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Mikhail Baryshnikov Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Mikhail Nikolayevich Baryshnikov
Place Of Birth
Riga, Soviet Latvia
74 years old
Birth Date
January 26 1948

Mikhail Baryshnikov Facts

Child Star?
Dancer, Choreographer, Actor, Model, Dance Director
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Current Partner
Lisa Rineheart
Aleksandra 'Shura' Baryshnikova, Peter, Anna, Sophia
Nikolay Baryshnikov, Alexandra 'Kiselyova' Baryshnikov

About Mikhail Baryshnikov

Mikhail Baryshnikov is a Russian American dancer who also works as a choreographer and actor in movies as well as theater.

The dancer-cum-model, born in Soviet Latvia, is considered to be among the best classical dancers of the ‘70s and '80s. Later, the choreographer, gifted with outstanding dancing skills, segued into dance direction.

The American ballet dancer and actor, who is originally from Russia, ventured into the American television with ‘In Performance Life From Wolf Trap’, which aired on PBS in 1976. Thus, followed a series of his successful stints on the American TV, with CBS buying his two-act ballet ‘The Nutcracker’, where Baryshnikov played the titular role and which earned a nod for the Emmy Award. Later, he featured in television series and films that received nods for Emmy and Oscars.

Mikhail Baryshnikov's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Mikhail Baryshnikov’s net worth?

As per sources, Mikhail Baryshnikov is reckoned to have amassed a net worth of about a whopping $45 million with his dancing career. Baryshnikov is considered to be among the most successful ballet dancers in the world.

How much does Mikhail Baryshnikov earn per year?

The Latvian dancer is said to make around $400,000 per year, while he earns about $32,000 on a monthly basis.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Mikhail Baryshnikov?

Mikhail Baryshnikov is 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) tall.

How old is Mikhail Baryshnikov?

The Latvian dancer-cum-actor was born on January 27, 1948, in Riga, Latvia, Soviet Union. He is 74 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Mikhail Baryshnikov was born Mikhail Nikolayevich Baryshnikov in Riga, Latvia, USSR, now known as Latvia, to Nikolay Baryshnikov, who was an engineer, and Alexandra Kiselyova Baryshnikov, his mother, who worked as a dressmaker. Although Baryshnikov’s father was stern and had strong nationalist views, his interest in the arts was sparked by his mother. Nikolay urged her son to pursue ballet, theater, and opera. However, she passed away when he was only 12 years old. Mikhail is also known by his nickname Misha.

Mikhail Baryshnikov was only 12 when he started learning ballet by joining an opera-ballet school in Riga. His successful years at the school led him to enroll in the Vaganova School in Leningrad (now known as St. Petersburg), where he was trained by Alexander Pushkin. The trainer had also instructed Rudolf Nureyev, who had performed in Paris earlier but had later traveled to America and became famous. Baryshnikov befriended and trained alongside the likes of Alexander Godunov, also known as Sasha, and Natalia Makarova.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Mikhail Baryshnikov’s partner?

Mikhail Baryshnikov had a relationship with Jessica Lange, an actress, with whom he has a daughter named Aleksandra ‘Shura’ Baryshnikova. Also, he was in a relationship with Tuesday Weld from 1982-83. Later, he dated Lisa Rinehart, whom he married in 2006. The duo has three children Peter, Sofia, and Anna.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Baryshnikov won a prize at the Varna International Ballet Competition in the junior division. Later, he enrolled at the Mariinsky Ballet, known as Kirov Ballet back then, in 1967. He was appreciated for his talent and skills by several choreographers like Oleg Vinogradov and Leonid Jakobson, who acted as ballet instructors for him. His performances in his country earned him huge accolades to the extent that he was dubbed as the most perfect dancer by a New York Times critic. In 1974, when Baryshnikov was on a tour in Canada with Bolshoi ballet, the dancer managed to secure a stay in the country, joining the National Ballet Of Canada, where his performance in La Sylphide was aired on television for the first time. Later, he traveled to the United States, where he, along with the ballet dancer Natalia Makarova was offered a part in an episode of the television show Arena, which aired on BBC. During his first two years after leaving the Soviet Union, Mikhail worked for many eminent choreographers like Jerome Robbins and Alvin Ailey. Jerome Robbins had the distinction of being the recipient of an Academy Award twice, a Tony Award five times, and the Kennedy Center Honors.

During his initial years in the United States, he was one of the lead dancers at the American Ballet Theatre. In 1978, he joined the New York City Ballet, where he worked for 18 months. The following year, he portrayed Poet in ‘La Sonnambula’ at the Kennedy Center. Following a period of illness and successful heart surgery, Baryshnikov switched back to the American Ballet Theatre in 1980, where he donned the role of an artistic director.

During his stint as an artistic director with the American Ballet Theatre, which lasted until 1989, Mikhail worked as a dancer too. Besides, he also went on tours with the theater and other modern dance organizations while also playing roles in different ballet plays. After leaving the theater, the ballet dancer, along with another acclaimed choreographer named Mark Morris, co-founded a touring company called White Oak Project, where he also served as the artistic director.

In 2005, Mikhail Baryshnikov established the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York, which sponsored several tours, including that of the United States and Brazil. Besides being a dancer, Baryshnikov is also known for his performances in movies. He played Yuri Kopeikine in ‘The Turning Point’, ‘White Night’, where he starred alongside Isabella Rossellini and Gregory Hines. His other film credits include the 1987 movies ‘Dancers’ and ‘Company Business’. The versatile artist is also known for appearing as a host in tv shows like ‘Mikhail Baryshnikov’s Stories From My Childhood’ and 'Iconoclasts’ where he appeared in an episode. He also did a commercial for the fashion label Rag & Bone due to his interest in modern dance.

Charity Work

Mikhail Baryshnikov is known for the True Russia Foundation, which he founded with the writer Boris Akunin and economist Sergei Guriev in 2022. The foundation was established to support the Ukrainian victims of the war waged by Russia and is also meant to promote art. He is also known for establishing Baryshnikov Dance Foundation Inc. to support artists.

What awards has Mikhail Baryshnikov won?

The highly acclaimed dancer has to his credit a slew of honors, including the 2000 Kennedy Center Honor, 2004 Jerome Robbins Prize, and 2005 National Arts Award. He also won a gold medal in the 1966 Varna International Ballet Competition. The ballet dancer bagged another gold medal at the 1969 Moscow International Ballet Competition. Aside from that, he has also earned Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations several times. He was once roped in as a fellow of the American Academy Of Arts And Sciences in 1999 and won the National Medal Of Arts in 2000.

Mikhail Baryshnikov’s Hobbies And Interests

Mikhail Baryshnikov likes to play golf.

Other Interesting Mikhail Baryshnikov Facts And Trivia

  • Although Mikhael acquired American citizenship in 1986, he was granted the same by the Republic Of Latvia too for his extraordinary talent.
  • Mikhael Baryshnikov owns his clothing line called Baryshnikov and a perfume company Misha.

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