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Neil Sanderson Birthday & Fun Facts

Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography & More

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Neil Sanderson Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Place Of Birth
Peterborough, Canada
45 years old
Birth Date
December 17 1978

Neil Sanderson Facts

Child Star?
Drummer, Musician
Education & Qualifications
Norwood District High School
Net Worth
Current Partner
Janin Sanderson
Violet, Jet

About Neil Sanderson 

On December 17, 1978, Neil Christopher Sanderson was born in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Between 1996 and 1997, Neil Sanderson served as the 'Thousand Foot Krutch' band's drummer. The band 'Groundswell', which Neil Sanderson and his pals founded, was later reorganized as Three Days Grace in 1997.

The group performed at several venues and events in Toronto as 'Three Days Grace' before agreeing to a recording deal with the American company Jive Records. Three Days Grace, the group's self-titled debut album, was launched in 2003. In 2006, the group issued One-X, its second album.

Neil Sanderson Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Neil Sanderson's net worth?

The estimated net worth of Neil Sanderson is $100K.

How much does Neil Sanderson earn per year?

Neil Sanderson's income source is his career as a drummer, singer, songwriter, and musician. But there is no information available about his annual income.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Neil Sanderson?

Neil Sanderson is 5 ft 6 in (173 cm) tall.

How old is Neil Sanderson?

As of 2022, Neil Sanderson is 44 years old.

Childhood And Education

Before beginning school, Sanderson started taking piano lessons. In elementary school, he worked with various instruments and had a keen interest in music. During this period, he developed a love for drums.

Neil Sanderson has one elder sister and an elder brother, who both died in an accident. Nothing much is available about his parents and family life.

In 1992, he enrolled in Norwood District High School. He first became acquainted with Adam Gontier in Peterborough while both were in 9th grade at Adam Scott C.V.I High School. They worked on their songwriting and instrument skills with Brad Walst. Together with Joe Grant and Phil Crowe, they founded the group "Groundswell."

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Neil Sanderson's partner?

Janin Sanderson tied the knot with Neil Sanderson. Violet, born on July 29, 2007, is their daughter, and Jet, born on March 8, 2010, is their son. Janin Sanderson is very active on social media platforms, especially on Instagram, and she has thousands of followers.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

'Home', 'Just Like You', and 'I Hate Everything About You' are the three singles of the album tracks and album songs that went on to become hits and top the US Rock charts in 2003. This album has received a Platinum certification.

On the US Billboard 200, the second album peaked at number five. 'Never Too Late', 'Pain', and 'Animal I Have Become' are the three-album singles also peaked at number one on the US Rock charts. Additionally, this record has a Platinum certification.

The US Billboard award' Song of the Year' went to Three Days Grace in 2006. Also, The Rolling Stones were preceded by 'Three Days Grace' in 2006. The Tour stops for the Canadian rock band include Australia, Japan, Brazil, the US, Europe, and Canada.

It's all about preserving that contact, which makes touring that much easier and more enjoyable, according to Neil Sanderson. He was speaking about the band's recovery from issues in 2007 while a band member underwent time in rehab.

During Three Days Grace's 2008 tour stop in Greensboro, North Carolina, Neil Sanderson was ecstatic with the band's success. They like to use as many lights and production as they can. During the band's transition to bigger venues, it was great to see everyone close together. But the same individuals who supported them initially are still doing so.

The group launched an album in 2009 called 'Life Starts Now'. On the US Billboard 200, it debuted at position three.

A Toronto and Nashville-based artist development organization and songwriting cooperative called Püblicwürks were co-owned by Neil Sanderson and Casey Marshall, a Canadian songwriter.

Neil Sanderson's music genres include alternative metal, hard rock, alternative rock, and post-grunge instruments like piano and drums.

The albums released by the band, 'Three Days Grace' include 'One-X' in 2006, 'Three Days Grace' in 2003, 'Life Started Now' in 2009, 'Transit Of Venus' in 2012, 'Human' in 2015, 'Outsider' in 2018, and 'An Explosion' in 2022.

Neil Sanderson has also made appearances on other albums, such as a composer in 'My Darkest Days' in 2010, A programmer in 'Sick And Twisted Affair' in 2012, A composer and drummer in 'Throw Down' in 2013, and a composer in 'Rise Up' in 2015, and a composer in 'The Abrams' in 2016.

Other Interesting Neil Sanderson Facts And Trivia

  • Neil Sanderson took piano lessons at the age of four.
  • The Zodiac sign of Neil Sanderson is Sagittarius.
  • Neil Sanderson is a famous songwriter and drummer in Canada.
  • Neil Sanderson is Canadian by Nationality.
  • The birth name of Neil Sanderson is Neil Christopher Sanderson.
  • Neil Sanderson and Lukas Rossi are currently collaborating on a project named King City.
  • With Howard Benson, producer Neil Sanderson co-founded the record company Judge and Jury.

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