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Lee Mazzilli Birthday & Fun Facts

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Lee Mazzilli Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Lee Louis Mazzilli
Place Of Birth
New York, USA
68 years old
Birth Date
March 25 1955

Lee Mazzilli Facts

Child Star?
Baseball Player, Actor, Coach, Manager
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Current Partner
Danielle Mazzilli
Jenna Mazzilli, Lacey Mazzilli, Lee Louis Mazzilli Jr.
Libero Mazzilli, June Mazzilli
Jo-Ann Mazzilli Zolotin, Fredo Mazzilli

About Lee Mazzilli

Born as Lee Louis Mazzilli, the zodiac sign of the baseball player is Aries.

Lee Mazzilli's father was Libero Mazzilli and his mother was June Mazzilli. He grew up with two siblings who were Jo-Ann Mazzilli Zolotin and Fredo Mazzilli.

While he was playing for New York Mets his teammate was Keith Hernandez the renowned first baseman known for playing on the All-Star team five times.

Lee Mazzilli Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Lee Mazzilli’s net worth?

The net worth of Lee Mazzilli is $1.2 million according to media sources.

How much does Lee Mazzilli earn per year?

The annual income of Lee Mazzilli is $4,00,000 as per media sources.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Lee Mazzilli?

Lee Mazzilli is quite well built with a height of 6ft 1in (185 cm) and a weight of 180 lb (82 kg).

How old is Lee Mazzilli?

Born on March 25, 1955, as of now Lee Mazzilli is 67 years old.

Childhood And Education

Lee Mazzilli while growing up was an outstanding athlete and was very much into sports. His father Libero Mazzilli too was in sports, being a welterweight champion.

The baseball player attended the Abraham Lincoln High School situated in Brooklyn, New York, and graduated from there in 1973.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Lee Mazzilli’s partner?

Lee Mazzilli got engaged to Danielle Folquet in 1984 after his brother introduced him to her.

The couple has three children and they are Jenna Mazzilli, Lacey Mazzilli, and Lee Louis Mazzilli Jr.

Career And Professional Highlights

Lee Mazzilli was picked in the first-round draft of the Major League Baseball in 1973 by New York Mets and debuted for them in 1976.

Before becoming a key member of the Mets he created a professional record by stealing seven bases against San Jose in 1975. This is also indented in the California League record while he was playing for Visalia.

Two players were from Mets in the 1979 All-Star game which was held in Seattle and one of them was Lee Mazzilli. He was the one from the Mets to hold the record of hitting two RBIs in an All-Star game which was recently equaled by Pete Alonso in 2019.

Due to several injuries, he could not produce his old performances and was traded to the MLB team Texas Rangers in 1981. He played only 58 games for the Texas Rangers and was again traded to the New York Yankees.

From the New York Yankees, he was again offloaded to the Pittsburgh Pirates before the end of the 1983 season. He played there till 1986 and was released by the Pittsburgh Pirates and was re-signed by the Mets in the same year.

After releasing George Foster, Mazzilli was called up in the MLB from Tidewater Tides by the Mets and was a critical part of the 1986 World Series Championship win. At the end of his Major League Baseball streak, he was signed by the Toronto Blue Jays and retired in 1989.

In 2004 he became the manager/coach of the Baltimore Orioles and stayed with them till 2005. Losing consecutive games was the reason for his sacking from Baltimore Orioles. He also became the first base coach and bench coach of the New York Yankees.

Best Known For…

Lee Mazzilli was best known as an outfield baseball player who was on the All-Star team of 1979 with the New York Mets and also won the World Series Championship with them.

Charity Work

When the baseball player lost his brother in 2012 due to lung cancer, the Mazzilli family decided to open the Fred L. Mazzilli Foundation. The foundation helps to raise awareness and provides free lung cancer screening in and around New York. This was a homage paid to their brother by the Mazzilli's.

What awards has Lee Mazzilli won?

As a baseball player, Lee Mazzilli has won a few awards in Major League Baseball.

Lee Mazzilli was on the 1979 All-Star team while playing his trade for New York Mets.

He also won the 1986 World Series Championship with New York Mets.

Lee Mazzilli’s Hobbies And Interests

Not only in baseball but while Lee Mazzilli was in Brooklyn's Lincoln High School he shone in Speed Skating. He even won eight National Championship as a junior player.

Other Interesting Lee Mazzilli Facts And Trivia

  • The New York Yankees player's father was Libero Mazzilli a known welterweight boxer.
  • Where other switch hitters learn to use both hands with training Lee Mazzilli was naturally ambidextrous and could hit with both hands equally.
  • This yesteryear major league baseball player also dabbled quite a bit in acting starring in 'Tony n' Tina's Wedding'an off-Broadway production.
  • The former coach and Abraham Lincoln High School graduate is the uncle of actor Adam Zolotin.

Main image credits: Carolyn contino/shutterstock 

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