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Louise de Maisonblanche Birthday & Fun Facts

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Louise de Maisonblanche Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Louise de Maisonblanche
Place Of Birth
Paris, France
347 years old
Birth Date
June 17 1676

Louise de Maisonblanche Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Louis XIV, Claude de Vin des OEillets

About Louise de Maisonblanche 

Louise de Maisonblanche was a French Noblewoman and the daughter of the illegitimate daughter of Louis XIV, who was the king of France.

She was also known as Lady Louise of Bourbon- Maisonblanche and was of French ancestry. Her marriage to Bernhard De Prez Baron De La Queue yielded 11 children.

Louise Catherine De Prez and Charlotte Angélique Des Prez were two of her daughters.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Louise de Maisonblanche's net worth?

Louise de Maisonblanche's net worth is not known.

How much did Louise de Maisonblanche earn per year?

No information is available about how much Louise de Maisonblanche earned in a year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Louise de Maisonblanche?

Louise de Maisonblanche's height is not known.

How old was Louise de Maisonblanche?

Louise de Maisonblanche died at the age of 42.

Childhood And Education

Louise de Maisonblanche was born on June 17, 1676, in Paris to King Louis XIV, the king of France, and Claude de Vin des OEillets, his mistress.

Not much information about her childhood and other relations is available on the internet. However, she was mistreated by her father in her adulthood. Her father never treated her as her daughter. She never received the attention that the king's other illegitimate children did. 

We also don't know anything about her early education. For a while, Louise de Maisonblanche also lived at the Castle of Suisnes. Her mother died in 1687 at the Castle of Suisness. After that, she was placed in the care of siblings François and Catherine Le Signerre in Mulcent.

When Louise de Maisonblanche died, she was just 42 years old. Almost two centuries have passed since her death. 

Her father was the King of France. Not much is known about her mother. However, her mother had several relationships with other men too. So, the king always doubted his paternity even though Louise had grown up to resemble her father, the king. As a result, her father never recognized her and treated her poorly as an adult. Her mother brought her up in Paris.

Family and Relationship

Who is Louise de Maisonblanche dating?

Louise de Maisonblanche was married to Bernard de Prez, Baron of La Queue, Lieutenant of the regiment of Burgundy, on April 17, 1696. The couple had 11 children together; however, none survived for a more extended period. 

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Louise de Maisonblanche is best known as the illegitimate child of Louis XIV of France. 

Other Interesting Louise de Maisonblanche Facts And Trivia

  • Louise de Maisonblanche died on September 12, 1718. 
  • Many of her children died at a young age.
  • Two of her children were stillborn. 
  • While the records say that she was born in Paris, many of the surnames similar to the one she had can be traced back to the ancestry of Britain and Ireland.
  • The Abbé de Brisacier undertook the service, which was overseen by Alexandre Bontemps, the first gentleman of the chamber of Louise's father, Louis XIV. Bontemps secured the small dowry of 40,000 Livres along with silver and jewels for the bride.
  • On her kids' birth certificates, she was recorded as Dame Louise de Bourbon-Maisonblanche, fille naturelle du Roi. The term meant 'Lady Louise of Bourbon-Maisonblanche, natural daughter of the King.'

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