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Lance Mountain Birthday & Fun Facts

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Lance Mountain Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Robert Lance Mountain
Place Of Birth
Pasadena, USA
59 years old
Birth Date
June 13 1964

Lance Mountain Facts

Child Star?
Skateboarder, Artist
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Current Partner
Yvette Loveless
Lance Ronald Cyril Mountain
Patricia Mountain, Ronald VJ Mountain
Bonnie Mountain, Ronnamay Mountain

About Lance Mountain 

Robert Lance Mountain more popularly known as Lance Mountain is a skateboarder by profession and is also known as an artist.

Lance Mountain was an extremely prominent skateboarder during his time in the '80s. He is popular for his involvement with the skateboarding group Bones Brigade which was formed by the skateboard company Powell Peralta during the '80s.

He continued to be a professional skater until 2017 and was sponsored by Flip company, Independent Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, Bones Bearings, and Nike. Ever since the beginning, when Lance Mountain was still an amateur, he participated in almost all the contests and secured the top positions.

Lance Mountain Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Lance Mountain’s net worth?

The net worth of Lance Mountain is estimated to be around $10 million.

How much does Lance Mountain earn per year?

The exact figures of Lance Mountain's earnings are not known to the media.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Lance Mountain?

Lance Mountain has a height of 5 ft 8 in (173 cm).

How old is Lance Mountain?

Born on June 13, 1964, Lance Mountain is 58 years old as of 2022 and his zodiac sign is Gemini.

Childhood And Education

Lance Mountain was born to Ronald VJ Mountain and Patricia Mountain on June 13, 1964, in Pasadena, California. His siblings are Bonnie Mountain and Ronnamay Mountain.

Since his childhood, Lance Mountain showed immense interest in sports and soon found his calling in skateboarding.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Lance Mountain’s partner?

Lance Mountain is married to Yvette Loveless. Together, they have a son named Lance Ronald Cyril Mountain. They live in Alhambra, California in the USA as of 2022.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Lance Mountain is best known for being a professional skateboarder and an artist.

In 1981, Variflex (deck sponsor) sponsored him on his first skateboard. In 1982, Lance Mountain was selected by the Powell-Peralta team. During his stint at the Powell-Peralta team, he developed a harmonious and friendly relationship with the manager of the team Stacy Peralta. Also, she directed the video series for the group Bones Brigade. Lance Mountain was featured in eight such videos. One of the most popular videos from the Bones Brigade in which Lance Mountain starred was 'The Search For Animal Chin', which was ultimately produced in 1991 as 'Eight'.

In 1983, Lance Mountain was the winner of the Upland Turkey Shoot competition which took place at Upland Skatepark, which further added to his fame. In this competition, contemporary team riders like Mike McGill, Steve Caballero, and skateboarder Tony Hawk took part. Following his success, he made an appearance in the 1984 short sports film 'The Bones Brigade Video Show'. In this video, Lance Mountain appeared in various segments that portrayed him as he skateboarded throughout the streets of Los Angeles in the USA. For this, he was featured to be skating in the vert (a skateboarding style).

The beginning of the '90s saw the skateboard industry undergo a major transformation. For this reason, street-style got more popular than vert skateboarding, which diminished the popularity and spread of 'The Bones Brigade Video Show'. Not only this but it also led to the rise of another batch of skaters. Following this, in 1991, Lance Mountain departed from Powell-Peralta and went on to become the co-founder of his skateboard company, called The Firm. Here, he along with Ray Barbee, who was his teammate at Powell-Peralta, gathered a group of skateboarders, like Rodrigo Teixeira and Bob Burnquist.

Lance Mountain's company, The Firm, continued to grow and they went into an agreement with Blitz Distribution. The company existed for more than 10 years, during which it produced four videos. But, on 13 March 2006, Lance Mountain declared The Firm's closing.

After The Firm came to an end, Lance Mountain, Bob Burnquist, and Rodrigo Teixeira, along with other members of the team joined the Flip company. The trio appeared in a video produced by Flip, called 'Extremely Sorry', which was released in 2009. As a team rider for Flip, Lance Mountain was seen in the video game by Tony Hawk titled 'Proving Ground'. This marked his debut in a video game series by Tony Hawk.

Lance Mountain is also considered to be an inventor of the fingerboard, as in the late '70s, he was the brain behind forming the prototype using cardboard, pencil erasers, and a disassembled Hot Wheels toy. This was featured in an article in the Transworld Skateboarding magazine, along with in a Powell-Peralta video, called 'Future Primitive'. Moreover, in Transworld Skateboarding, Lance Mountain ranked 18 out of the 30 Most Influential Skaters of All Time.

Not only was Lance Mountain the inventor of the fingerboard but also together with Caballero, he co-designed the Independent Stage V skateboard truck. Additionally, along with Neil Blender, he is the co-inventor of the transitional skateboard maneuver the Gay Twist ( a skateboarding trick also called Aerials).

Boasting several qualities, Lance Mountain is a well-known artist and his official website features his art as well as his art collection. The catalog has three sections. One is called Art Shows, which gives an insight into the art shows, which have been produced by Lance Mountain. Another section is called Art Owners, where portrait photographs of Mountain's art collectors are displayed. Lastly, there is Random Stuff, which involves Lance Mountain's art pieces with tools like oil paints, stencils, and coffee tables.

Other Interesting Lance Mountain Facts And Trivia

  • Lance Mountain is a prolific artist and has produced several art shows.
  • In 1983, Lance Mountain got national fame when he won the Upland Turkey Shoot tournament at Upland Skatepark in Los Angeles.
  • The fingerboard that Lance Mountain invented was a DIY project, where he used kitchen sinks to simulate pool riding. But now, it is a famous and significant piece of toy that has hundreds of thousands sell numbers worldwide, especially by the brand called Tech Deck.
  • In 2011, Mountain and his wife, Yvette Loveless' son, Lance Ronald Cyril Mountain, contributed to an art exhibition based on the life of Joe Strummer, who died in 2002.
  • Lance Mountain also did the graphics for a Peralta-directed television movie, 'When Disaster Strikes'.

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