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Lloyd Bridges Birthday & Fun Facts

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Lloyd Bridges Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Lloyd Vernet Jr. Bridges
Place Of Birth
San Leandro, USA
110 years old
Birth Date
January 15 1913

Lloyd Bridges Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
University of California, Los Angeles
Net Worth
Current Partner
Dorothy Bridges
Jeff Bridges, Beau Bridges, Garrett Myles Bridges, Cindy Bridges
Harriet Evelyn Brown, Lloyd Vernet Bridges Sr.

About Lloyd Bridges

Lloyd Bridges was born on January 15, 1913, in San Leandro, California is known for acting in films, TV shows, and on stage.

Lloyd Vernet Bridges Jr. was his real name. He made his appearance in many television series and movies and had acted in more than 150 films.

Lloyd Vernet Bridges Sr., the father of Lloyd Bridges, wants his son to become a lawyer. Still, Bridges started developing an interest in becoming an actor, and eventually, he entered the entertainment industry. He earned a massive fanbase by appearing in spoofy roles in his films, including 'Hot Shots' and 'Airplane'. He was not only an actor but also a family man and has led his married life happily for nearly 60 years.

This successful actor died due to natural causes at the age of 85. Lloyd Bridges made a good net worth from his successful career as an actor.

Lloyd Bridges Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Lloyd Bridges’ net worth?

The estimated net worth of Lloyd Bridges was around $15 million.

How much did Lloyd Bridges earn per year?

No details are available regarding the yearly income of Lloyd Bridges.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Lloyd Bridges?

Lloyd Bridges stands tall at 6 ft (183 cm).

How old was Lloyd Bridges?

Lloyd Bridges was born on January 15, 1913, and died at the age of 85 on March 10, 1998.

Childhood And Education

Lloyd Vernet Bridges Sr., the father of Lloyd Bridges, was the owner of a movie theater and was involved in the hotel business. Harriet Evelyn was the mother of Lloyd Bridges.

Lloyd Bridges was born in San Leandro, California, USA, and attended Petaluma High School in 1930. He graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), majoring in political science. As per the sources, it is said that Lloyd Bridges was one of the members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (commonly known as SAE) fraternity.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who was Lloyd Bridges’ partner?

Lloyd Bridges married Dorothy Bridges in 1938 in New York. The couple first met each other at the fraternity and started dating. The couple had three sons and one daughter. Beau Bridges is the eldest son of Lloyd Bridges and Dorothy Bridges, who is an American actor and director. Jeff Bridges, an American actor, was this cute couple’s second son. Garrett Myles Bridges was their other son who died from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). The couple has one daughter, Lucinda Louise Bridges. Jordan Bridges, an American actor, was the grandson of Lloyd Bridges and the son of Beau Bridges.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Lloyd Bridges made his television debut with the show 'The Bigelow Theatre' episode 'Man's First Debt' in 1951.

Lloyd Bridges was best known for his role as Mike Nelson in the television series 'Sea Hunt' (1958-1961). He was a television actor who won a television award for various roles.

In 1937, he made his debut appearance on Broadway in 'Othello', a play written by William Shakespeare.  

In 1940, Lloyd Bridges started appearing in minor roles at Columbia pictures. In 1941, he made his brief appearance in many films, including 'They Dare Not Love', 'Our Wife', and 'Here Comes Mr. Jordan', to name a few.

For enrolling himself in the United States Coast Guard, Lloyd Bridges left Columbia Pictures during World War Two. As years passed, he became a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary in the 11th district of California.

In 1950, Lloyd Bridges returned from the United States Coast and began his acting career, but things didn’t go smoothly then.

Occasionally, he appeared in better movies, like 'Sahar'. In 1949, he starred in a hit movie, 'The Home Of The Brave'.

As per the sources, it is said that Lloyd Bridges got blacklisted in the entertainment industry due to his involvement in the Actor’s Lab, which is a theater group accused of having connections with the US Communist Party.

This made him suffer for a while, and somehow, he cleared his name from this accusation. Later, he started making appearances in the entertainment industry.

In 1958, Lloyd Bridges appeared as Mike Nelson in the television series 'Sea Hunt', earning him more fame from the audience.

In 1962, he appeared with his sons in 'The Jeff Bridges Show', which was telecasted for one year from 1962-1963.

In 1964, Bridges made another appearance in the show titled 'The Loner', which got rejected after one year due to the presence of violent content in the show.

He connected with the audiences especially for his appearance in spooky roles, like 'Airplane' (in 1980) and 'Hot Shots!' (in 1991).

Bridges made his guest role appearance for almost 40 years in his acting career. He made his triumphant appearance in shows like 'The Blue And The Grey' and 'Roots', to name a few.

He has won many awards and achievements during his entire acting career. Until his death in 1998, Bridges was active in his acting career.

What awards did Lloyd Bridges win?

Lloyd Bridges was nominated for two Emmy Awards under the categories Outstanding Single Performance by an Actor and Outstanding Guest Star for a comedy series. In 1957, he got nominated for his first Emmy Award nomination for 'The Alcoa Hour', and in 1989, for the comedy tv series 'Seinfeld', he got nominated for the second time.

In 1975, Bridges was nominated for the Golden Apple Award under the category Male Star of the Year.

Bridges won the Golden Boot Award and got nominated under the category of Best Actor for his comedy series at the Online Film and Television Association in 1997.

Lloyd Bridges won the Robert E. Sherwood television award for one of his episodes titled 'Tragedy In A Temporary Town' in his anthology program 'The Alcoa Hour'.

Other Interesting Lloyd Bridges Facts And Trivia

  • Lloyd Bridges appeared in 'Man’s First Debt,' which was his TV debut in an anthology series titled 'The Bigelow Theater' in 1951.
  • Lloyd Bridges died on March 10, 1988 (during his 85th year), and it was a natural death.
  • The final episode, 'The Burning', in the 'Seinfeld' series, was dedicated to Lloyd Bridges in remembrance of his successful life story.
  • Apart from this, 'Mafia' is another film dedicated to Lloyd Bridges in remembrance of his memory.
  • He died in Los Angeles, California, USA.
  • Capricorn was the zodiac sign of Lloyd Bridges.
  • After completing his high school education at Petaluma High School in 1930, he proceeded to UCLA for his undergraduate degree in political science. After that, he decided to foray into the entertainment industry and had over 150 movie credits to his name.

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