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Karise Eden Birthday & Fun Facts

Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography & More

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Karise Eden Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Karise Eden
Place Of Birth
Gosford, Australia
31 years old
Birth Date
July 10 1992

Karise Eden Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Michele Higgins

About Karise Eden

Karise Eden has become one of the most popular singers who hail from Australia.

Karise Eden has taken the world of music by storm. Her journey through The Voice and the albums she has released subsequently is one of incredible success. Please continue reading to learn more about this famous Australian pop singer, Karise Eden, including her net worth, early career, and family life.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

Let's take a look at the financials of Karise Eden, with details of her net worth and annual income.

What is Karise Eden's net worth?

Karise Eden has an estimated net worth that lies in the region of $4 million in 2021. This massive net worth comes after a successful career as a singer. As she keeps releasing songs, she continues to grow her net worth.

How much does Karise Eden earn per year?

While we discussed Karise Eden's net worth, it is time to look at this annual earnings. Karise Eden earns approximately $600,000 annually. This steady stream of income counts towards building her net worth. Her income is built up of the songs she releases, the advertisements, and the brand endorsement deals she signs.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Karise Eden?

Karise Eden is 6 ft 1 inch (175 cm) tall.

How old is Karise Eden?

Karis Eden is 30 years of age. She was born in July 1992 and will turn 31 in 2022.

Childhood And Education

The marvelous Australian singer was born on July 11, 1992. Karise Eden was born in Gosford Hospital in Gosford, New South Wales. Subsequently, Karise Eden was raised in Wyoming, New South Wales.

The origins of her musical journey lie in her childhood years. During this time, Karise Eden and her sister were part of a foster aunt and uncle program. The foster program became one of the most important pieces of her life. Karise's life at home was one filled with dysfunction. As a result, Karise Eden would spend a large proportion of her teenage years in different women's refuges as a state ward.

Karise Eden tried to escape the family dysfunctions at home, which got her a tad bit closer to her foster uncle and foster aunt since it was what Karise Eden felt comfortable with. Aunty Marilyn and Uncle Frank were both individuals who were musicians. Karise Eden found solace in music as Uncle Frank would teach her everything he knew about music. Initially, Karise Eden would be playing traditional folk and bluegrass.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Karise Eden's partner?

Karise Eden does indeed have a partner. However, the Australian singer has chosen not to reveal the details of her partner to the media. Karise Eden had her first child during the latter period of 2014. She named his son Blayden.

She later announced on Instagram that she was expecting another child with her long-term partner due in December 2020. Her second child was born on January 5, 2021, and was declared healthy. Karise named her second child Hartley.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

The career of Karise Eden began when she auditioned for the first season of 'The Voice Australia.' She made her first appearance on the first season of the show on April 15, 2012. She performed James Brown's 'It's a Man's World.'

The coaches loved the famous pop singer when they heard her voice! Every judge would turn their chair and signal their approval for Karise Eden within 12 seconds of her beginning her performance. Keith Urban was the first coach who would turn, followed by the other judges: Seal, Delta Goodrem, and Joel Madden.

As for her mentor, Karise Eden decided on working with Seal, although all four judges wanted to take Karise as one of their finalists. From here, there was no stopping Karise. She made her way round after round, beating out her competitors and making her way to the show's grand final. The pop singer consistently impressed the coaches throughout her journey on the show.

When Karise Eden made it to the final round, Karise sang an original song she co-wrote with a friend. The song titled 'I Was Your Girl' would be sung during the first half of the grand final. She would also sing a cover of 'Stay With Me Baby.' During the second part of the grand final, Karise Eden would be announced as the winner of the competition. The pop singer was awarded a Ford Focus car, a $100,000 prize, and a recording contract with Universal Music Australia.

Eden's performances made it on the ARIA Singles Chart. The four tracks were 'You Won't Let Me,' "Stay with Me Baby,' 'Hallelujah,' and 'I Was Your Girl.' The last artists who could achieve this feat were The Beatles back in 1964. She had eight songs that were on the ARIA Top 50 Chart during the space of that week.

Following this, Karise Eden would work on her first studio album. The debut album for the pop singer titled 'My Journey' will be released on June 26, 2012. The album would include recorded versions of the covers the pop singer had performed on 'The Voice,' as well as her song 'I Was Your Girl' and several other songs.

The pop singer's album would come in at the top of the ARIA Albums Chart and stayed there for six consecutive weeks. During this time, the album was certified double platinum by the ARIA.

Subsequently, Karise Eden went on to perform at Bluesfest, which is Australia's premier music concert. The pop singer would go on to release several singles: 'Threads Of Salence' co-written with Sacha Skarbek in London, 'Dynamite' on her second album, and a cover of 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.'

In October 2018, Karise Eden went on to release her third studio album. Her album 'Born To Fight' showcased her fiery side and her passion for blues and Rock'n Roll. After this, in January 2022, the pop singer announced the release of her new album titled 'Into The Black.'

Other Interesting Karise Eden Facts And Trivia

  • Karise Eden is an Australian pop singer who has grown incredibly popular.
  • Karise Eden's coach on 'The Voice' was Seal.
  • Her first album has sold over 140,000 copies.
  • Karise Eden has an estimated net worth that lies in the region of $4 million in 2021.

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