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Nicolette Larson Birthday & Fun Facts

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Nicolette Larson Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Nicolette Larson
Place Of Birth
Helena, USA
71 years old
Birth Date
July 16 1952

Nicolette Larson Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
University of Missouri
Net Worth
Current Partner
Russ Kunkel
Elsie May Larson-Kunkel
Robert Larson, Josephine Larson
Robert, Daniel, Micheal, Judith, Heather

About Nicolette Larson 

With the release of the bop 'Lotta Love' that peaked at number one on the hot adult contemporary tracks list and number eight on the pop singles chart, Nicolette Larson gained notoriety as a singer.

Nicolette Larson released nine albums and a number of hit singles and EP. 'Nicolette', her debut album, was a major hit with four songs securing top 10 positions on Billboard's album chart.

When Nicolette Larson began her career in the '70s, she adopted the style of laid-back country rock from California, which resulted in a number of hits including 'Lotta Love' and 'Let Me Go, Love'. She abandoned the country rock genre in the '80s and went on to release a number of country music hits, including 'I Only Want To Be With You' and 'That's How You Know When Love Is Right', both of which reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Nicolette Larson's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Nicolette Larson’s net worth?

Nicolette Larson was among the richest singers of her time. Her net worth is estimated to be around $5 million before her death.

How much did Nicolette Larson earn per year?

Nicolette Larson's annual net worth stemmed primarily from her hit numbers. However, her exact annual net worth is unknown in the public database.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Nicolette Larson?

Nicolette Larson stood at the height of 5 ft (152 cm).

How old was Nicolette Larson?

Nicolette Larson was 45 years old at the time of her death on December 16, 1997. She was born on July 17, 1952.

Childhood And Education

Nicolette Larson was born in Helena, Montana, to Robert Larson and Josephine Larson. She has five siblings, of which two are sisters and three brothers. They moved around a lot during her childhood due to her father’s deployment in the US treasury department. She wanted to sing on the radio as a kid.

Nicolette Larson graduated from Kansas City, Missouri, and attended the University of Missouri for three semesters. She also worked as a waiter and took up several office jobs before focusing on her career in music.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Nicolette Larson’s partner?

Nicolette Larson briefly dated Neil Young, who was her idol. She emulated him as a teenager. She was later married to drummer Russ Kunkel in 1990 and they had a daughter together. The couple was together until her death in 1997.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Nicolette Larson is best known for her hit songs that featured on the pop singles chart and a number of other minor pop hits. She is best known for releasing a hit eclectic mix of rock, C&W and R&B.

In 1974, Nicolette Larson relocated to San Francisco. It was while working at the Golden Gate Country-Bluegrass Festival that the later hitmaker wanted to take up a career in music. She worked with David Nichtern and the Nocturnes, playing in clubs around the Bay area.

Nicolette Larson relocated to Los Angeles, the center of country rock music, at the age of 21, and later went on to have a number of hits in that genre. She hoped to find work as a session singer there. It was in Los Angeles that her career took a turn. She had gained popularity after a few impromptu performances in Los Angeles nightclubs. In 1975, she gave a test performance for Commander Cody producer Hoyt Axton. She eventually joined Hoyt Axton and the Banana band to perform with them. She received an invitation to perform in 'Tales From The Ozone' in 1975. She even continued to perform on two more albums of Commander Cody. She even went on tour with Commander Cody and team.

The pop singer Nicolette Larson worked as a backup vocalist for a number of popular male singers and bands like Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Buffett, Michael McDonald, Christopher Cross, Hoyt Axton, the Beach Boys, the Dirt Band, Graham Nash, and the Doobie Brothers.

In 1978, Nicolette Larson got into a record contract with Warner Bros., after which she released her first single, 'Lotta Love', in the same year. Neil Young wrote the song. She gives a lot of credit to Linda Ronstadt and Neil Young for helping her launch her career. It was difficult for women to launch an independent music career in the '70s. 'Lotta Love' became a massive hit reaching number one on Billboard's adult contemporary chart, number eight on the Billboard Hot 100, number eight on the Cash Box Top 100, and number eight in Record World magazine. The follow-up single, 'Rhumba Girl', fell short of the US Top 40, but reached number 15 in Canada and number four on the Canadian adult contemporary chart. She released her first album 'Nicolette' in that same year. It peaked at number one in Canada and number six in Australia.

Nicolette Larson's second album, 'In The Nick Of Time', was not as successful as her first ever album but the album's duet with Michael McDonald, 'Let Me Go, Love', was a top-40 hit. Her next two albums 'Radioland' (1981) and 'All Dressed Up And No Place To Go' (1982) lacked popularity making her retreat from the rock scene.

Nicolette Larson then pursued country music and toured with Pump Boys and Dinettes attracting MCA Nashville to sign her in 1983. Before she had any MCA Nashville releases, she was named the Best New Female Vocalist by the Academy of Country Music. 'Say When', her MCA debut album, didn't come out until 1985. Nicolette Larson had a major hit with her duet with Steve Wariner, 'That's How You Know When Love's Right', from the album 'Rose Of My Heart'. 'Shadows Of Love', a 1988 recording made for the Italian CGD label and produced by Carlo Stretti and Ernesto Taberelli, served as her final mainstream album release. Her sole album for a non-US label was this one. She even performed a duet on the song 'Me And My Father' with Grazia Di Michele at the Festival di Sanremo in 1990.

In 1992, Nicolette Larson worked with Neil Young to sing on his 'Harvest Moon' album. In 1993, she was featured on Neil Young's 'Unplugged'. She also provided vocal accompaniment on 'The Little Drummer Boy' and 'Greensleeves'.

Charting six times on the US Country Singles chart, Nicolette Larson released her final self-produced album 'Sleep, Baby, Sleep', for children, on Sony Wonder in 1994. It was inspired by the birth of her daughter Elsie May Larson-Kunkel. Nicolette Larson also contributed with her Christmas album, 'Tennessee Christmas' (1987)'s 'One Bright Star', 'Acoustic Christmas' (1988)'s 'Christmas Is A Time For Giving', and 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas' (1989)'s 'Nothing But A Child' and 'One Bright Star'. In 1988, Nicolette Larson contributed to the soundtracks of the films 'They Call Me Renegade' and 'Twins'.

The pop singer had a short acting career as she acted in the movie 'Twins' as a singer.

Charity Work

The late singer's husband, daughter and friends in 1988, made a $166,000 donation to the UCLA Children’s Hospital as Nicolette Larson loved kids.

What awards did Nicolette Larson win?

In 1984, Nicolette Larson received the Academy of Country Music's Best New Vocalist award. Rolling Stone named her the Female Vocalist of 1978 for her self-titled debut album.

Other Interesting Nicolette Larson Facts And Trivia

  • Neil Young and Nicolette Larson were best friends.
  • Nicolette Larson's daughter Elsie May Larson-Kunkel is an actress known for the movie 'Caroline In The City'. She is also a singer.
  • In 1997, Nicolette Larson passed away from cerebral edema, a brain swelling brought on by liver failure. She passed away at UCLA Medical Center, aged 45, in Los Angeles.

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