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Kevin DuBrow Birthday & Fun Facts

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Kevin DuBrow Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Kevin Mark DuBrow
Place Of Birth
Hollywood, USA
68 years old
Birth Date
October 28 1955

Kevin DuBrow Facts

Child Star?
Singer, Songwriter, Musician
Education & Qualifications
Ulysses S. Grant High School
Net Worth
Laura Dubrow, Alvin Dubrow
Terry Dubrow

About Kevin DuBrow

Kevin Dubrow was well known for being the lead vocalist of the American heavy metal band Quiet Riot.

The metal singer was extremely interested in the art of photography during his teenage years. Dubrow spent a lot of his teenage years taking photos of rock and roll concerts and his photographs went on to be published in music rock magazines like Guitar Player and Rock.

Throughout his photography career, he made contact with the producer Ron Sobol. Watching musicians perform on stage inspired DuBrow to become a rock and roll musician himself. After forming Quiet Riot, Randy Rhoads and Kelly Garni recruited DuBrow as their lead vocalist. The metal singer also flourished as a solo musician and released his debut album 'In For The Kill'. DuBrow also worked as a morning DJ on the Rock Station in Las Vegas, KOMP 92.3.

Kevin DuBrow Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Kevin DuBrow’s net worth?

Kevin DuBrow was estimated to have a net worth of $10 million. Most of his income had been made from his career as a singer-songwriter for the band Quiet Riot.

How much did Kevin DuBrow earn per year?

Kevin DuBrow's assets and annual income before his death aren't known. Most of his estate was passed on to his family and mostly inherited by his brother, Terry Dubrow.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Kevin DuBrow?

The height of Kevin Dubrow is not known.

How old was Kevin DuBrow?

Kevin Dubrow was 52 years old when he passed away on November 25, 2007. According to his date of birth, Kevin Dubrow was a Libra.

Childhood And Education

Kevin Mark DuBrow was born on October 29, 1955, in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA. He was born to his mother, Laura DuBrow, and father, Alvin Dubrow. He and his younger brother Terry DuBrow were raised in Los Angeles, California. The DuBrow family moved into the Van Nuys neighborhood in Los Angeles when he was just 13. He attended Ulysses S. Grant High School.

The heavy metal singer-songwriter learned to play the 12-string guitar and made his first band which was comprised of 11-year-olds. The musician was a big fan of bands like Spooky Tooth and Small Faces during his teenage years. Kevin Dubrow was very interested in photography and began documenting rock concerts during his teenage years. His photographs were published in several rock publications.

Kevin Dubrow passed away on November 25, 2007, at the age of 52. After missing Thanksgiving dinner at Glenn Hughes' place, his friends became concerned about him. The musician is now buried at the Pacific View Cemetery in Corona del Mar in California, USA. Kevin's funeral was presided over by a Rabbi and many of his friends including Frankie Banali, Ron Sobol, and Glenn Hughes delivered eulogies at his funeral.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who was Kevin DuBrow's partner?

Kevin Dubrow was in a relationship with Lark Williams, a radio DJ, for seven years but they broke up shortly before Kevin's death.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Kevin Dubrow was a well-known metal singer from the United States of America. Kevin was the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Quiet Riot.

DuBrow was always interested in making music and taught himself to play the 12-string guitar. Kevin's first band was one comprising of 11-year-olds and the band performed for only one show for senior audiences who were not interested in enjoying rock and roll music.

The heavy metal singer was also deeply interested in the art of photography and regularly visited rock and roll concerts to document acts like Robert Trowen, Jeff Beck, and Mott the Hoople. Several of his photographs were published in rock music magazines including Guitar Player and Rock. Kevin met producer Ron Sobol through his photography work, and they exchanged concert photographs with each other. In 1970, Kevin Dubrow went to photograph a Rod Stewart concert and that is where he realized that he had a love for heavy metal music and wanted to become a heavy metal musician himself.

In 1975, the famous bassist Kelly Garni and guitarist Randy Rhoads formed a band called Quiet Riot and went on to recruit drummer Drew Forsyth and singer Kevin Dubrow. The band split up in 1979 when Rhoads joined a band formed by Ozzy Osbourne, appointing Greg Leon in his stead. Quiet Riot was renamed DuBrow for some time and the band lineup consisted of new members like Chuck Wright, Greg Leon, Kevin Dubrow, brothers Carlos Cavazo and Tony Cavazo, and Frankie Banali. The band's name was changed again to Quiet Riot in 1982, due to the untimely passing of Randy Rhoads.

Rudy Sarzo returned to Quiet Riot immediately before the band released their chart-topping studio album 'Metal Health' in 1983, making them the first heavy metal band in the USA to top the charts with their debut album. Dubrow was dropped from Quiet Riot in 1987, before rejoining the band in 1991.

During his time away from Quiet Riot, the musician formed a new band called Little Women under Kim Richards and composed the song 'Slam Dunk' for the film 'Switch'. Quiet Riot continued to perform throughout the '90s and released albums like 'Down To The Bone', 'Guilty Pleasures', 'Terrified' and 'Alive And Well'. The band finally dissolved in 2003.

Kevin Dubrow also had a solo career in music and released the solo album 'In For The Kill' in 2004. The musician also worked on the rock station KOMP 92.3 as its morning DJ. The station was located in Las Vegas.

Other Interesting Kevin DuBrow Facts And Trivia

  • Kevin, the late American singer, was born in Los Angeles California, USA.
  • According to his date of birth on October 29, his zodiac sign was Libra.
  • Growing up, DuBrow's nickname was Butch.
  • Kevin DuBrow used to be an infamous prank caller and oftentimes made calls under the name of Steve Marriott.
  • Kevin Dubrow is buried at the Pacific View Cemetery located in Corona del Mar in California, USA.

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