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Lupillo Rivera Birthday & Fun Facts

Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography & More

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Lupillo Rivera Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Guadalupe Rivera Saavedra
Place Of Birth
Long Beach, USA
51 years old
Birth Date
January 30 1972

Lupillo Rivera Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Long Beach Polytechnic High School
Net Worth
Baby Rivera, Lupita Karisma, Ayana Rivera, Abigail Rivera, Anglica Rivera
Pedro Rivera, Rosa Saavedra
Jenni Rivera, Juan Rivera, Rosie Rivera, Gustavo Rivera, Pedro Rivera Jr

About Lupillo Rivera

Lupillo Rivera is a singer primarily known for delivering several hit songs in his Latin music career.

Lupillo Rivera hails from America and is a renowned singer and songwriter. Furthermore, his album 'Tu Esclavo y Amo' was a global success, which earned him enormous popularity globally.

Moreover, Lupillo Rivera was a significant part of the singing competition show and became a singing coach in a Mexican singing show named 'La Voz' which was aired on TV Azteca. His siblings also work in the entertainment industry. His sister, Jenni Rivera is an actress while his other sister Rosie Rivera is a reality star. He also has three brothers.

Lupillo Rivera Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Lupillo Rivera's net worth?

Lupillo Rivera has an estimated net worth of $12 million.

How much does Lupillo Rivera earn per year?

Lupillo Rivera has not revealed his annual income. His net worth indicates a stable annual income.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Lupillo Rivera?

Lupillo Rivera is 5 ft 9 in (177 cm).

How old is Lupillo Rivera?

Lupillo Rivera is 50 years old as of 2022. He was born on January 30, 1972.

Childhood And Education

Lupillo Rivera's hometown is Long Beach, California, in the United States. His date of birth is January 30, 1972. He was born to a father Pedro Rivera and a mother Rosa Saavedra. He grew up with his siblings Jenni Rivera, Joan Rivers, Rosie Rivera, Gustav Rivera, and Pedro Rivera Jr.  Regarding his education, he graduated from Polytechnic High School in 1990, which was situated in Long Beach. He was born into a family full of artists. His older sister Jenni Rivera was also an actress and singer. And his father, who owned a record label company.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Lupillo Rivera dating?

Regarding his relationship, he was married to Mayeli Alonso, and together they had two children. Earlier he married Maria Gorola and with her, he had four children.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Lupillo Rivera has been recognized by his initial name Guadalupe Rivera Saavedra. Further, he significantly came into the spotlight with his album 'Tu Esclavo y Amo' which added considerably to his growing success. Lupillo mentioned how he had never dreamt about becoming a singer, he always wanted to be a restaurateur. However, his father initiated him to join his record label, with the thought that he could get some knowledge of how this business works.

Furthermore, his father gave him the responsibility to hunt for talent that could work under his label. Besides, he started to sing himself, though he did not achieve fame immediately, however, as continued with the music, he was rising to fame speedily. When he first started his career he was recognized by the name El Toro del Corrido, later he changed his name and started making music under his original name. Not only that, he garnered enormous fame after he began working under the label Sony Discos.

What awards has Lupillo Rivera won?

Lupillo Rivera is a talented personality in the field of music, who has been applauded and appreciated, and his music is loved by his fans. He was the winner of the Grammy Award. And also the winner of the ' Tu Esclavo y Amo'.

Lupillo Rivera was also the winner of Regional Mexican Male Artist of the Year.

Lupillo Rivera also won the Banda Artist of the Year.

He was also the winner of the Regional Mexican Song of the Year for 'Despreciado' 2002.

Lupillo Rivera’s Hobbies And Interests

He relishes singing and making music.

Other Interesting Lupillo Rivera Facts And Trivia

  • Lupillo Rivera is also specifically perceived by the name El Toro del Corrido.
  • He also published his Latin albums that were globally appreciated.
  • He has been nominated and has won several Latin Grammy awards for his music.
  • His uncle El Toro Rivera used to be a boxer.
  • A distinguished indie record label named Label Z Records has signed a contract with Lupillo Rivera.
  • He is not only a prosperous singer but he is also a reality star and has worked in numerous movies.
  • Lupillo Rivera was married to Maria Gorola and the couple had four daughters named Arena Rivera, Abigail Rivera, Ayana Rivera, and Angelica Rivera.
  • After his divorce from Maria, he remarried Mayeli Alonso and became the father of daughter Guadalupe Karizma Rivera and son L'Rey Rivera. The couple then divorced in 2018.

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