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Katie Quinn Birthday & Fun Facts

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Katie Quinn Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Katie Quinn
Place Of Birth
South East Ohio, USA
37 years old
Birth Date
April 16 1986

Katie Quinn Facts

Child Star?
Food Enthusiasts, Chef, Writer, YouTube Star
Education & Qualifications
Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, Miami University of Ohio
Net Worth
Current Partner
Connor Boals

About Katie Quinn

Katie Quinn is a popular Chef and food show judge born on April 17, 1986.

She has a YouTube channel, Katie, with 65,800 followers as of July 2022. Moreover, she has taught her subscribers how to make sweet confections and many other health-conscious dishes with the most delicious flavors.

Moreover, she also made a guest appearance on 'The Meredith Vieira Show' in 2015. Besides cooking, she is excellent at writing as well. Katie Quinn is the author of 'Short Stack Book Avocados'. Once, she also featured her granny along with her Biscotti recipe. Previously, she lived in Ohio but soon moved out to New York.

Katie Quinn Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Katie Quinn’s net worth?

The net worth of Katie Quinn is about $2 million as of July 2022.

How much does Katie Quinn earn per year?

Details on the annual income of Katie Quinn are unavailable.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Katie Quinn?

Details on the height of Katie Quinn are unavailable to the public.

How old is Katie Quinn?

Katie Quinn is 36 years old as of July 2022, for she was born on April 17, 1986, in Ohio, United States.

Childhood And Education

Katie Quinn was born in the United States of America on April 17, 1986. Katie Quinn has had a major interest in the field of cooking even before going to a culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu, in Paris.

She was born and brought up in a town called Athens in southeast Ohio. Katie Quinn studied mass communication with a theater minor at Miami University Of Ohio. Eventually, Katie Quinn moved to New York City and lived there for 10 years. She has also lived in London, England, and is now in Italy with her husband.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Katie Quinn dating?

As of now, Katie Quinn is not dating anyone. She is married to Connor Boals. They met in New York City and worked together then too.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Katie Quinn is best known for her grandmother’s biscotti recipe.

The name of her YouTube channel is qKatie which she started in 2014. The food enthusiast was born in the United States of America. Katie is the writer of two books, and her latest book, 'Cheese, Wine, And Bread: Discovering The Magic Of Fermentation In England, Italy, and France'.

Katie Quinn is the host of a podcast, Keep It Quirky. On this podcast, she talks about creativity, travel, discipline, entrepreneurship, and most definitely, food!

What awards has Katie Quinn won?

Katie Quinn has not yet been presented with any formal award for her achievements as of July 2022.

Katie Quinn’s Hobbies And Interests

Katie Quinn enjoys creating meals. She also likes traveling, taking early morning hikes, yoga practice, stand-up paddleboard row, and dog cuddles.

Other Interesting Katie Quinn Facts And Trivia

  • Katie is a social media personality and a food journalist.
  • Katie Quinn has written several books as well.
  • She has shared her grandmother’s recipe for biscotti on her YouTube channel.
  • Avocado is her favorite ingredient for any dish. And she has written a book with that title as well!
  • Her zodiac sign is Aries, as she was born on April 17, 1986.
  • Katie Quinn completed her education at Miami University.
  • Katie Quinn owns a website; Katie-quinn.com
  • Her zodiac sign is Aries.

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