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Kix Brooks Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Leon Eric Brooks
Place Of Birth
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
67 years old
Birth Date
May 12 1955

Kix Brooks Facts

Child Star?
Singer, Songwriter, Talk Show Host
Education & Qualifications
Sewanee Military Academy
Net Worth
Current Partner
Barbara Brooks
Molly Brooks, Eric Brooks
Maybelle Carter, Leon Eric Brooks Jr

About Kix Brooks

Kix Brooks was born Leon Eric Brooks III, on May 12, 1955, in Shreveport, Louisiana.
Brooks is an American country music star, film producer, actor, and radio host. Kix, a nickname for Leon Eric Brooks III, is his more popular name.
Kix Brooks rose to fame as half of the country music duo, Brooks and Dunn. Ronnie Dunn and Kix Brooks became popular fixtures in the American country music scene, in the early '90s.
Tim DuBois, the executive of Artista Records, introduced the two musicians. The partnership came to fruition in 1991 with their first album, 'Brand New Man'. Thus began his long and successful music career that produced consistent musical hits.

Kix Brooks Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Kix Brooks's net worth?

As of March 2022, Kix Brooks's estimated net worth is approximately $50,000,000. The singer and songwriter is one of the most popular country music artists and is credited for several chart-toppers. He is a well-respected musician whose taste in music and creativity is admired by his peers in the industry.

How much does Kix Brooks earn per year?

Several reports suggest that Leon Eric Brooks III or Kix Brooks earn an annual income of $4,000,000. His consistent and successful participation in the music industry has kept his income going.
After Brooks and Dunn took a break, he continues to be an active participant in the entertainment industry. He hosts the American radio show 'American Country Countdown.' He also sits as the President and Chairperson of the Country Music Association (CMA).
Kix Brooks is also involved in several business enterprises. He co-owns the Nashville winery Arrington Vineyard, with John Russell and Kip Summers.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Kix Brooks?

Kix Brooks is 6 ft 2 in (188 cm) tall. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes.

How old is Kix Brooks?

Kix Brooks was born in 1955, making him 66 years old in March 2022. He was born under the zodiac sign Taurus.

Childhood And Education

Kix Brooks was born to Leon Eric Brooks Jr. and Maybelle Carter. He spent his early life in Shreveport, Louisiana. He earned the nickname 'Kix' because he was a rambunctious baby.
Kix Brooks was always musically inclined. He began playing the ukelele by the age of six. His elementary education was completed at Riverside Elementary School. He graduated from the Episcopalian Institution, Sewanee Military Academy in Tennessee. He later attended Louisiana Tech University as a theatre arts major. During Brooks's college summer break, he worked at his father's oil pipeline company.
Although he took up a job in advertising after he graduated, his passion always lay in music. His father recognized this and encouraged him to chase his dreams in the country music industry. 

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Kix Brooks's partner?

Kix Brooks married his long-time girlfriend, Barbara Brooks, in 1981. They met in 1979 when Kix was working at his sister's ad agency in Maine. The couple has two children, Molly and Eric Brooks. They have always been protective of their privacy and personal life, steering clear of all scandals.
Kix Brooks and Barbara Brooks moved to Nashville so that Brooks could pursue his dreams of being a country music star. Barbara Brooks quit her job to be a full-time mom to their children when the country music duo was on tour. Their marriage has remained strong through long-distance, Brook's rise to stardom, and its consequent challenges, for over four decades. 

