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Mike Farrell Birthday & Fun Facts

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Mike Farrell Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Michael Joseph Farrell
Place Of Birth
Saint Paul, USA
84 years old
Birth Date
February 6 1939

Mike Farrell Facts

Child Star?
Actor, Director, Producer
Education & Qualifications
West Hollywood Grammar School
Net Worth
Current Partner
Shelley Fabares
Mike Jr., Erin Farrell
Agnes Sarah Cosgrove,Michael Joseph Farrell.

About Mike Farrell

Mike Farrell is a famous American actor, director, and producer who became famous for playing the character of Captain B.J. Hunnicutt on 'M*A*S*H', a comedy-drama television series.

On February 6, 1939, Michael Joseph Farrell was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, to Michael Joseph Farrell and Agnes Sarah Cosgrove. He went to Hollywood High School.

Mike was cast in various TV movies, television series, and films. Apart from being a successful actor, Farrell is also a producer and director. Mike Farrell and his friend created a production company. As a producer, Mike Farrell produced the biographical comedy film 'Patch Adams', with Robin Williams as the leading actor in 1998. In addition to being a producer, director, and actor, Mike Farrell is a political activist and orator who has been advocating the abrogation of capital punishment in the United States. Farell is a pacifist who is against war and has visited various refugee camps throughout his political career. He has also shown opposition to animal cruelty many times. Mike Farrell has received numerous awards and honors for his acting skills and peace-making attempts.

Mike Farrell's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Mike Farrell's net worth?

Mike Farrell has amassed an estimated net worth of $10 million through proceeds from his primary career as an actor and other professions as a director and producer.

How much does Mike Farrell earn per year?

Mike Farrell has not yet disclosed how much he earns in a year to the public.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Mike Farrell?

Mike Farrell stands at 6 ft 3 in (190 cm).

How old is Mike Farrell?

Born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, on February 6, 1939, Mike Farrell is 83 years old.

Childhood And Education

Born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Mike Farrell is one of the four children of Agnes Sarah Cosgrove and Michael Joseph Farrell.

At age two, Farell's family moved from South Saint Paul, Minnesota, to Hollywood, California. His father, Michael Farell, worked as a film set carpenter. Mike Farrell was the classmate of Natalie Wood at West Hollywood Grammar School. Then Farrell studied at Hollywood High School. Between 1957-1959, Mike Farell served in the US Marine Corps. Subsequently, before pursuing a career in acting, Farell held different jobs.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Mike Farrell's partner?

Actor Mike Farrell has been married twice. His first marriage was to actress Judy Farrell; they met on the set of 'M*A*S*H'. The couple has two children, Michael Jr., and Erin Farrell. Then Mike Farell married actress Shelley Fabares in 1984. His daughter, Erin Farrell, is a costume designer.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Mike Farrell is a distinguished actor best known for his appearance in the comedy series 'M*A*S*H*' that aired from September 17, 1972 to February 28, 1983.

Before becoming a famous actor, Mike Farell did a few advertisements. He got his first acting project when he landed an uncredited role in the 1963 comedy film 'Captain Newman, MD'. Following this, Farell landed more uncredited roles in the films 'The Graduate' (1967) and 'Countdown' (1968). Besides movies, Mike Farrell had landed guest roles in some television series in the '60s. Some of the notable parts he played include the Army doctor in 'Combat!', Forest Service ranger in 'Never Look Back', astronaut Arland in 'Who's Got The Genie On I Dream Of Jeannie' (a fantasy sitcom), and Federal Agent Modell in' The Monkees'.

In 1968, Mike Farrell started the ongoing part of Scott Banning in 'Days Of Our Lives', the soap opera of NBC. In 1970, Farrell joined the cast of 'The Interns', CBS prime-time TV series. In the subsequent year, he portrayed the character of Anthony Quinn's assistant in ABC's TV series 'The Man And The City'. In 1973, Farrell, alongside actor Robert Foxworth, starred in 'The Questor Tapes'. At that time, Farrell was under Universal Studios. Throughout his contract with the Universal Studios, Mike Farrell had guest appearances in various TV series and shows, such as 'Marcus Welby, MD', 'Mannix', 'Banacek', 'The Six Million Dollar Man', and 'The New Land'. He also co-starred with Jane Wyman in a TV pilot that did not air.

At the beginning of the '70s, Mike Farrell made a guest appearance in the TV drama 'Bonanza' and did various commercials, including the automobile brands Maytag dryers and Plymouth's spokesman. In 1975, Mike Farrell got his big break following Wayne Rogers' exit from the series 'M*A*S*H' in the third season. Farrell joined the series' cast by portraying the newly created character of B.J. Hunnicutt. He co-starred with Harry Morgan, the actor who replaced McLean Stevenson, at the end of the third season. Morgan played General Bartford Hamilton Steele in the third season, the role that made him receive the Emmy Award for Best Guest Role in a Prime-time Comedy Series. Farrell continued to play his character in the series for eight years. During his engagement in the series, Mike Farell had written five episodes and directed four, which turned out to be his directorial debut.

