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Larry Mendte Birthday & Fun Facts

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Larry Mendte Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Lawrence David Mendte
Place Of Birth
Pennsylvania, USA
66 years old
Birth Date
January 16 1957

Larry Mendte Facts

Child Star?
TV Anchor, Commentator, Radio Host
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Current Partner
Dawn Stensland Mendte
Stacia Mendte, Jonathan Mendte, Michael Mendte, David Mendte

About Larry Mendte 

Larry Mendte is a renowned news anchor, radio talk host, and commentator.

As of 2022, he hosts the television shows 'Another Thing With Larry Mendte', 'Jersey Matters', and 'The Delaware Way'. On January 16, 1957, Lawrence David Mendte was born in the suburb of Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

Larry Mendte earned a bachelor's degree in communications from West Chester University before becoming a radio talk host and news anchor. Larry Mendte was a weekend anchor on WABC from 1984-1988 and a fill-in sports anchor. He also penned and provided nightly commentaries for the WPIX in New York City, which was aired nationwide.

He excelled at writing, providing comments for the program 'Another Thing With Larry Mendte', which aired on TV stations in Philadelphia and New York. Mendte became the first to host the TV show 'Access Hollywood'. Between 2003-2008, Mendte was a lead commentator of the CBS news-operated station, KYW-TV, Channel 3, in Philadelphia.

Since then, Larry Mendte has become one of the most distinguished radio talk hosts, TV anchors, and commentators in the United States. Larry Mendte hosts the WABC show 'The Larry Mendte Show' in New York. Mendte is also a writer and director known for directing the documentary 'Alex Scott: A Stand For Hope'. This is a documentary about the founder of Alex's Lemonade Stand, Alex Scott.

Larry Mendte has also received and won many honors, accolades, awards, and recognitions in his career for his outstanding work as a writer, producer, and director. He also got inducted into various Hall of Fames, including the Philadelphia Irish Americans Hall of Fame and West Chester University's Alumni Hall of Fame.

Larry Mendte Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Larry Mendte's net worth?

Larry Mendte has acquired a net worth of approximately $10 million from his career as a TV anchor, commentator, and radio talk host.

How much does Larry Mendte earn per year?

Larry Mendte has not disclosed his annual salary as of 2022.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Larry Mendte?

Larry Mendte is 6 ft 3 in (190 cm) tall.

How old is Larry Mendte?

Since he was born on January 16, 1957, Larry Mendte is 65 years old.

Childhood And Education

Lawrence David Mendte was raised in Pennsylvania. He contributed to the Philadelphia Bulletin when he was studying at St. Philomena Catholic Elementary School. He then attended Monsignor B0nner High School and West Chester University, earning a bachelor's degree in communications.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Larry Mendte's partner?

Larry Mendte's wife is Dawn Stensland Mendte. His wife was the former news co-anchor for Fox's WTXF, KYW, and CBS News Saturday Morning for a year and a half. Larry Mendte and Dawn Stensland Mendte have two children, Michael Mendte and David Mendte. Mendte also has two children from his previous marriage, Stacia and Jonathan Mendte.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Larry Mendte is well known for being a radio talk host and TV anchor.

From 1984-1988, Larry Mendte started his career as a weekend anchor and fill-in sports anchor for WABC station in New York. Then from 1991-1995, he was the anchor and investigative reporter for WBBM in Chicago. In addition, he was the anchor for WCMH, WLYH, WTAJ, and KIEM.

Larry Mendte worked as a weather forecaster for San Diego KFMB and did stand-up comedy shows at various comedy clubs. Mendte wrote and produced the comedy piece 'How Come?' for Paramount Studios' program 'Hard Copy'. Mendte became the first host of the show 'Acess Hollywood', which he co-hosted with Giselle Fernandez on weekdays and Nancy O'Dell on weekends.

Larry Mendte quit 'Access Hollywood', and became the lead anchor of WCAU's (Channel 10) newscasts. Following this, he produced and anchored 'Live At Issue', a news talk program. In 2003, Larry Mendte joined KYW TV. Immediately, the network's ratings jumped, thanks to Mendte as the main anchor and Alycia Lane as the co-anchor. Mendte was the co-host of the Eagles pre-game show from Lincoln Financial Field and wrote and directed many documentaries. Due to his excellent work, Mendte was awarded 50 regional Emmys at KYW. Mendte was the sole anchor for some time before Susan Barnett joined him. However, Mendte's contract was terminated in June 2008 when an investigation disclosed that he has been checking Lane's email accounts.

In February 2010, Mendte returned to TV as a current affairs commentator at night, from the station WPIX in New York. His commentary was broadcasted on WPHL-TV, WGN-TV(Chicago), and other locally-owned television stations. In June 2010, Mendte broadcasted the first commentaries pushing Congress to legislate the 9/11 First Responders Health And Compensation Bill. After six months of passing the bill, Mendte received many accolades and honors from 9/11 first responders organizations.

