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Lupe Vélez Birthday & Fun Facts

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Lupe Vélez Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Mara Guadalupe Villalobos Vélez
Place Of Birth
San Luis Potos, Mexico
115 years old
Birth Date
July 18 1908

Lupe Vélez Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Jacobo Villalobos Reyes, Josefina Vlez
Reina Velez, Josefina Vlez, Mercedes Vlez, Emigdio Vlez

About Lupe Vélez 

Lupe Vélez was a renowned actress who earned her reputation with her unique performance in several films.

Lupe Vélez has a unique sense of humor in the industry. She was not only gifted in acting and interpreting roles but was also famous for being a great performer.

Lupe Vélez was an actress who appeared on television for the entertainment of many. She appeared in many films in a main role. She was gifted and was casted in numerous movies. She was also a renowned dancer and singer during the Golden Age of Hollywood movies. She was the epitome of talent. She was also seen modeling for various organizations. She was a household name during her time and was a part of several romantic movies. She played both supporting roles and lead role in different movies. She is known to have made a unique mark in the history of Hollywood. Keep reading to know more about this actress.

Lupe Vélez's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Lupe Vélez's net worth?

The net worth of Lupe Vélez was estimated to have been around $5 million.

How much did Lupe Vélez earn per year?

There is no records regarding the annual earnings of Lupe Vélez.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Lupe Vélez?

Lupe Vélez stood at the height of 5 ft (152 cm).

How old was Lupe Vélez?

Lupe Vélez was born on July 18, 1908. She died at the age of 37 on December 14, 1944.

Childhood And Education

Lupe Vélez was born on July 18, 1908, in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. When she turned 13, she was sent to Texas city to live at a famous convent. At the convent, she knew that was not her dream place. She wanted to experience all that the world had to give. She wanted to become a champion roller skater. Soon enough, she returned to Mexico to aid her parents as things were hard for her family. She wanted the best for her family and started working as a salesgirl. She was paid $4 per week for her work at the time.

Lupe Vélez gave some of her earnings as a salesgirl to her parents. She felt she could do great in the film industry and started her career in this field in 1924. She thrilled the audience as her performance was top-notch. In 1927, she moved to the United States of America, particularly to Hollywood. She was then part of several films of Hollywood. She soon made a name for herself.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Lupe Vélez's partner?

Lupe Vélez married Johnny Weissmuller in 1933. After they married, Lupe Vélez reached new heights in her career. However, they separated in 1939. She was previously in a relationship with Gary Cooper.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Before Lupe Vélez married her husband, she had greatly impacted Hollywood. She appeared in a feature film in the city of Hollywood. She saw the world as her stage. This actress played in different romantic movies and comedy movies along with Stan Laurel. One of the films that brought her to the global spotlight was Spitfire Films.

In 1943, Lupe Vélez returned to the United States, where she was cast in her final film 'Ladies' Day'. This July-born star made a huge impact in the movie industry. Due to her immense contribution to the industry, she has a Hollywood Walk of Fame in her honor.

What awards did Lupe Vélez win?

Lupe Vélez does not have any public awards, but she received accolades from the film industry.

Lupe Velez’s Hobbies And Interests

Lupe Velez was known to be one of the few actresses who loved fishing and skating whenever they were free.

Other Interesting Lupe Velez Facts And Trivia

  • Lupe Vélez was seen in quite a few films some of which include 'Stand And Deliver', 'The Broken Wing', and 'Mexican Spitfire At Sea'.
  • Not much is known about the charity works of Lupe Vélez since charitable organizations were not as common back then as they are now.

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