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Lauren Koslow Birthday & Fun Facts

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Lauren Koslow Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Lauren Alice Koslow
Place Of Birth
Boston, USA
70 years old
Birth Date
March 9 1953

Lauren Koslow Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Current Partner
Nicky Schillace
Milli Kate Schillace, Zachariah Koslow Schillace, Emilia Katari Koslow-Schillace
Donald, Linda

About Lauren Koslow

Lauren Koslow is one of the most prominent personalities/actresses in various popular television soap opera series.

Her birthplace was the city of Boston in Massachusetts and completed her schooling there. After completing her graduation in theatre and costume design she started her acting career in a theatre play.

Then on, she has been seen in various soap opera series. The most popular of them all would be "Days of our Lives", "The Bold and the Beautiful" and "The Young and the Restless". She never kept her foot back in showing her talent and so played the roles in thousands of episodes. The talent of this actress was well-recognized and therefore was nominated for the "best-supporting actress award". Lauren can also be seen in various other shows and movies.

Lauren Koslow Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Lauren Koslow’s net worth?

Lauren Koslow has been an actress for around four decades now, and she has been able to portray long-running roles in various television soap operas. All because of her successful career, Lauren Koslow is known to have accumulated a net worth that approximately ranges between $500,000 and $1.5 million or maybe a little more.

How much does Lauren Koslow earn per year?

Actors and actresses in television soap operas are not paid very high salaries when compared to various series and movie actors. It is estimated that Lauren Koslow used to earn only around $50,000 per year earnings whereas movie and series actors earn multiple folds more than that.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Lauren Koslow?

Lauren Koslow stands at a height of 5 ft 7 in (170 cm).

How old is Lauren Koslow?

Lauren Koslow was born in the month and year of March 1953 so based on her birthdate, she is 69 years old as of the year 2022.

Childhood And Education

The birthplace of Lauren Alice Koslow is the capital city of Boston located in the US state of Massachusetts. She spent her childhood along with her brother and sister, Donald and Linda in the same city. There is not much information available about her parents but her mother most probably used to work as a docent. After completing her schooling, Lauren Alice Koslow completed graduation in costume design and theatre from two different colleges namely, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and the University of Massachusetts located in Amherst.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Lauren Koslow’s partner?

Lauren Alice Koslow and Nicky Schillace were officially declared husband and wife in the year 1987. Nicky Schillace is known to work as a makeup artist. Lauren and Nicky Schillace have been blessed with three children after their marriage and they named them Milli Kate Schillace, Zachariah Koslow Schillace, and Emilia Katari Koslow-Schillace.

Career And Professional Highlights

After completing her graduation from university, Lauren Koslow started working as a costume designer in a theater group named, Summer Stock Theater Group. But later, after getting selected for a role in a play she changed her career from costume designing to an actress. Thereafter Lauren Koslow worked in theatre productions like "Dial M for Murder" and "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof".

Now she wanted to become a television actress so she came to Los Angeles and auditioned for various series. Initially, she only got guest roles in popular series like "The Young and the Restless" in the year 1984, where she spent almost two years and appeared in around 28 episodes. Lauren Koslow had an impressive acting talent so she was made one of the original cast of "The Bold and the Beautiful". This proved to be her second biggest breakthrough in her entire career. She appeared on more than 500 episodes with no depreciation in her skills.

Lauren Koslow was yet to get the biggest role of her entire career. But in the meantime, this actress was seen in various other series like playing the role of Alexandra Dale in Silk Stalkings, Madame Sophia Hamilton in Zork: Nemesis, and a few more. In the year 1996, she got the role of Kate Roberts in the NBC soap opera series named "Days of our Lives". The NBC character "Kate Roberts" became immensely popular and she has done well over 2,740 episodes in this series.

She remains an actress to this day and she was in the 2011 drama series named Criminal Minds and she still is cast in the NBC show "Days of our Lives". Lauren Koslow has her movie debut in "Hard to Hold" and later did a movie named "Lethal Beaty/Good Deed".

Best Known For…

Lauren Koslow is most famous for her appearances in various television soap opera series. She played the role of Lindsey Wells in The Young and the Restless, Margo Lynley Spencer, or just Margo Lynley in The Bold and the Beautiful, and finally the most popular role of Kate Roberts in Days of our Lives. She has been seen in hundreds and thousands of episodes of the television Soap Opera shows "The Bold and the Beautiful" and "Days of our Lives".

Charity Work

Most high-income people especially actors and actresses are most of the time involved in charities, and it is nothing different with Lauren Koslow. She attended the Days of our Lives money-raising charity event for the Autism Society Georgia Chapter with her Days of our Lives co-stars and she has also been seen along with her Days of our Lives co-stars at The Salvation Army and Feed the Children charity event. These charities work for causes like eliminating hunger, grief support, disaster relief, disadvantaged children and youth, homelessness, poverty, and much more.

What awards has Lauren Koslow won?

Lauren Koslow is a phenomenal actress but unfortunately, she has not won any awards. Nonetheless, she did have Soap Opera Digest Award nomination in the year 2000. Her Soap Opera Digest Award nomination was for "Outstanding Supporting Actress" in Days of our Lives.

Lauren Koslow’s Hobbies And Interests

Lauren Koslow is a very creative and artistic person, and her hobbies are super related. For being physically active, Lauren Koslow prefers going on hikes and camping. To keep herself creative and artistic she is into painting and singing, and finally to give herself a break from her busy life she does love traveling and relaxing.

Other Interesting Lauren Koslow Facts And Trivia

  • Lauren Koslow along with her husband and all three children are known to live in a neighborhood named Northridge located in the San Fernando Valley of California.
  • They are told to have and maintain a wide range of animals at their home in Northridge.
  • Zachariah Koslow Schillace and Emilia Katari Koslow-Schillace, two of her three children have already started their careers as actors while details about Milli Kate Schillace are not available.

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