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Louis XVIII Birthday & Fun Facts

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Louis XVIII Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Louis Stanislas Xavier
Place Of Birth
Versailles, France
268 years old
Birth Date
November 17 1755

Louis XVIII Facts

Child Star?
King of France
Education & Qualifications
Current Partner
Marie Josephine
Dauphin of France, Maria Josepha of Saxony

About Louis XVIII 

Louis Stanislas Xavier was born on November 17, 1755, in Versailles.

The 19th-century King of France was widely known as 'The Desired.' He was the king for 10 years, from 1814-1824.

Louis XVIII spent over 20 years of his life in exile during the Hundred Days and the French Revolution. He was given the title of Count of Provence when he ascended the throne. He was the brother of Louis XVI. In 1972, the monarchy was abolished by the National Convention, and Louis XVI was exiled and then executed. Following this, Louis XVII died in prison. This led Louis XVIII to declare himself to be the King of France.

Louis XVIII was exiled several times in England, Russian as well as Prussian territory during the Napoleonic era and the French Revolution. When Napoleon lost in 1814, the French royalists and Louis XVIII believed that it was his rightful position to lead the kingdom. A similar coalition occurred when Napoleon escaped the prison in Elba and declared war upon France. However, Louis XVIII once again defeated Napolean and restored his position as the King of France.

Childhood And Education

Louis XVIII was born in the Palace of Versailles in November 1755. Louis XVIII was born to the Dauphin of France and Maria Josepha of Saxony. Louis XV was his grandfather. Six months after Louis XVIII's birth, he was named Louis Stanislas Xavier to follow the traditions of the Bourbon family. Before his baptism, he did not have a name.

This event also led him to become a knight of the Order of the Holy Spirit. He got the name Stanislas from his great-grandfather, who was King Stanislaus I of Poland. He was alive during Louis XVIII's baptism. His mother's family firmly believed Saint Francis Xavier to be their patron saint, owing to which Xavier was his last name.

When he was 18 years old, Louis XVIII was titled the Order of St. Lazarus' Grand Master!

Family and Relationship

Louis Stanislas Xavier got married to Maria Giuseppina of Savoy in April 1771. However, this ceremony took place in the form of proxy. The legitimate ceremony took place the following month at the Palace of Versailles.

His wife, Maria Giuseppina of Savoy, also known as Marie Joséphine, was the Princess of Savoy. She was the daughter of the Duke of Savoy, Victor Amadeus, and Maria Antonia Ferdinanda of Spain.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

The war of the Seventh Coalition, which was also known as the Hundred Days, marked the escape of Napoleon Bonaparte from prison after completing only 11 months of exile. He arrived in Paris in March 1815. One hundred and ten days since his arrival, Louis XVIII was suspended from his position as the king.

However, The Desired restored his position on July 8, 1815. This period mainly saw the War of the Seventh Coalition, which also included the Waterloo Campaign and the Neopolitan War.

Gaspard was the first one to use the term 'Hundred Days'; he was the prefect of Paris. His welcoming speech for Louis XVIII was on July 8, when the king returned back to his position.

Charity Work

There are no reported charitable contributions done by Louis XVIII. However, he has tremendously contributed by being the King of France and taking the monarchy forward.

What awards did Louis XVIII win?

Louis XVIII was honored several times. His biggest accomplishments include becoming the Knight of the Order of the Holy Spirit and also becoming the Grand Master as well as the Knight of the Order of Saint Michael.

Louis XVIII's Hobbies And Interests

Like all might kings, Louis XVIII too loved hunting from time to time.

He was also intrigued by the concept of locks. With the help of several locksmiths around him, he could learn a lot of secrets and the inner workings of its mechanisms.

Other Interesting Louis XVIII Facts And Trivia

  • In 1824, the King of France experienced gangrene, obesity, and gout. Unfortunately, France lost its king in Paris on September 16, 1824.
  • His younger brother, Count of Artois, was the next one to ascend the throne. He became the king with the name Charles X.
  • He was married to Maria Giuseppina of Savoy in Versailles.
  • The 19th-century King of France was an integral part of the French revolution.
  • During war and complications, even though the royal family fled to different nations to seek refuge, the King of France remained true to his position and fought through the conflicts.
  • The French king was asked to leave Russia in 1801 by Tsar Paul.
  • The king had many allies. It was one of these allied troops that helped Louis XVIII to restore his position as the King of France after the Hundred Days.
  • Monarchy was abolished in 1792. Before this, the King of France, along with his wife Maria Giuseppina of Savoy, escaped and fled to the Austrian Netherlands.
  • Louis XVIII was born in the Palace of Versailles in France.
  • The King of France rejected Napolean's draft of the constitution, which led to complications between the two parties.
  • Louis XVIII is said to be one of the most famous kings in French history.
  • France gained religious freedom when it instituted the Charter of 1814.
  • French royalists and the king himself believed that it was his rightful position to lead the kingdom.
  • He was born to the Dauphin of France and Maria Josepha of Saxony.

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