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Melody Beattie Birthday & Fun Facts

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Melody Beattie Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Melody Vaillancourt
Place Of Birth
Saint Paul, USA
75 years old
Birth Date
July 1 1948

Melody Beattie Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Minnehaha Academy - High School
Net Worth
Nichole Beattie, Shane Beattie

About Melody Beattie 

Melody Beattie was born on July 2, 1948, in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Beattie is one of the most loved self-help authors in America. She is an addict turned self-help author because of her spiritual awakening.

She is a household name in the circles of addiction and recovery. Beattie introduced the term codependency to the world in 1986 through 'Codependent No More', an international bestselling book by her. Her over 24-year-old long writing career has produced nearly 18 books (as of June 2022) in 20 languages. Beattie has even written hundreds of articles for newspapers and magazines.

Melody Beattie Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Melody Beattie’s net worth?

Melody Beattie has an estimated net worth of around $7 million as of June 2022.

How much does Melody Beattie earn per year?

Melody Beattie's exact annual earnings are actually not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Melody Beattie?

Melody Beattie's exact height is actually not known.

How old is Melody Beattie?

Born on July 2, 1948, Melody Beattie is 74 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Melody Beattie was born on July 2, 1948, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Her parents' names and what they do are actually not known.

Her mother had to take the responsibility for the family after their father abandoned them. Beattie started getting addicted to alcohol when she was just 12 years old. She later completed her graduation and started working as a secretary in an advertising department. Her alcohol addiction became worse as she succumbed to substance abuse at the age of 18.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who are Melody Beattie's parents?

Melody Beattie was born on July 2, 1948, in St. Paul, Minnesota to her parents. No information about her parents like their names or what they do is known.

Who is Melody Beattie’s partner?

Melody Beattie was married two times. She first married Steven Thurik in 1970. She had a son named John Steven Thurik with her first husband. Her addiction to alcohol led to divorce and they got separated in 1973. Melody had given the son's custody to her husband because of her addiction. She later joined a rehabilitation center.

After recovering and coping with her addiction, Beattie married David Anthony Beattie. David Beattie was an alcoholism counselor. She had two children with David. They named their kids Nichole Marie and Shane Anthony Beattie. Melody Beattie and David Anthony Beattie divorced in 1986. She lost her son Shane in a skiing accident in 1991.

David Beattie passed away in 2003 when he was 59 years old.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Some of Beattie's most popular books are 'Beyond Codependency', 'Codependent No More', 'The Language Of Letting Go, and 'Make Miracles In Forty Days: Turning What You Have Into What You Want'. Many of her books were published in other languages too.

Melody's dependency on drugs continued until it was transformed by a spiritual epiphany.

Her book 'Codependent No More' was published in 1986. The concept of codependency was popularized with that book and nearly eight million copies of the book were sold. Hazelden Foundation published the book.

Beattie explained and helped in digesting Timmen L. Cermak's book 'Diagnosing And Treating Co-Dependence' along with other authors, Janet G. Woititz, and Robin Norwood.

For Co-Dependents Anoymous, early works of Beattie were considered the first 'The Big Book'. CoDA is a 12-step program and has now been conference-approved. Her works are the central tests in CoDA meetings.

Beattie's over 24-year-old long writing career has produced nearly 18 books in 20 languages. Beattie has even written hundreds of articles for newspapers and magazines. She has been a frequent guest on many national television shows including Oprah.

Beattie and her writings still get featured in popular national publications like Time and People.

Other Interesting Melody Beattie Facts And Trivia

  • Melody describes her mother as a classic codependent. She recollects that her mother wouldn't even take aspirin for headaches as she used to believe in suffering. Unlike her mother, Beattie was determined to self-medicate her emotional pain.
  • Melody had a spiritual experience during her period at the treatment center. She got to understand God for the first time. Melody even shared that her consciousness was raised at that time.
  • Beattie lives in California as of June 2022.

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