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Lucas Coly Birthday & Fun Facts

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Lucas Coly Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Lucas Coly
Place Of Birth
, France
26 years old
Birth Date
July 8 1997

Lucas Coly Facts

Child Star?
Musical Artist, Rapper, Social Media Star
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Current Partner
Amber H

About Lucas Coly 

Lucas Coly is a well-known musician and Instagram star from France.

Lucas Coly started his career as a social media star. His career hasn't slowed down since he became renowned on Instagram.

Coly, a young rapper, traveled to the United States when Lucas was just eight years old. His life was forever transformed. Following his education, he became interested in music and began sharing videos on social media platforms.

Lucas Coly released his first Vine video in July 2013. When he began uploading stuff online on a daily basis, his popularity skyrocketed.

Lucas began his YouTube account in July 2011. This resulted in him releasing videos more regularly and gaining a larger following. Not only that, but Lucas was a member of the Diamondz rap group. The group was comprised of artists like Dillyn Troy and Willie Fryson III.

Furthermore, his musical fame skyrocketed once he published his debut mixtape, which had 20 tunes. The mixtape received more than 4 million views. It was named 'Prince Of France'.

Following his international popularity, the Instagram star released another mixtape. His other recorded song compilation, 'I Keep Pushing Vol 1', received mixed reviews. In June 2016, Coly performed at the Arizona Event Center in Mesa.

Lucas Coly Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Lucas Coly’s net worth?

Lucas Coly is a social media star from the USA. The Instagram star has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

How much does Lucas Coly earn per year?

Lucas Coly earns around $60,000 per year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Lucas Coly?

Lucas Coly is 6 ft 1 in (185 cm) tall.

How old is Lucas Coly?

Lucas Coly is 24 years old as of 2022. He was born on July 8, 1997.

Childhood And Education

Lucas Coly is often known as' 'Kid Lucas'. He was born in France on July 8, 1997.

His family relocated to Texas, USA, when he was around eight. This is where he resided for about two years. Initially, he used to spend every summer with his grandparents on his mother's side.

Later, they relocated to Detroit, where he spent most of his school years.

After barely finishing his graduation, Coly, who struggled in school, relocated to San Francisco with his parents. He speaks French proficiently. He claims his parents not only listen to his songs but also support his musical objectives.

Dillyn Troy, a former bandmate, was close friends with Lucas. The two were supposedly housemates in Atlanta. After the group broke, though, they drifted apart. Kid Lucas is now based in Las Vegas as of 2022.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who are Lucas Coly's parents?

Lucas Coly was born in France to his parents. Lucas's father is a West African born in Senegal. His mother was born in France. Therefore, Lucas is of mixed racial heritage. Lucas also has an older brother.

Who is Lucas Coly dating?

Lucas Coly has been dating his girlfriend, Amber H. She is a YouTuber, social media personality, and Instagram sensation. In November 2015, they met on Instagram for the first time. They ultimately met in person and started dating. The couple eventually moved in together and has been together for two years.

Amber H. accompanies Lucas Coly wherever he goes. Both of them may be seen in each other's Instagram photos and YouTube videos. Amber has been uploading beauty and cosmetics videos to her YouTube channel.

Amber aims to be like 'De'arra & Ken 4 Life', a YouTube couple. As a result, he appears on her YouTube channel for vlogs and other sorts of videos regularly. She was recently featured in one of his songs' music videos in 2022.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Kid Lucas was active on a number of social media sites before becoming well-known on Vine. He had acquired over 400,000 followers before the service was discontinued.

Lucas gained popularity after switching to the looping video-sharing site because of his ability to rap in English and French. He gained a lot of popularity by posting hilarious short films and rap songs.

Lucas Coly has had a YouTube account since July 2011. In August 2013, he uploaded his debut music video. On his YouTube channel, he has over 460,000 followers as of June 2022.

Lucas wrote songs as a member of the group Diamondz. He started later on his own when the group disbanded. Following his Vine stardom, his Instagram account exploded. He reached one million followers in a short amount of time. On Instagram, Lucas presently has over 1.4 million followers as of June 2022.

While focusing on his music, Lucas Coly continued to film new videos and formed the rap group Diamondz. He also worked with other young, aspiring artists such as Willie Fryson III and Dillyn Troy.

This, however, did not last long, and the three parted ways. After that, Lucas joined as one of the members of the combo, Lucas & Nonso. He left the group because he wanted to concentrate on his music.

After Vine was shut down, Lucas Coly turned to YouTube. Coly continues to release new songs and music and has many of his tracks available for download, making him quite famous. In addition, Lucas began creating amusing films and sharing personal incidents from his life, drawing in additional viewers.

Other Interesting Lucas Coly Facts And Trivia

  • Lucas has said that he feels more like himself under the moniker 'Lucas Coly', as opposed to his old identity as Kid Lucas.
  • Lucas Coly was born on July 8, 1997, in France.
  • In 2017, Lucas Coly ran into legal trouble. After scheduling a meet-up at Lennox Mall, he was taken into custody for disorderly behavior. Fans overflowed the venue and caused an incident.
  • For Lucas, some of the most popular albums include 'For My True Fans' (2019), 'Distant Melodies', and 'Better Than This' (2021). And his genre of music is rap and hip-hop.

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