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Leigh Anne Tuohy Birthday & Fun Facts

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Leigh Anne Tuohy Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Leigh Tuohy
Place Of Birth
Memphis, USA
63 years old
Birth Date
August 8 1960

Leigh Anne Tuohy Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
University Of Mississippi
Net Worth
Current Partner
Sean Tuohy
Sean Tuhoy J, Micheal Ohr, Collins Tuhoy
Virginia Robers, Stanely Roberts
Stanford Roberts

About Leigh Anne Tuohy 

Leigh Anne Tuohy is a motivational speaker.

She was previously an interior designer, and then later started her own business in the United States. Leigh Anne Tuohy is also known for being the mother of Michael Oher, who is a well-known American footballer; he is her adopted son.

Leigh Anne Tuohy became famous after the release of the book 'The Blind Side', which talks about Tuohy being a spectacular matriarch of her family.

The book was soon turned into a movie, and it received an Academy award. As the film grew more popular, Leigh Anne Tuohy began to appear on TV shows and at other events, telling her story and encouraging everyone to make a big difference in other people's lives. She and her husband, Sean Tuohy, are also writers. Together, they wrote their motivational book, 'In A Heartbeat: Celebrating The Power of Cheerful Giving'.

Leigh Anne Tuohy Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What is Leigh Anne Tuohy’s net worth?

Leigh Anne Tuohy is best known for the book 'The Blind side'. Her net worth is around $50 million.

How much does Leigh Anne Tuohy earn per year?

The per year income of Leigh Anne Tuohy is around $400,000.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall is Leigh Anne Tuohy?

Leigh Anne Tuohy is approximately 5 ft 2 in (165 cm) tall.

How old is Leigh Anne Tuohy?

Leigh Anne Tuohy was born on August 9, 1960; she is around 61 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Leigh Anne Tuohy was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Her parents are Virginia Roberts and Stanley Roberts. Her father was an Air Marshal. She grew up in Memphis, Tennessee with her two brothers Bradford Roberts and Wade Roberts. Growing up, she adored her maternal grandmother, who was very close to her. During Tuohy's high school days, she was a part of the cheerleading team. She left for university in 1976 and went to the University Of Mississippi. While there, she was part of the Kappa Delta Sorority, and it is where Tuohy met her future husband, Sean Tuohy.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Leigh Anne Tuohy’s partner?

Leigh Anne has given some details about her personal life. She is married to Sean Tuohy, whom she has dated since college. Sean played basketball in college. He was on the Loyola Greyhounds team. Leigh Anne Tuohy and her husband, Sean Tuohy, are co-authors of the book 'In A Heartbeat: Celebrating The Power Of Cheerful Giving'. They two have two children, one of which is their adoptive son Michael Oher. He played football as an NFL lineman and was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2009.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Leigh Anne Tuohy is an astute businesswoman and a fantastic author! She and her husband own an empire of fast-food chains, from Taco Bell to Pizza Hut, including 113 other fast-food franchises they own. It is publicly known that the Tennessee-based businesswoman has sold most of her fast-food franchises, yet she still holds a considerable number of them. Besides being a business tycoon, Leigh Anne Tuohy is also an excellent interior designer. Leigh Anne Tuohy is a multi-talented figure, and her business is spread across various domains. In 2010, Leigh Anne Tuohy decided to become part of the show named 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition'.

Leigh Anne Tuohy is best known for her appearance on the show, ABC's 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition'. She is a renowned interior designer, and with her experience and grip on the field, she made the show a huge success.

Charity Work

Leigh Anne Tuohy is a member of The Happen Foundation. It is a foundation that is orientated towards philanthropy work. She has even received an honorary degree from Christian Brothers University as an acknowledgement of her continuous efforts in helping the less fortunate.

Leigh Anne Tuohy’s Hobbies And Interests

Leigh Anne Tuohy was always interested in dancing. She was also a member of her cheerleading band in school. And she enjoys watching sports as well.

Other Interesting Leigh Anne Tuohy Facts And Trivia

  • The famous book, 'The Blind Side', was soon made into a movie whose cast includes Sandra Bullock. This book is centered on Leigh Anne Tuohy.
  • Tuohy has a strong Instagram presence, and her Instagram page's name is 'leighannetuohy'.

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