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Mikey Williams Birthday & Fun Facts

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Mikey Williams Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
188 Williams
Place Of Birth
California, USA
19 years old
Birth Date
June 25 2004

Mikey Williams Facts

Child Star?
Basketball Player
Education & Qualifications
San Ysidro High School
Net Worth
Mahlon , Charisse

About Mikey Williams

Mikey Williams was born on June 26, 2004.

He is a well-known American basketball player. He originally hails from San Diego in California.

Mikey Williams plays for his high school, ‘San Ysidro High School’. He has previously been a basketball player for the Vertical Academy, which is an extension of the most prestigious ‘Lake Norman Christian High School’ located in North Carolina. Mikey Williams is popularly considered a combo guard! Another interesting aspect about him is that he gained the status of a five-star recruit in 2023. Besides, he is a basketball player who weighs 185 lb (84 kg) and is definitely the favorite of numerous basketball enthusiasts out there.

In 2020, Mikey Williams bagged numerous basketball programs from HBCU. He was spotted after playing for a match on a social media platform organized by the HBCU. Apart from that, he has also made a new record for CIF-SDS, eventually setting a new state record as a freshman for his surprising single-game score! This record was previously set by a student names Tyrone Shelley in the year 2005.

In 2021, Mikey Williams got in touch with Excel Sports Management. In fact, he signed an agreement with this company to bag numerous endorsement opportunities. In the same year, he also signed another agreement with Puma. This agreement was an endorsement deal again. After signing this contract, he became the first-ever high school player in America to sign an endorsement deal with a famous footwear company. Another interesting fact about Mikey Williams is that he was only 17 years when he signed this contract.

Williams also made an announcement that he is playing to return to San Diego, where his home is, to play for San Ysidro High School. Thus, in 2022, he played for his high school during the entire senior year! Eventually, he won numerous matches and achieved many accolades as well! He also won the 'Freshman Of The Year' award.

Mikey Williams' Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Mikey Williams’ net worth?

As of 2022, Mikey Williams has a net worth of approximately $1.5 million.

How much does Mikey Williams earn per year?

Mikey Williams earns around $825,000 annually. Thus, this is of no surprise since his net worth is quite high, considering the fact that his basketball career is at its blooming stage.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Mikey Williams?

Mikey Williams is about 6 ft 2 in (188 cm) tall.

How old is Mikey Williams?

As of 2022, Mikey Williams is about 17 years old, as his birth date is June 26, 2004.

Childhood And Education

Mikey Williams was barely a year old when he held his first basketball. He was only 11 months. He grew up practicing basketball under his father’s guidance. His father's name is Mahlon, and his mother's name is Charisse. Apart from that, he has two younger siblings as well! Not much information is known regarding his siblings.

During his childhood days, he would play in a residential courtyard. Mikey belongs to a family with a sports and athletic background. Mikey William’s father played the same sport for the prestigious ‘Sweetwater High School’. Besides, his mother mostly played softball for Hampton University. She also played the same sport for ‘Kearny High School’.

During his middle school days, Mikey Williams held the first rank for being a basketball player. He was ranked by the ‘Naismith National Youth All-American Report’. When Mikey Williams was in eighth grade, he played basketball with Bronny James, LeBron James’ son, another famous basketball player. Eventually, Mikey became quite famous due to his basketball career! He then had a match on the popular AAU circuit in 2019.

As of now, Mikey Williams has a huge fan following on Instagram. He has more than a million followers on Instagram. After his freshman year ended, he has numerous musicians as well as basketball players following him on Instagram. A few of his celebrity fans include Drake, LeBron James as well as Kevin Durant. Currently, Mikey Williams has garnered more than 3.2 million Instagram followers. Definitely, Williams' basketball career is sure to bloom in the future as well.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Mikey Williams dating?

Mikey Williams, a popular social media sensation today, is now dating Jada Williams. She is 18 years old and plays basketball for the club. His previous relationship was with Serenity Johnson.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

He is best known for being a popular as well as a five-star 2023 recruit basketball player from San Ysidro High School. Apart from that, he is also a social media sensation who is followed by numerous celebrities today because of his basketball career. Before he started basketball as his career, this social media sensation gained numerous accolades as well as offers from the popular as well as accredited ESPN.

Charity Work

Mikey Williams has played numerous basketball matches for charity. Most of his matches are played in San Diego. He has also played charity matches at 'San Ysidro High School'.

What awards has Mikey Williams won?

During the ‘Philippine Basketball Association Press Corps Awards’, Mikey Williams won three trophies. The event was held at the ‘Novotel Manila Araneta Center’. Indeed, 2022 is definitely a rookie year for this popular basketball player.

Other Interesting Mikey Williams Facts And Trivia

  • It is known that Mikey Williams had numerous arguments with people who bullied him in school.
  • Mikey Williams is the first Californian freshman to break the record point with 41 points during his debut match.
  • For the sophomore season, Mikey Williams moved to the 'Lake Norman Christian School' in North Carolina. Here, he participated in many basketball matches, eventually helping him to build his basketball career.
  • Mikey Williams, who hails from San Diego, is also the top-ranked basketball player in the NBA class. In fact, as of 2023, he is still the top recruit.
  • It was during the Amateur Athletic Union when Mikey Williams played with Bronny James, son of Lebron James. Lebron James is a legendary basketball player.
  • Mikey Williams, who resides in San Diego, has played for numerous basketball teams, a few of them including the 'Mission Bay High School' as well as 'Kearney High School'. Indeed, there is no doubt why this player is considered a five-star recruit for 2023!
  • With an average of 29.9 points, Mikey Williams won the 'Freshman Of The Year' subtitle by Maxpreps. Eventually, he gained numerous accolades as well as awards for his contribution to the sports industry!
  • Mikey Williams has bagged numerous offers from Arizona as well as Arizona State since he is a popular five-star recruit of the 2023 batch of 247Sports, Rivals as well as ESPN. In fact, the most interesting aspect about this basketball player from California is that he bagged the offers way before he started his career at 'San Ysidro High School'.
  • Mikey Williams has also played numerous basketball matches with the 'Rancho Christian School' in America. This school is considered to be one of the leading as well as the most prestigious institutions in America.
  • Mikey Williams also has a huge fan following on the popular social media network- Twitter. His Twitter handle is '619PRESIDENTIAL'. He is also followed by numerous celebrities, most of them including famous musicians and other basketball players!
  • You must definitely consider watching a few of Mikey's videos on YouTube. You are sure to get quite impressed with his skills! Apart from that, one will also be able to find a few glimpses of his charity matches too!
  • Even at this age, Mikey Williams is a career-oriented individual. He has always stayed away from any controversy or scandal. Apart from that, this basketball player also has no rumors involving him! Indeed, Mikey Williams has kept quite a clean profile by focusing on his personal life as well as basketball career!

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