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Kara Buchanan Birthday & Fun Facts

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Kara Buchanan Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Kara Buchanan
Place Of Birth
Hendersonville, USA
32 years old
Birth Date
February 27 1991

Kara Buchanan Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
University of Tennessee
Net Worth
Current Partner
Nate Buchanan

About Kara Buchanan 

Kara Buchanan is a popular YouTube star, who is well known for travel vlogs.

Kara Buchanan posts her videos along with her husband, Nate Buchanan. They have traveled to over 100 countries together.

Kara and Nate Buchanan are from Nashville, Tennessee. Their world trips started many years ago and they documented their travel adventures on their YouTube channel, 'Kara and Nate'. By December 2019, they had visited 100 countries.

They started their YouTube channel on December 8, 2015. 'World Travels So Far' was their first vlog, posted on January 3, 2016. Their YouTube channel has more than a million subscribers. Kara and Nate Buchanan had intended to take a one-year tour across the world before returning to their jobs and starting a family. However, things changed, and they decided to keep going.

Keep reading to learn more about the life and career of traveling vlogger, Kara Buchanan, including her net worth, birthday, and most popular YouTube videos!

Kara Buchanan Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Kara Buchanan’s net worth?

Kara Buchanan has earned an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million from her YouTube videos and vlogging career.

How much does Kara Buchanan earn per year?

The annual income of Kara Buchanan is not known and will vary depending on her posts and engagement.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Kara Buchanan?

The height of Kara Buchanan is not known.

How old is Kara Buchanan?

Kara Buchanan was born on February 27, 1991, so she turned 31 years old in February 2022. Her zodiac sign is Pisces.

Childhood And Education

Kara Buchanan was born on February 27, 1991, in Hendersonville, Tennessee, and now calls Nashville home, when she is not traveling.

Kate Buchanan attended Beech High School in Hendersonville in 2009. She has a Master's degree in Child and Family Studies from the University of Tennessee in Hendersonville, in addition to her Bachelor's degree.

There is no other available information about the childhood or early family life of Kara Buchanan, so the names of her parents or siblings are not known.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Kara Buchanan’s partner?

Nate Buchanan is Kara's husband. After 10 years of dating, Kara and Nate married in June 2013. The couple were high school sweethearts at Beech High School. Nate Buchanan worked as a printer and Kate as a preschool teacher. The couple's honeymoon to Belize was a turning point in Kara's life, and they rapidly discovered their common passion for travel. They began their YouTube career with their travel vlogs and started out on a quest to visit 100 countries.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Kara Buchanan is a popular travel vlogger, who vlogs while traveling around the world with her husband, Nate Buchanan, which they post to their YouTube account.

On YouTube, Kate Buchanan has a video titled '100th Country Documentary'. In their first video, 'World Trips So Far', Kara and Nate talk about how they started exploring and how it changed their lives forever.

Their most popular video is 'We Slept on the Edge of a Mountain'. It surpassed five million views two years ago. Several YouTube vlogs about their vacation have also attracted millions of viewers. Their channel also contains videos in their 'How We Afford To Travel' series, explaining how they can afford to travel around the world.

On their YouTube channel, they also have videos in their 'How We Stand To Travel' series, depicting how they cope with traveling around the world. The traveling couple upload their videos on social media to give viewers a window into their adventures.

Kara Buchanan appeared in a video at the Shorty Awards in 2018, with YouTube celebrity, Casey Neistat. Casey Neistat is a popular American YouTube star, filmmaker, vlogger, and co-founder of Beme, a multimedia company acquired by CNN.

What awards has Kara Buchanan won?

On April 15, 2018, Kara and Nate Buchanan received the Best in Travel Award. It was awarded at the 10th Annual Shorty Awards in New York.

Kara Buchanan’s Hobbies And Interests

Kara Buchanan's passion is traveling and exploring different countries in the world.

Other Interesting Kara Buchanan Facts And Trivia

  • Kate Buchanan is active on social networking platforms, where she shares her travel and lifestyle experiences. 'Kara and Nate' is the couple's YouTube channel.
  • In 2018, during the Shorty Awards function, Kara Buchanan met Casey Owen Neistat, a famous YouTube personality.
  • The YouTube channel, 'Kara and Nate', has over 3.13 million subscribers as of 2022. Kara Buchanan also has a Facebook page where she updates restaurant reviews, tour guides, and other travel-related information.
  • Similarly, she uses Instagram to publish a lot of images from her travel journals. Her Instagram account has over 691,000 followers. Kara Buchanan also has a Twitter account, which she began in March 2011, and now has many followers. In addition to these social media accounts, Kara Buchanan has a personal blog under the name, 'KARA AND NATE'.
  • In her personal blog, she publishes travel hacking posts and the income and expense details of their travels.
  • YouTube stars, Kara and Nate Buchanan, were on their honeymoon in Belize when they decided to start their traveling adventure together.
  • Kara Buchanan was born on February 27, 1991, so she celebrated her 31st birthday in February 2022. Her zodiac sign is Pisces.

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