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Lincoln Peirce Birthday & Fun Facts

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Lincoln Peirce Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Lincoln Peirce
Place Of Birth
Ames, USA
60 years old
Birth Date
October 23 1963

Lincoln Peirce Facts

Child Star?
Comic strip writer, Cartoonist
Education & Qualifications
Brooklyn College
Net Worth
Current Partner
Jessica Gandolf
Elias Peirce, Dana Peirce

About Lincoln Peirce 

Lincoln Peirce was born on October 23, 1963, in the city of Ames, Iowa, in the United States.

Lincoln Peirce is best known for being the creator of the successful comic strip named 'Big Nate' and the illustrator and author of 'Big Nate' novels created for young readers. Lincoln Peirce has also written many animated shorts that have been seen on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

'Big Nate' was also made into an animated series that premiered on the streaming service named Paramount+. The successful, famous cartoonist has done various works, including comic strip works, animated shorts for Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, animated series, and more. Lincoln Peirce, even though he was born in Ames, Iowa, he grew up in Durham, New Hampshire.

At a very young age, Lincoln Peirce grew a fascination with comic strip art and got inspired by 'Peanuts' by Charles Schultz. Lincoln Peirce studied art and art history at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. Lincoln Peirce produced a weekly comic strip named 'Third Floor' in his four years at Colby College.

This comic strip consisted of a cast of faculty characters and students. Lincoln Peirce also studied at Brooklyn College of New York, where he got an MFA in studio art. Lincoln Peirce also went to Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Lincoln Peirce also worked as the baseball coach and art teacher at Xavier High School in New York City.

Lincoln Peirce is married to Jessica Gandolf and has two children.

Learn more about the cartoon artist in the article.

Lincoln Peirce Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Lincoln Peirce’s net worth?

The estimated net worth of Lincoln Peirce is around $85 million.

How much does Lincoln Peirce earn per year?

This information has not been disclosed yet. However, he has a relatively high net worth.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Lincoln Peirce?

The height of Lincoln Peirce is not known.

How old is Lincoln Peirce?

Lincoln Peirce was born on October 23, 1963. As of June 2022, he is 58 years old.

Childhood And Education

Lincoln Peirce was born in the city of Ames, Iowa, in 1963. However, his family moved in 1964 towards the east to live in Durham, New Hampshire. Lincoln Peirce developed a love for comic strips from a very young age, and his greatest inspiration was 'Peanuts' by Charles Schulz. He went to Colby College in Waterville, Maine.

Lincoln Peirce studied art and art history at the college. Lincoln Peirce created a weekly comic strip named 'Third Floor' during his four years at the college. This comic strip had different characters like faculty members and students. Lincoln Peirce went to Brooklyn College in New York from 1985-1987 and got his MFA in studio art. Lincoln Peirce also went to the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture.

Lincoln Peirce worked at Xavier High School in New York City for three years and was employed as the art teacher and baseball coach.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Lincoln Peirce’s partner?

Lincoln Peirce got married to Jessica Gandolf in 1989. Jessica Gandolf and Lincoln Peirce have two children together.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

'Big Nate' was created by Lincoln Peirce. In a whopping 135 newspapers, 'Big Nate' debuted in 1991. The comic strip 'Big Nate' today is seen in over 400 newspapers worldwide. On the website, 'Big Nate' is available, and in 2019, the strip became the second-most viewed feature on the site. Since 2009, the popular children's site has also included 'Big Nate'. Lincoln Peirce wrote the first one of eight 'Big Nate' novels in 2010 for young readers. All the books in the series became New York bestsellers. The books have sold more than 20 million copies and have been translated to 33 different languages.

Lincoln Peirce has also worked for television with a short program for Cartoon Network and Random Cartoons for Nickelodeon. Two 'Uncle Gus' stories were created for Cartoon Network along with the shorts called 'The Brothers Pistov'. For Nickelodeon, he wrote 'Super John Doe Junior'. Lincoln Peirce also worked as a consultant on the 'Big Nate' animated series that had its world premiere on the streaming service called Paramount+.

'Big Nate' which debuted on January 7, 1991, in newspapers, followed the story of Nate Wright. Nate Wright is a sixth-grader who is focused on his own greatness. 'Big Nate' debuted as a 'domestic humor' strip with only six characters and focused on the family life of Nate. But, Lincoln Peirce enjoyed the school jokes more, and the middle school of Nate is where all the funny stuff originated. More characters were added, and the strip started focusing on the school life of the main character.

After 'Big Nate', he worked on 'Max And The Midknights'.

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