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Luis Coronel Birthday & Fun Facts

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Luis Coronel Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Luis Coronel
Place Of Birth
Luis, USA
27 years old
Birth Date
February 3 1996

Luis Coronel Facts

Child Star?
Singer, Songwriter
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Miguel, Gámez
Bebe, Mireya

About Luis Coronel 

Luis Coronel is a singer-songwriter from Tucson, Arizona, who started by posting videos covering songs of various artists on his social media platform Facebook.

One such video of Luis Coronel caught the attention of the recording label Del Records. He was signed after that when he was just 16.

Luis Coronel's single songs 'Mi Niña Traviesa,' 'Escápate' and 'Será Más Fácil' are very popular. They have reached top ranks on the Billboard charts. He primarily sings and produces music in the regional Mexican genre. He produced another of his two albums, namely 'Con La Frente En Alto' and 'Ahora Soy Yo.' The latter album was his debut album and won him a place at the top of the Billboard regional Mexican albums chart in 2013 and RIAA certified gold.

Luis Coronel's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Luis Coronel's net worth?

Luis Coronel has a net worth of around $2 million through his music and tours around America and Mexico.

How much does Luis Coronel earn per year?

Although Luis Coronel works under Del Records as an artist, the information on his earnings per year is not available.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Luis Coronel?

Luis Coronel stands at 5 ft 8 in (173 cm).

How old is Luis Coronel?

Luis Coronel was born on February 3, 1996, and is 26 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Luis Coronel is from Tucson, Arizona. He was born to Miguel Coronel and Gámez Coronel. Luis is the youngest of three children. Luis Miguel Coronel Gámez is his full name. His grandfather's nickname was Tata.

Luis Coronel started singing in the church choir. He then posted his videos on Facebook and started gaining likes. Once, he sang the Mexican song 'Mi Niña Traviesa' to his girlfriend in a gym and uploaded it to Facebook and got many likes. He was then signed as an artist under Del Records.

Earlier, Luis Coronel wanted to become a boxer but went on to become a singer after getting signed. There is one video where he is seen singing a song after the match from the ring, which went viral. He left boxing to produce music. He gained a large base of fans on YouTube and Facebook.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Luis Coronel dating?

The dating information about the music producer Luis Coronel is not available in the public database.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Luis Coronel is best known for his debut album 'Con La Frente En Alto,' which earned him a good rank on the Billboard Regional Mexican charts. His album sold 30,000 copies and was certified gold by RIAA in the Latin field.

Luis Coronel earned the New Artist Of The Year award in 2014 at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. He was also nominated for Male Artist Of The Year at the 27th Lo Nuestro Awards in the regional Mexican category.

Luis Coronel's second album was 'Quiero Ser Tu Dueño,' which ranked first on the Top Latin Albums chart. He became a prominent regional Mexican singer through his achievements.

What awards has Luis Coronel won?

Luis Coronel won the New Artist Of The Year award in 2014 at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. He was nominated at the Premios Te Mundo in the Feeling Social category. This musician also won the Male Artist Of The Year at the 27th Lo Nuestro Awards in the regional Mexican category.

Luis coronel also won the favorite regional Mexican male artist in 2015. He was awarded in the Voice of the Moment category at Premios Juventud. His second album 'Quiero Ser Tu Dueño' won the Premios Juventud award in It Was All category in 2015.

Luis Coronel's Hobbies And Interests

Luis Coronel is a singer by profession. His interests include boxing too. He left boxing to become a singer.

Other Interesting Luis Coronel Facts And Trivia

  • Luis Coronel made his appearance on social media as a singer who would post his version of songs. One of his many viral videos was the one where he sings after completing his boxing match. This musician also recorded his own music.
  • The record producer at Del Records recognized the potential in Luis Coronel and signed him to the company.
  • Luis Coronel was also followed by famous singer Luis Ortix among others. His debut album 'Con La Frente En Alto' was called by RIAA as a gold record.
  • Luis Coronel was named one of the 21-Under-21 Artists by Billboard magazine. This list was for artists making a substantial impact in music. The list also included Austin Mahone, Justin Bieber, Becky G, and Lorde, among others.
  • Luis Coronel spent most of his childhood in Tucson, Arizona. He sang in the church choir, fueled by his love for music in his early years. He also used to sing at his family gatherings.
  • Luis Coronel's latest album 'Ahora Soy Yo' came out in 2017. It peaked at number one on Latin Albums Sales and number two on Top Latin Album Charts.
  • In 2015, Luis Coronel was nominated in three different categories in the Premios Juventud Awards 2015, including Voice of the Moment, My Regional Mexican Artist, and It Was All category. He won all of them.
  • Luis Coronel hosted a concert in Anaheim, California, called A Christmas Night With Luis Coronel.

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