After his appearance on 'M*A*S*H', Mike Farrell appeared in many television series, including 'Justice League' and 'Desperate Housewives', among the notable ones. Farell did a voice for Jonathan Kent in 'Superman: The Animated Series' (1996), alongside his wife, Shelley Fabares, who voiced Martha Kent.

Mike Farrell had been the host for various National Geographic Presents specials. He appeared in several TV movies, like 'Memorial Day', wherein he was the co-producer, and did one-man shows twice, including 'JFK', a PBS one man show, and 'Clarence Darrow'.

In 1985, Mike Farrell collaborated with his friend, Marvin Minoff, a film, and television producer, to establish the production company Farrell/Minoff Productions. The duo has produced various television movies. In 1986, the company entered a contract with The Walt Disney Studios, with the condition that the Farrell/Minkoff company would create motion pictures and TV properties. The duo produced the film 'Dominick and Eugene' (1988), making actor Tom Hulce receive a Golden Globe nomination for best actor. They also produced the film' Patch Adams', with Robin Williams as the lead actor. The pair's partnership continued for over 25 years until the demise of Minoff in November 2009.

In 1999, Mike Farrell landed the role of Jim Hansen, a veterinarian and the father of the lead character Dr. Sydney Hansen, on the NBC melodrama series 'Providence'. In the series, Farrell co-starred with actress Concetta Tomei, who portrayed the character of his wife, Lynda Hansen. The character of Tomei passed away in the first episode, but she appeared as a ghost or recollection in the later episodes. Farrell made an appearance in 64 out of the 96 episodes of the TV series.

From 2007-2008, Mike Farrell played Milton Lang, Victor Lang's father and the husband of Gabrielle Solis ( played by Eva Longoria), on 'Desperate Housewives'. Mike Farrell guest-starred in the episode 'Persona' of season 10 of 'Law& Order: Special Victims Unit'. He played Fred Jones in the episode 'Hunteri Heroici' of season eight of 'Supernatural'. In 2014, Farrell joined the supporting cast member of 'The Red Road', a criminal drama series on the Sundance TV Network. Farrell's latest appearance was in the episode 'Judge, Jury...' and '...and Executioner' in the police procedural television series 'NCIS', where he played the character of Judge Miles Deakin.

Farrell published his biography, 'Just Call Me Mike: A Journey To Actor And Activist' in 2007. The book deals with his working-class childhood in West Hollywood, his entrance into the entertainment industry, his personal life, and his ever-increasing engagement in politics and the campaign for human rights in Latin America, the US, and Cambodia.

Charity Work

Before becoming a famous actor, Mike Farrell was a political and social activist. He served for a decade as the California Human Rights Watch co-chairman. Farrell was a member of the original Cult Awareness Network's Board of Advisors and the president of the Death Penalty Focus for over a decade. Farrell is the first person to receive the Human Rights Award, which was named after him in 2006.

In 1985, Mike Farrell traveled to Central America and helped refugees from the civil war in El Salvador. During the civil war, Nidia Diaz, a guerrilla commander, had been taken as a prisoner. Diaz required surgery, but the doctors in El Salvador refused to treat her. As a result, El Salvador's Medical Aid hired a foreign physician. During that time, Mike Farrell served as an observer for Amnesty International but was shanghaied into helping with the operation when the physician requested his assistance. The surgery in prison became successful, and Diaz was among the signatories of the Chapultepec Peace Accords, which ended the civil war.

Mike Farrell is an active member of the Screen Actors Guild. From 2002-2005, he served as the first vice president of the Guild in Los Angeles. In 2006, Mike Farrell appeared in the documentary 'Whose War?', which dealt with examining the role of the US in the Iraq War. Farrell was a part of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation's advisory board. In 2014, Mike Farrell workshopped one of George Shea's plays that drew Dr. Charles David Keeling's work on carbon dioxide emissions to life.

In 2016, following Donald Trump's election as the United States president, Mike Farrell appeared in an ad that urged Republican electors to prevent Trump from becoming the president by driving 37 voters to alter their ballot in the Electoral College from Trump to John Kasich.

What awards has Mike Farrell won?

Mike Farrell has won many awards and nominations throughout his career. The notable ones include the 2009 TV Land Impact Award for 'M*A*S*H'; a nomination for the 1981 Prime-time Emmy Awards for 'M*A*S*H' for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series; a nomination for the 1982 Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy or Variety or Music Series; nomination for the 1982 Daytime Emmy Award for 'The Body Human: Becoming A Man'.

In 2004, Mike Farrell earned the Donald Wright Award from the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, which rarely ensued as the recipient was not a lawyer or a judge. Farrell also received the Humanitarian Award in 2001 from PETA and narrated a public service movement for them regarding animal cruelty.

Mike Farrell's Hobbies And Interests

Mike Farell loves motorcycling.

Other Interesting Mike Farrell Facts And Trivia

  • The zodiac sign of Mike Farrell is Aquarius.
  • In 1941, Farell's family moved to Hollywood, California, where his father worked as a film studio carpenter.
  • He and Alan Alda are best friends.
  • Mike Farrell is among the list of most famous actors born in Minnesota.


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