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Michael Banaag Birthday & Fun Facts

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Michael Banaag Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Michael Banaag
Place Of Birth
California , USA
39 years old
Birth Date
September 16 1984

Michael Banaag Facts

Child Star?
Business Executive
Education & Qualifications
Capella University
Net Worth
Current Partner
Cathy Nguyen
Isa Renee

About Michael Banaag 

Michael Banaag is a self-employed business executive.

He has his own brand of fashion labels. He got his Bachelor's degree from the California University of Pennsylvania.

Michael Banaag, the American businessman, is the husband of the social media sensation, Cathy Nguyen.

Michael Banaag Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What is Michael Banaag's net worth?

Michael Banaag is self-employed, and he has a net worth of around $90,000. In addition to this, he has a generous amount of assets. 

On the other hand, his wife, Cathy Nguyen, has a YouTube channel and is one of the wealthiest YouTube celebrities in California.

How much does Michael Banaag earn per year?

The per-year earning of Michael Banaag is not known.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall is Michael Banaag?

Michael Banaag has a height of 5 ft 8 in (173 cm).

How old is Michael Banaag?

Born on September 17, 1984, Michael Banaag is 38 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Michael Banaag was born into a Christian family in California. He has, however, decided not to share information about his parents and siblings and tends to keep his family life private.

Michael Banaag's early life was mostly spent in California. He went to the California University of Pennsylvania for his education, which, in the later course of his life, helped him to shape his professional life and have a successful career. Michael spent most of his time at California University.

The students of Pennsylvania enjoyed the company of Michael Banaag as their friend. Later, he went on to obtain his MBA in project management from Capella University.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Michael Banaag's partner?

Michael Banaag is married to the social media personality, Cathy Nguyen. Entertaining people on social media through a video titled, travel vlogs, and many other vlogs is a trend these days and a good way of earning a living, and many people enjoy doing this; among which, Cathy Nguyen is one of them.

Cathy Nguyen gained popularity on social media through YouTube videos and Instagram posts. On her YouTube channel, Cathy has over 308,000 subscribers and 164,000 followers on her Instagram account.

But in her early life, Cathy worked as a hostess in a sushi restaurant in California. Cathy Nguyen's date of birth is November 12, 1987, and she was born in California. She is around 35 years old. Where her education is concerned, she studied radiology.

Before they decided to get married in a private ceremony with only a few of their close friends, they were in a long-term relationship. Michael Banaag and Cathy Nguyen got married in 2015. He always supported his wife in growing herself in her career. Michael attended many public events with his wife. On October 8, 2019, in California, Michael Banaag and Cathy Nguyen were blessed with a baby girl named Isa Renee. They currently live as a happy family in California.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Michael Banaag is best known as a celebrity husband. His spouse, Cathy Nguyen, is a social media sensation through her YouTube channel. Moreover, Michael Banaag is a self-employed businessman in California. He started his self-owned fashion labels and social media marketing. Michael Banaag also started his own fashion label and has been quite successful in this venture. However, Michael Banaag has also grown to be successful thanks to his wife promoting him as well. Thus, he is very successful in his ventures and businesses and has a sizable fortune to his name as well. Michael earns most of his income through his fashion label business.

Michael Banaag's Hobbies And Interests

Michael Banaag has a special interest in swimming, and in his leisure time, he loves traveling and venturing out to different offbeat places. He loves being a wanderer. This businessman from California loves Italian cuisine the most and certainly thrives on it! 

Other Interesting Michael Banaag Facts And Trivia

  • Michael Banaag did not achieve the limelight of the media all by himself. It was mostly due to his wife, Cathy, who is a social media sensation.
  • Michael has been able to keep his personal and professional life completely separate.
  • Michael does not have his own Instagram account or YouTube, but it is because he chooses to keep himself hidden from social network sites. As famous as he is, he manages to keep himself away from the spotlight.
  • Michael is a hard-core fan of Will Smith and Joey King.
  • Michael Banaag claimed that his favorite color is white.
  • His star sign is a Virgo.
  • He is an American by birth.
  • Michael says that his lucky number is 12, his lucky color is green, and his lucky stone is sapphire.
  • Michael Banaag has kept the details about his parents and siblings hidden from the limelight.
  • As of 2022, there has been a major controversy and rumor that Michael and Cathy are parting ways through a divorce. But this rumor has not been officially announced by either one of them.

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