 and 2018, she was one of the final judges of the Miss Teen USA Competition.

In 2015, Kalani Hilliker started a YouTube channel with Addison Moffett, titled KalaniAddy. They used to upload videos related to humor and dance, but soon the channel's title was changed to AddyKaylee, and all the previously uploaded videos were deleted. In May 2016, Kalani confirmed through Twitter that the channel was no longer in Addison's hand, and their friendship dissolved later with their channel.

What Awards has Kalani Hilliker Won?

Kalani Hilliker is a recipient of various regional and national titles such as Junior Best Dancer at the Dance Awards NYC, Junior First Place at Nuvo Nationals, Junior First Place Jump Nationals, and National Teen Miss Showbiz. She was the second Runner-up in the Dance Awards in 2011.

Kalani Hilliker's Hobbies and Interests

Kalani Hilliker likes playing soccer. She would probably be a soccer player if she were not a dancer. As a child, she loved playing soccer and was good at it.

She even has her own dancewear collection. Her favorite color is purple, and her favorite singer is Rihanna. Her favorite flavor of ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip. She is left-handed.

Other Interesting Kalani Hilliker Facts And Trivia

  • Kalani Hilliker's favorite dance styles are hip hop, jazz-funk, and lyrical.
  • Kalani Hilliker's first interview in a show was on 'JoJo with a Bow Bow.'
  • She is a popular dancing professional from Arizona who made it to the popular row after she worked in the second season of 'Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.'
  • Her mother, Kira Girard, initially enrolled her in dance classes. She started her dance classes at the age of five.
  • Kalani Hilliker has been dating her fellow dancer, Brandon Chang, since 2018. They both are in a happy relationship as there are no rumors about their break-up.
  • Kalani started dancing at the age of two. Her mother put her in a dance class because she thought it would be fun to dress her daughter. After this, she decided to pursue dance as her career. She aspired to become a backup dancer for Katy Perry or Beyonce. She has also won many competitions, which include the 2013 National Teen Miss Showbiz Title and seven titles with Shake It Up. These titles are the most famous. She is very much popular in the field of dance.
  • According to her, she is kind of superstitious. She has a routine of knocking on wood before every dance routine. She says that this makes her believe that everything will happen well and the dance performance will go smoothly. She does it every time before a dance performance.
  • Kalani Hilliker made her acting debut as Ashlee in a romantic drama film, 'Swiped' in 2018. She was also seen in 'Breaking Brooklyn,' and her next movie, as of June 2022, will be 'Adrenochrome II.' The release date of this movie is not fixed yet.
  • She was also featured in an episode titled 'Camp It Up' as herself on Disney's Sitcom, 'Shake It Up' in 2011. She was also seen in ABC Family series such as 'Bunheads,' 'America's Got Talent,' 'DanceMoms,' 'Dirt,' and the 'Tiger Kingdom.'
  • 'The Dance Moms' star Kalani Hilliker is active on every social media platform, from Instagram to Twitter. On Instagram, she has approximately 7 million followers as of 2022. She also runs her YouTube channel. In October 2019, she moved to LA. However, in January 2021, she announced on her YouTube channel that she had moved out of LA and now lives with her family in Arizona.
  • At the age of just 21, she managed to earn $ 1.5 million per year. Her sources of income are television appearances, modeling, and social media activity. Kalani Hilliker also owns a white Range Rover, which is also her first car. This was gifted to her by her mom.
  • Known for her appearances on 'Abby's Ultimate Competition' and 'Dance Moms,' she has also been featured on 'Shake It Up' and the ABC Family original series 'Bunheads.'
  • Kalani Hilliker has more than 7 million followers on Instagram as of 2022, and her Instagram handle is @kalanihilliker. Kalani Hilliker has more than 356,000 followers on Twitter as of 2022, and her Twitter handle is @KalaniHilliker.
  • She started training at Master Ballet Academy after her experience in the Club Dance in Arizona.
  • Abby Lee Miller offered Kalani and her mother to participate in Abby Lee Company in 'Dance Moms Season 4' episode 'Big Troubles in The Big Apple.'
  • Kalani appeared in several music videos like 'It's A Girl Party,' 'Turn Up The Track,' 'Wear Em Out,' 'Ease on Down The Boulevard,' 'Dance Moms: Me Too,' 'Winner,' 'My Name,' and many more.
  • Also, a fashion Designer, Kalani Hilliker, was the final judge of the Miss Teen USA Competition in 2017 and 2018.
  • In 2011, Kalani Hilliker and several of her dance friends entered Disney Channel's 'Make Your Mark Ultimate Dance Off' contest, trying for a featured role on the hit show 'Shake It Up.'
  • She has won regional and national titles, including Junior First Place at Nuvo Nationals, Junior Best Dancer at the DanceAwards NYC, Junior First Place Jump Nationals, and National Teen Miss Showbiz.
  • In 2015, Addison Moffett and Kalani Hilliker started their YouTube channel with the title KalaniAddy. The two usually posted new videos on Tuesdays. The videos primarily focus more on humor than dance.
  • In May 2016, the username changed to AddyKaylee, and all the videos were removed. Addressing this move, Kalani took it to Twitter to confirm that she had not given Addison permission to make the changes and change the name and that they both agreed on dissolving the channel instead.

Photo Credits:  Ovidiu Hrubaru /Shutterstock

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