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Lydia Kenney Birthday & Fun Facts

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Lydia Kenney Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Lydia Rose Kenney
Place Of Birth
DeKalb, USA
28 years old
Birth Date
November 4 1995

Lydia Kenney Facts

Child Star?
Assistant, Instagram Star
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Current Partner
Arizona Zervas

About Lydia Kenney 

Lydia Kenney is a very popular personality from America. She is an Instagram star and has also worked with Logan Paul as his assistant.

After her birth in Illinois, she completed her school education and primary college education in the same state. Then she completed her online media degree in Los Angeles.

She started her journey to fame by creating accounts on Instagram and various other social media platforms. This step led her to meet Logan, and finally, she was appointed as Logan's assistant. She helped him create comedy videos and vines. She was also a part of a few of Logan's comedy videos. Her association with Logan helped her achieve a lot of followers on Instagram and Twitter. She also has her own Youtube channel where she posts videos.

Lydia Kenney's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Lydia Kenney's net worth?

Lydia Kenney used to work smaller jobs before achieving fame. But her career had a breakthrough after she joined as an assistant for Logan Paul. She rose to fame both as an assistant and as a social media personality, and as of 2022, it is estimated that she has been successful in achieving an impressive net worth ranging from $900,000-1 million.

How much does Lydia Kenney earn per year?

Working with Logan Paul as an assistant has given her a chance to earn a lot of money. Based on estimation Lydia Kenney earns a yearly earning of more than $44,000 as of the year 2022.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Lydia Kenney?

Lydia Kenney has a below-average height. She stands at a height of 4 ft 9 in (1.45 m), and for this very reason, she has also been compared to and called a dwarf in many videos by Logan.

How old is Lydia Kenney?

Being born in the month and year November 1995, Lydia Kenney is 26 years old as of the year 2022.

Childhood And Education

The birthplace of Lydia Kenney is the city of DeKalb which is located in the US state of Illinois, and she was born with the zodiac sign of Scorpio. She spent her childhood in Dekalb, Illinois, and was brought up alongside her elder brother, Brandon. Details about her parents are not available. She completed her schooling in Illinois, but her high school name is unavailable. After completing her high school education, she enrolled herself at Columbia College and completed a degree in Animation. After the completion of her degree at Columbia College, she joined the Fashion Institute of Designing and Merchandising, which is located in Los Angeles, California. She is known to have completed a degree in Online Media from the Fashion Institute.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Lydia Kenney dating?

Lydia Kenney has the impressive skill of keeping her personal life away from the media and the public, although being a social media sensation. After joining as an assistant for Logan Paul, there were speculations about them dating each other, but both of them made it clear that they were not together. She is now known to be dating Arizona Zervas, an American rapper. Although their posts on social media make the relationship certain, both parties have not openly confirmed their relationship status.

Career And Professional Highlights

Lydia Kenney used to work in a wide array of fields during her college education. A few of those would include being a cashier and an administrative assistant. Then she landed a job working as a clothing store stylist, and this job helped Lydia Kenney a lot to complete her primary college education.

Lydia Kenney always wanted to make a career out of acting and modeling or any kind of entertainment field. It was due to this passion that she started an Instagram page and posted many modeling pictures. Lydia Kenney also opened accounts on various other social media platforms and started posting on them. She did attain thousands of followers, but she had a massive career breakthrough on the day she was asked by Logan Paul to become his assistant. It was an instant decision for her, and thereby, Lydia was taken in as a replacement for Logan Paul's former assistant, Ayla Woodruff.

Lydia Kenney was appointed as Logan Paul's new assistant in the year 2017, and from then on, she has been assisting him in making a lot of viral comedy sketches and vine compilations. She herself was introduced to the public through a video on Logan Paul's Youtube channel. She has been given the opportunity to get featured in multiple Logan Paul Youtube videos, and that has helped Lydia gain massive fame.

Lydia Kenney was able to achieve her dream of becoming an Instagram star after assisting Logan Paul. Today, she has tons and tons of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

Best Known For…

Lydia Kenney was able to achieve minimal internet fame when she started posting on Instagram, but her life completely changed when she was chosen as the new assistant and a replacement for Ayla Woodruff, the former assistant of Logan Paul. Now she has hundreds of thousands of fans on Instagram.

Lydia Kenney's Hobbies And Interests

Lydia Kenney has to keep herself super busy to maintain the fame of being the assistant of Logan Paul, being an Instagram star, and having a good presence on her Youtube Channel. But whenever possible, she never misses watching her favorite reality show and is also fond of listening to music to keep herself mentally calm. On the other hand, her vacation days are entirely different. She loves traveling to places around the globe, and Lydia Kenney never forgets to have a shopping spree whenever possible.

Other Interesting Lydia Kenney Facts And Trivia

  • Did you know? Lydia Kenney was in love with the show 'The Buried Life,' and she had an immense crush on Dave Lingwood. Dave Lingwood was one of the lead performers on the reality show.
  • Her brother Brandon is an animation genius, and Lydia Kenney talks about him and his talent with pride.
  • Lydia Kenney always tries to have a controlled, healthy diet and workout as much as possible to keep herself fit and thereby maintain a good body posture and weight.
  • Lydia is for sure an Instagram star, but she also has a Youtube channel and a Twitter account with thousands of followers.
  • Lydia Kenney is of American nationality and was born under the zodiac sign Scorpio in Illinois. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, California but works as an assistant for Logan Paul.
  • Did you know? All of Logan Paul's assistants were short. Still, Lydia Kenney was the shortest of them all, and this was the reason Logan stated in Lydia's introductory video that she was even shorter. Logan also compared her to one of his dwarf friends in one of his video. 

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