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Kermit Weeks Birthday & Fun Facts

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Kermit Weeks Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Kermit Weeks
Place Of Birth
Salt Lake City, USA
70 years old
Birth Date
July 14 1953

Kermit Weeks Facts

Child Star?
Pilot, Aircraft Collector, Aviation Enthusiast
Education & Qualifications
Purdue University
Net Worth
Current Partner
Teresa Blazina

About Kermit Weeks 

Kermit Weeks is an American pilot, who has dedicated his life to collecting and maneuvering airplanes.

Kermit Weeks has gained popularity for his hobby as a vintage aircraft collector. Since the '70s, Weeks has purchased a huge number of aircraft and promoted aviation positively.

The Weeks collection contains vintage aircraft and historical aircraft as well as crafts from commercial airlines. He also contributes to the restoration of vintage aircraft. As of 2011, by the age of 47, he had already collected more than 150 aircraft. To showcase the collectibles, he established the Weeks Air Museum in Miami in 1985. Later, Weeks purchased a space of about 5000 ft for a huge runway and display hangar that would hold all the rare aircraft and original aircraft he owned. This gave birth to a tourist attraction called Fantasy of Flight, located in Orlando.

Kermit also acquired a lake big enough to park the famous Short Sunderland aircraft, which was a British flying boat and patrol bomber manufactured for the Royal Air Force. As well as this, Weeks has collected specially designed aircraft that were frequently flown in World War I, World War II, and the Korean war.

In 2014, Fantasy of Flight was discontinued as a tourist attraction. Instead, they aimed to provide a one-of-a-kind venue rental experience. The museum now operates seasonally. And visitors planning to dive into the aviation world of Kermit Weeks can check out the calendar on their official website.

Kermit Weeks Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Kermit Weeks’ net worth?

Kermit Weeks' estimated net worth is $20 million. He receives the majority of his income from a 2.5% levy on oil and natural gas produced by the Bass Straits.

How much does Kermit Weeks earn per year?

Kermit Weeks earns an approximate amount of $ 400,000 per year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How old is Kermit Weeks?

Kermit Weeks turns 69 years old in 2022. He was born on July 14, 1953, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Childhood And Education

Kermit Weeks, although born in Utah, was brought up in Miami. Ever since he was a kid, Weeks had a keen interest in the world of aviation. At the early age of only 17, he started to build a home-designed aircraft. Four years later, Weeks test flew it for the first time. Soon after this, when Weeks was 20 years old, he began participating in aerobatic competitions. This aviation enthusiast was in his late 20s when he won multiple titles and medals at the National and International Aerobatics Championships.

In the year 1977, Weeks redesigned his friend's aerobatic aircraft that was initially known as Pitt's Special. Later, his friend insisted Weeks rename it the Weeks Special.

While competing in an aerobatic competition, Kermit was pursuing an aeronautical engineering degree at Miami-Dade Junior College, the University of Florida, and Purdue University.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Kermit Weeks’ partner?

Kermit Weeks married Teresa Blazina on May 26, 2000. The wedding was held as a private ceremony in Sedona, Arizona. The couple visits the spot every year to renew their wedding vows.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Kermit is popularly known as the 'Living Legend of Aviation'. He received the title in the year 2006.

What awards has Kermit Weeks won?

The Wings Over Houston Airshow awarded the Lloyd P. Nolen Lifetime Achievement in Aviation Award to Weeks in 2012. He also won an aviation award, the Bob Hoover's Freedom of Flight Award, in 2010. Kermit bagged a bronze Independent Publisher Book Award for his children's book 'All Of Life Is A School' in 2009.

Kermit Weeks’ Hobbies And Interests

Along with his innate love for aviation and his vision for Flight of Fantasy, this aircraft collector also wrote two children's books titled, 'All Of Life Is A School' and 'The Spirit Of Lindy'. According to his official website, Weeks is currently working on more such books. These new children's books give life to wonderful airplane characters and even creatures that are soon to become the icon character at the Fantasy of Flight park.

Kermit's other interests include songwriting and playing instruments like the piano and guitar. He is also pretty familiar with new-age social media giants like YouTube and Facebook.

Other Interesting Kermit Weeks Facts And Trivia

  • Some of the Weeks' vintage aircraft are featured in the opening scene of movies, as well as throughout popular movies like the 'Aviator', and 'Indiana Jones'.
  • Kermit Weeks' royalties and fortune derive from an empire of oil and natural gas. It was established by his late grandfather, Lewis George Weeks. He proactively utilizes this inherited fortune to collect vintage aircraft and historical aircraft for his private collection.
  • The famous flying boat or Short Sunderland that Weeks bought in 1993, after restoration, was flown in Europe before reaching the U.S. However, since 1996, it has been kept in for display in the Museum. Weeks' official site mentions that this flying boat may soon resume its journey in the water and air after the museum undergoes renovation.
  • Weeks has now started the production and sale of Naked In Jamaica, a Jamaican Rum.

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