Career And Professional Highlights

Kix Brooks was always passionate about music. He regularly performed at nightclubs and bars during his early days at the Louisiana Tech University.
Kix Brooks kickstarted his career as a songwriter for Tree Publishing. In 1983, he released his first single, 'Baby, When Your Heart Breaks Down,' which unfortunately did not do very well. He then co-wrote Modern Day Romance with Dan Tyler for 'The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.' It became the band's number one hit on the county music list.
Brooks released his first solo album with Capitol Records in 1989. Later in 1991, he formed the band, 'Brooks And Dunn,' with Ronnie Dunn. The iconic country music duo created beautiful tunes that hit number one on the country charts, four times. Their collaboration lasted for over twenty years before they decided to disband amicably in August 2009. Even after the duo split in their professional lives, they have remained friends in their personal life.
The audience was captivated by Ronnie Dunn's laid-back singing and Kix Brooks' energetic guitar playing. Their live concerts were very much in demand, and the country music duo spent numerous days on the bus touring the country far and wide.
In 2012, Kix Brooks released the album, 'New to This Town.' He then produced the soundtrack and music score for the movie 'Ambush at the Dark Canyon.' The country music duo reunited to perform a series of concerts in Las Vegas, in the summer and fall of 2015. 

Best Known For…

Kix Brooks is best known for being part of the phenomenal country music duo Brooks and Dunn. His partner in the band is Ronnie Dunn. Even though the two began their music careers as solo artists, they decided to give their partnership a chance.
Most of the band's songs are led by Ronnie Dunn except for a few like, 'Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing,' 'Lost and Found,' 'Rock My World (Little Country Girl),' and 'You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone.' 
Kix Brooks is a renowned radio personality and the host of the radio show ‘American Country Countdown.’
Brooks also hosts the popular TV show on the Cooking Channel, 'Steak Out with Kix Brooks.'

Charity Work 

Kix Brooks has always been a humanitarian. He has led and organized numerous events and festivals that gave their profits to various nonprofit organizations. As the Chairman of CMA, he led the Cause for Celebration program, where artists donate their time and services to support a multi-day festival. A massive chunk of the profits is distributed to nonprofit organizations like the Salvation Army. In 2005, more than $1,400,000 was donated to assist people affected by Hurricane Katrina. 
Kix Brooks, along with his wife Barbara Brooks, supports several charities. Brooks is the spokesperson for the Monroe Harding Children's Home. He has also funded the community by supporting Louisiana Tech, Operation Finally Home, the United Service Organizations, and the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt.

What awards has Kix Brooks won?

Kix Brooks' years of hard work and consequent popularity have rewarded him with numerous awards and accolades. He has the honor of receiving the most awards in the American country music industry. 
His band, Brooks and Dunn, has received many awards and nominations from the Academy of Country Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, American Country Awards, American Music Awards, American Country Countdown Awards, Country Music Association Awards, and many more. They have won 23 awards and received 67 nominations, to date.
The dynamic country music duo has won the Grammy Award for Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals, in 1993 and 1996. They were inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2008.
In 2005, the Louisiana Public Broadcasting named Kix Brooks a Louisiana legend. He has won the Country Music Association Vocal Duo of the Year 19 times in his career. 
Kix Brooks has also received the Academy of Country Music Award for National On-Air Personality of the Year in 2021 and the Academy of Country Music Award for Music Event of the Year in 2002. 
The Country Music Association awarded him the first CMA Foundation Humanitarian Award. The award was designed to honor humanitarian efforts through community leadership, volunteering, advocating, and donating.

Kix Brooks's Hobbies And Interests

A man of many interests and talents, Kix Brooks made his many hobbies lucrative. His interest in cooking has led to publishing a cookbook, 'Cookin' It With Kix: The Art of Celebrating and the Fun of Outdoor Cooking,' and even hosting a cooking show on TV. 
Brooks has also been a successful radio personality, hosting the popular talk show 'American Country Countdown,' since January 2006.

Other Interesting Kix Brooks's Facts And Trivia

  • Dunn and Brooks were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2019.
  • Kix Brooks became a film producer in 2013 when he launched a film company, Team Two Entertainment, with his son Eric Brooks.
  • In 2013, Kix Brooks was included in the Lousiana Music Hall of Fame, during his performance in Paragon Casino, Louisiana.
  • Brooks is a multi-talented artist and instrumentalist. He is a songwriter and singer. He can play various instruments like guitar, mandolin, ukelele, harmonica, and piano.

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