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Kimba Wood Birthday & Fun Facts

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Kimba Wood Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Kimba Maureen Wood
Place Of Birth
Port Townsend, USA
79 years old
Birth Date
January 21 1944

Kimba Wood Facts

Child Star?
Senior Judge in the United States District Court
Education & Qualifications
Connecticut College
Net Worth
Current Partner
Frank E. Richardson II
Ben Kramer
Harland Glen Wood, Nora S. Brown
Shawn Kevin Wood

About Kimba Wood 

Born on January 21, 1944, Kimba Wood hails from Port Townsend, Washington, United States of America.

Kimba Maureen Wood is one of those remarkable names in history who has left their footprints behind. She is known to be the Chief Judge as well as the Senior Judge in the US District Court for the Southern District.

Her name is associated with the cases of many top-notch people like Dean Skelos, Junk Bond King, Michael Cohen, and Donald Trump. Throughout the years, she has established herself not only as a political personality but as a leader and author as well.

Kimba Wood's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Kimba Wood's net worth?

Given her long, illustrious career, there can be no doubt that the political figure would have a handsome net worth. Kimba Wood's net worth is estimated to be around $1-$3 million.

How much does Kimba Wood earn per year?

This January-born Democrat's annual income remains unknown to sources. Kimba Wood's net worth is estimated to be around $1-$3 million.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Kimba Wood?

As she is not a TV personality and not much involved in social media, therefore, there is no information about her height.

How old is Kimba Wood?

On January 21, 1944, Kimba Wood was born to her parents. So, in 2022, she turned 78 years.

Childhood And Education

Kimba Wood hails from Port Townsend, Washington, where her parents initially resided. Her father, Harland Glen Wood, by profession, was a part of the United States Army as a career officer and speechwriter. Her father used to station at different places in Europe for his occupation. So, Wood's youth years were spent in Europe with her parents. Her mother's name is Nora S. Brown.

Her primary education was completed at Sorbonne. She received her bachelor's degree in Government from Connecticut College. After passing out of Connecticut College, she decided to go with Political Theory for her master's, which she pursued at the London School of Economics.

After the London School of Economics, her next destination was Harvard Law School which is a Cambridge-based private research university. From there, Wood was bestowed with the Juris Doctor, and she was among the only twenty women receivers in the class. Her subject selections like political theory and government were indications of her interest in the legal industry, and she proved it to be right.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Kimba Wood's partner?

Kimba Wood is not a personality with a social media presence, but we can say that the media had an eye on each of her movements, and for that reason, her personal life is not concealed from the common people. Wood was married to Robert Lovejoy in 1970, and for 12 years, she called herself Kimba Wood Lovejoy. In 1982, they got separated for personal reasons and were divorced.

In 1982, Wood started her new journey with Michael Kramer, who was recognized to be a Political columnist in the 'Time' magazine. Together they have a son called Ben, who was born in 1986.

Unfortunately, Wood and Karmer could not make it last longer, and they got separated by taking a divorce. In 1999, Wood started her new married life with Frank E. Richardson II after dating for a few years. Frank E. Richardson II and Wood were friends from Harvard Law School.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Kimba Wood started her career in private practice with Steptoe & Johnson in Washington, DC. She worked as the sole female attorney there from 1969 - 1970. After that, she was appointed by the Office of Economic Opportunity.

After quitting the Office of Economic Opportunity, she relocated to New York and continued with her private practice under LeBoeuf, Lamb, Leiby & MacRae to become an expert in antitrust law. She is a remarkable personality when it comes to breaking the norms in the male-dominated legal industry. She is one of those women who were the first to be part of the antitrust law world. Surprisingly, she was successful in rising to become a partner at LeBoeuf.

The journey of being a District Court Judge in the United States had already begun for her, and that got a validation when president Ronald Reagan nominated her for a seat in the United States of America's District Court for the Southern District of New York. Then from 2006 - 2007, she was a part of the Judicial Conference of the United States and served as the Chief Judge from the year 2006, which continued till 2009.

In brief, if we present Wood's history, we can conclude that in 1988 she joined the United States District Court as a Judge, and then in 2006, she was declared the Chief Judge of the same. After that, she became the Senior Judge and served till 2009.

Kimba Wood's Hobbies And Interests

Kimba Wood is a personality from the legal industry who is also a writer as well. She has multiple works on political ideology and political science. Some of her works are 'Transitional Advisory Guidelines' (January 1993), 'Verbatim: The Front End of the Problem: Salvaging the Next Generation of Children' (May 1994), 'Reexamining the Access Doctrine' published in 1996, and 'United States v. Michael Milken,' published on November 21, 1990.

Other Interesting Kimba Wood Facts And Trivia

  • Kimba Wood's zodiac sign is Aquarius.
  • Wood's mother had chosen the name Kimba while shuffling through an atlas where she had seen a small town called Kimba in South Australia.
  • Wood once appointed a nanny who was an immigrant with no documentation. After this matter was disclosed, she had to pay for her mishap by losing her chance to become United States Attorney General. President Bill Clinton had chosen her to be the Attorney General in 1993, but she lost her chance though she had filled the necessary taxes that she was required to. The White House authority had charged her for misleading the officials.
  • The interesting fact is that the person whom President Bill Clinton had nominated before Wood was also involved in hiring an immigrant.
  • Kimba Wood was one of those remarkable women who left their footprints in a male-dominated legal industry.
  • Kimba Wood was a part of the Playboy bunny training during her days at the London School of Economics, but her calling was something else, so she quit the training even before joining the clubs.

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