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Lud Foe Birthday & Fun Facts

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Lud Foe Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Will James Akins
Place Of Birth
Illinois, USA
27 years old
Birth Date
July 14 1996

Lud Foe Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Zayden Akins

About Lud Foe

The famous Rapper was born on July 15, 1996, in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

The nationality of Lud Foe is American. His music is inspired by the struggles faced in his community.

Lud Foe, the famous and talented singer, started his career with the music producer Kid Wond3r, and they both made a piece of fantastic rapping music with various beats. He gets more success after releasing the mixtape 'Boochie Gang' made with the memory of his uncle. Lud Foe first started his YouTube channel in 2016, and he released his first video, 'Kill Sum'. He gained fame at a very early age through his outstanding dedication to his work and gained 67,000 followers at age 22. He belongs to the Hip-hop genre. Keep reading to know more about the Chicago star.

Lud Foe Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Lud Foe's net worth?

Lud Foe, the great rapper, gained massive fame at a very early age. In 2017 his great project 'Get Well Foe' earned a considerable amount of notoriety for him. And also, he has many massive projects which led him to success, such as 'No Hooks' in 2017 and 'No Hooks II'. Lud Foe earned a considerable amount of money to live a lavish life and gained a significant amount of net worth. It is estimated that his net worth is nearly $1 million.

How much does Lud Foe earn per year?

Facts about his annual earnings are undisclosed.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Lud Foe?

Lud Foe is 5 ft 6 in (168cm) tall.

How old is Lud Foe?

Lud Foe, the Chicago drill rapper, was born on July 15, 1996. According to his birthday, he is 26 years old as of July 2022.

Childhood And Education

The Chicago rapper had a difficult childhood, but we have no further information about his childhood and his academic life. Lud Foe mainly belongs to the Foe family, but he never talks about his family life on social media, which is why there is no information on his father and mother. There is also no information about his siblings. He always followed Gucci Mane, Ice Cube, and Three Six Mafia and grew up listening to them.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Lud Foe dating?

According to research, he has a son whose name is Zayden. There is currently no record of his girlfriend or who he is dating.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

The Chicago rapper Lud Foe is mainly known for his rapping and music videos. He is best known for his songs 'Im Da Man' and 'Cuttin Up', which were released in 2016. 'Im Da Man' was the best-selling single at the time, and 'Cuttin Up' gained near about 27 Million views in 2016. He has also done 'Ghetto Love', 'No Chill', and 'Recuperate," which have given him more success in his career. He is also known for his famous music mixtape 'Boochie Gang'. He has around 246,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel as of July 2022.

Lud Foe's Hobbies And Interests

As Lud Foe always likes to keep his private life secret, we can't find any hobbies or interests of him. But after research, we can say that he is very passionate about his career and has a great interest in music and rapping.

Other Interesting Lud Foe Facts And Trivia

  • According to astrologer Lud Foe's Zodiac sign is Cancer, and his nationality is American.
  • Did you know that Lud Foe's real name is Will James Akins?
  • This great rapper has an Instagram account that is @ludfoe_boochiegang which has 581,000 followers as of July 2022. He also has his self-named YouTube account and also a Twitter account which is @official_LudFoe.
  • His debut rap was released in 2018, which is 'Get Well Foe' when he was admitted to the hospital after a car accident.
  • Lud Foe was co-signed by Lil Durk.
  • He has collaborated with musicians like Lil Durk, Lil Baby, RondoNumbaNine, and Toni Romiti.

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