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Luca Zidane Birthday & Fun Facts

Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography & More

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Luca Zidane Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Luca Zidane
Place Of Birth
Marseille, France
25 years old
Birth Date
May 13 1998

Luca Zidane Facts

Child Star?
Professional Soccer Player
Education & Qualifications
Zinedine Zidane, Veronique Zidane
Enzo Fernandez, Théo Zidane, Elyaz Fernandez

About Luca Zidane 

Luca Zinedine Zidane is a French soccer player currently playing as a goalkeeper for Rayo Vallecano.

Luca Zidane and his brothers went to the youth academy of Real Madrid. It is considered one of the best player development centers in the world.

He is the son of legendary French footballer Zinedine Zidane who is one of the most successful coaches in the world and widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, named as FIFA World Player of the Year in 1998, 2000, and 2003 and winning the 1998 Ballon d'Or.

Luca Zidane Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Luca Zidane’s net worth?

The precise net worth of Luca Zidane is not known. His primary source of income is professional soccer.

How much does Luca Zidane earn per year?

Luca Zidane's real annual income is not known at the moment.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Luca Zidane?

Luca Zidane is 6 ft (183 cm) tall. He has brown hair.

How old is Luca Zidane?

Luca Zinedine Zidane was born in Marseille, France, on May 13, 1998. Luca is 24 years old as of June 2022.

Childhood And Education

Luca has three brothers, Enzo, Elyaz, and Théo, also soccer players who studied at Real Madrid's youth academy, and he has a mother of Spanish descent, Veronique Fernández. His father is Zinedine Zidane, the legendary midfielder who won the FIFA World Cup in 1998 with the France national football team.

Luca joined the Real Madrid youth academy at six in 2004 and played as a goalkeeper. After the academy, he joined the reserve team of Castilla.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Luca Zidane dating?

Luca Zidane was in a relationship with Instagram star Marina Muntaner BIt is unknown if they are still together.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Luca Zidane's professional debut for Real Madrid was against Villarreal CF in their last league game for the 2017–18 La Liga season on May 19, 2018.

He was with Madrid when they won the 2017–18 UEFA Champions League, their third consecutive Champions League title and the 13th Champions League title of the club.

On July 8, 2019, Madrid loaned Luca to Racing Santander in the Segunda División for the 2019–20 season. He suffered an injury during his debut game at the club on August 17, 2019, against Málaga.

On October 5, 2020, he joined Rayo Vallecano and made his debut on December 2 against Leganés as a substitute for Stole Dimitrievski, who was sent off.

Luca Zidane was part of the 2015 UEFA European Under-17 Championship winning roster of France U17s and played the 2015 FIFA U-17 World Cup with the squad. He also played in a friendly against the United States on March 23, 2018, in Spain for the under-20 team.

He received a red card in a game against Atletico Madrid in 2015 for headbutting a player on the opposite team, which was reminiscent of his father Zidane's infamous headbutt on Italy's Marco Materazzi during the FIFA World Cup final between France and Italy in 2006.

What awards has Luca Zidane won?

Luca Zidane won the  UEFA Champions League in the 2017–18 season with Real Madrid. In addition, he won the UEFA European Under-17 Championship in 2015 with the France U17 team in his international career.

Other Interesting Luca Zidane Facts And Trivia

  • Luca Zidane has a total of 97 appearances in club soccer.
  • His elder brother Enzo is also a footballer and plays for Ligue 2 club Rodez as a midfielder and has previously played for Real Madrid.
  • Luca has 1.3m followers on Instagram as of 2022.
  • Théo Zidane Fernández, his younger brother, plays as a midfielder for Real Madrid B in the Primera División RFEF.
  • Luca Zidane has stated that he wants to discover France and that it is his ambition to play for Olympique de Marseille, a top-tier Ligue 1 French professional men's soccer club founded in 1899 in Marseille.
  • His youngest brother Elyaz Zidane Fernández, plays as a defender for Real Madrid Juvenil C.

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