In October 2012, Mendte and Kaity Tong were the anchors when Hurricane Sandy hit New York City. In April 2013, he was the sole anchor of the Boston Marathon bombing coverage and then anchored with Tamsen Fadal for another 12 consecutive hours. From 2010-2015, Larry Mendte contributed to Philadelphia Magazine's online site. His post on the demise of his niece in an accidental drowning became of the most read pieces on the magazine's online site. Occasionally, Mendte writes for the magazine's print version, such as a feature article talking about his life after being fired by the television station KYW. Mendte wrote more than 200 articles for Philadelphia Magazine in just five years.

On May 7, 2012, Mendte returned to the Philadelphia airwaves after his debut on WWIQ. He commented on news events following a format blend of discussion and news. In June 2014, Mendte landed a position in KJWP (known as the WDPN-TV). The station relocated from Wyoming to Wilmington, Delaware. Here, he serves as its public affairs director, as of 2022.

At the WJLP station in New Jersey, Mendte works as the public affairs director, and his show 'Another Thing With Larry Mendte' was broadcasted by the WJLP station along with the show 'Jersey Matters'. In both shows, Mendte was the host. In June 2014, New York City's WABC (AM) radio hired Larry Mendte. He hosted the station's Sunday Night talk program, which was named 'The Larry Mendte Show'.

Aside from working as lead anchor or host, Mendte has also filled in for other hosts and anchors. At the WABC (AM) radio, Mendte occasionally worked as a replacement or fill-in anchor for Curtis Silwa and Geraldo Rivera. At San Franciso, Mendte also worked at the KGO-AM radio station as a fill-in host for Ronn Owens.

Larry Mendte was hired by iHeartMedia in June 2015 as the anchor for the morning talk program for two radio stations, WILM-AM and WDOV-AM, both stationed in Delaware. His program 'The Larry Mendte Show' was aired on both stations in the timeslot of 5:30-9.00 am.

After his assistance in altering the structure from news events to discussions and boosting the ratings of those stations, Mendte returned to WABC station and started working on his show in October 2016.

Besides being an anchor, host, and commentator, Larry Mendte is also an actor and director. He was seen in three movies, namely, 'Shadow Of Doubt', 'Primary Colors', and 'Snipes'. As a director, Mendte has directed and written four documentaries, including 'Ben Franklin: Stealing Lighting From The Sky' and 'Alex Scott: A Stand For Hope'. The latter won the Best Documentary award at many film festivals, including Oxford, West Chester, and Reel Award. He also received the title of the best Pennsylvania Filmmaker at the West Chester Film Festival in 2006.

What awards has Larry Mendte won?

Larry Mendte has won several awards, recognitions, and honors throughout his career. He was acclaimed for his series of reports about the eternal flame, which is a tribute to veterans, in the historic Washington Square.

In 2008, Mendte received the Edward R.Murrrow Award for his coverage concerning the eternal flame and the war in Iraq, whereby one of the soldiers hailing from Delaware passed away. From 2011-2015, Mendte received the local New York regional award for Outstanding Commentary/Editorialist. He was a record-setter by winning eight Emmys while working for WPIX.

Besides his record of winning five Emmys for the Outstanding Commentary/Editorialist category, Mendte received the Outstanding Writer award twice for his commentaries. In 2016, he received the Outstanding Speciality Reporting in recognition for his commentaries on the media.

Mendte won the Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award for Oustanding Writer in News/Commentary for his comments broadcasted at the end of the program 'And Another Thing With Larry Mendte'. It was his 95th Emmy Award and was WDPN's first Emmy.

In 2006, Mendtle received the Pennsylvania Filmmaker of The Year and the Sigma Delta Chi award for his documentary 'Alex Scott: A Stand For Hope'. The documentary 'Alex Scott: A Stand For Hope' was shown at the Paley Center for Media in 2008.

In 2006, Mendte was inducted into the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia Hall of Fame. Throughout his career, Mendte has won more than 80 Emmys, such as the New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia Emmies along with many other regional Emmys. He has also set a record for winning in many categories in the regional Emmy Awards of Chicago and Philadelphia.

Mendte has set a record by winning Emmys in the category of Oustanding Anchor four times. In 2016, while working for WJLP in NATAS, he won another three Emmy awards. In 2017, Mendte was named among the 75 Greatest Living Philadelphians by the Philadelphia Daily News. Mendte became an inductee in the Hall of Fame of all the schools he attended, including the Saint Philomena Hall of Fame and the Philadelphia Broadcast Pioneer School of Fame.

Other Interesting Larry Mendte Facts And Trivia

  • Larry Mendte's birth name is Lawrence David Mendte.
  • Mendte received the title of distinguished alumnus at West Chester University.
  • In 2006, Mendte delivered a commencement speech at his college and was shortly bestowed with the President's Medal for Service to recognize his contribution.
  • Larry Mendte's zodiac sign is Capricorn, and his Chinese zodiac sign is the Year of the Rooster.
  • KYW drew Mendte away from the station WCAU-TV (Channel 10), where he had anchored three newscasts timeslots and led the station to boost ratings in specific time slots for the first time in three decades.
  • After the Philadelphia Airwaves terminated Mendte from his job in 2012, the radio station's ratings dropped significantly, which showed how influential he had been as its radio talk show host. The station was eventually sold to Educational Media Foundation.

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