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Kevin Pouya Birthday & Fun Facts

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Kevin Pouya Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Kevin Pouya
Place Of Birth
Florida, USA
29 years old
Birth Date
December 20 1994

Kevin Pouya Facts

Child Star?
American Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
Education & Qualifications
Westland Hialeah High School
Net Worth

About Kevin Pouya 

Kevin Pouya (born December 20, 1994) is an American rap artist from Miami, Florida.

He is also well-known as Baby Bone and has been credited for the hit songs like 'Get Buck' and 'Straight Up.' His solo songs include 'Underground Underdog,' 'Baby Bone,' 'Stunna,' and 'South Slide Slays.'

Since childhood, Pouya was inclined to rapping and even dropped out of high school to continue his dream passion in music. He was immensely influenced by various horrorcore rappers such as Bones Thugs-n-Harmony and Cleveland Group. To the present day, the rapper is one of the most talented rappers across the country and has accumulated fans from other countries. He predominantly sings in the hip-hop genre and has amassed an abundance of success. Also, Pouya has garnered a huge fan base on social media, such as a quarter-million users following him on Twitter and twice that number following him on SoundCloud. Though Pouya did not receive any awards yet, he is counted among the best 50 rappers in Florida.

Kevin Pouya Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Kevin Pouya's net worth?

Kevin Pouya has a net worth of $1 million throughout his career as a rapper, singer, and songwriter. Also, he earns from YouTube, music sales, and public shows, which ultimately adds to his net worth.

How much does Kevin Pouya earn per year?

It is not known how much Kevin Pouya earns annually.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Kevin Pouya?

Kevin Pouya stands 5 ft 5 in (165 cm) tall with light brown hair and brown eyes.

How old is Kevin Pouya?

Kevin Pouya is 27 years old and will turn 28 on December 20, 2022. Currently, he is living in a big house in Miami, Florida, USA.

Childhood And Education

Kevin Pouya was born in Miami, Florida, on December 20, 1994. Apart from this, Kevin has not disclosed any details about his personal life, family, or siblings. But it is known that his father is from Iran, and his mother is from Cuba.

Kevin attended Westland Hialeah High School for his education but dropped out during his 10th grade to pursue a career in his passion for music.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Kevin Pouya dating?

Kevin is single at present. However, the rapper was in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Young Coco, who was an Instagram star. The couple started dating in 2013, and they were together until 2017 when Coco died due to synovial sarcoma cancer.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Initially, Kevin Pouya and his best friend Fat Nick started doing skits on YouTube. Later, they shifted to music and began an online comedy show called 'The Nick and Pouya Show.' Eventually, they formed a band called 'Buffet Boys' that later became their record label. After a while, Pouya began making music videos with Miami Stunnas, including artists like Michael Rocks, IndigoChildRick, Robb Banks, and Kie Money.

In 2012, Pouya got his recognition after releasing a mixtape titled 'Baby Bone,' including the successful song 'Get Buck.'

The rapper released the 'Warbucks' EP in 2013, which featured Denzel Curry and Young Dazzie Dazz, followed by a 14 tracks mixtape titled 'Stunna,' which included singles like 'Stop,' 'Copy Cat,' and 'Stunna.'

In 2015, the December-born was seen in numerous music videos such as 'So What' and 'Energy.' In the same year, Pouya also released a mixtape titled 'South Side Slugs' that had the hit track 'Suicidal Thoughts in the Back of Cadillac,' which amassed over 12 million spins on SoundCloud and over 10 million views on YouTube. It also included other famous tracks like 'I Know You See It,' 'Heed,' which featured the Allan Kingdom, Alex Wiley, and 'FYE,' which featured Michael Rocks.

In 2016, the renowned rapper came up with a studio album (debut) titled 'Underground Underdog' and was under the Buffet Boys label. The album ranked number two on the hip hop albums chart (iTunes) and No.156 on the Billboard 200. It has the singles titled 'Hunnit Hunnit,' 'But Wait, There's More,' and 'Energy.'

In 2017, Pouya collaborated with Nick again for the mixtape 'Drop Out Of School.' In 2018, Kevin Pouya released his second solo album titled 'Five Five,' which has the hit tracks: 'Handshakes,' 'Don't Bang My Line' and 'Daddy Issues.' Also, he came up with other songs such as 'Sit-Ups' and 'Florida Thangs' that year.

In 2019, the rapper released a track titled 'Superman is Dead.' Also, with Bobbie Lootaveli, Pouya released an album called 'Greatest Hits Vol.3,' followed by another track called 'The Night Survives Again.' Also, in the same year, he released a third studio album titled, 'The South Got Something to Say' that included guest stars such as Juicy J, City Morgue, and Ghostemane.

Kevin Pouya's Hobbies And Interests

Being a songwriter, Kevin Pouya mostly writes songs in his free time.

Other Interesting Kevin Pouya Facts And Trivia

  • After school dropped out, Kevin Pouya worked as a busboy at a restaurant to make ends meet.
  • Kevin featured in the Volumes band for their album, 'Different Animals.'
  • Pouya is signed under Avang, Taraneh Enterprises, Inc.

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