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Otto Von Bismarck Birthday & Fun Facts

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Otto Von Bismarck Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Otto Von Bismarck
Place Of Birth
Schonhausen , Germany
208 years old
Birth Date
April 1 1815

Otto Von Bismarck Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
University of Gottingen
Current Partner
Johana Von Puttkamer
Wilhelm von Bismarck , Herbert von Bismarck, Marie von Bismarck
Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand von Bismarck, Wilhelmine Luise Mencken
Malwine von Bismarck, Bernhard von Bismarck

About Otto Von Bismarck

Otto Von Bismarck's fame was unmatched in Prussia.

He was named the Prime Minister and chancellor of Prussia (now Germany) by the monarchs. He was also responsible for instilling a sense of national pride in the people of Prussia.

Otto Von Bismarck was raised in an aristocratic family, and in spite of trying to work in the civil service stations, he was drawn towards politics - which turned out to be his natural calling. He was against the ideology of socialism and ensured that it did not find its way across the German empire. At the same time, Otto Von Bismarck was also suspicious of the power of the Catholic church and made sure to limit its influence in parts of Southern Germany in particular. Keep reading to learn more about Otto Von Bismarck, his career as a politician, and his idea of a unified nation!

Childhood And Education

Otto Von Bismarck was born and raised in an aristocratic family. His birthplace is known to have been located in Schonhause. Not much is known about his family life.

However, we do know that Otto Von Bismarck went to a reputed school and then went on to pursue his further education at the University of Gottingen. After completing his education, he started a job in the civil service of Prussia but quit his position shortly afterward. He was also involved in the management of his family estates and helped his father for many years before choosing politics.

Family And Relationship

Otto Von Bismarck was married to Johanna Von Puttkamer. Bismarck also fathered three children - named Wilhelm von Bismarck, Herbert von Bismarck and Marie von Bismarck.

Otto Von Bismarck and Johanna von Puttkamer remained married to each other for many years between 1947 and 1994. The year of their marriage is considered to be a crucial one in the life history of Otto Von Bismarck since he developed many of his political views at the time.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Otto Von Bismarck is best known for laying the groundwork for and eventually creating a unified nation out of the many states of Germany. He created the German Empire by first forming the North German Confederation, which was joined by many of the states. At this point, the states were all under the hegemony of Prussia.

Otto Von Bismarck is also known for being the chancellor of the German Empire. He was capable of swaying the King and the Crown Prince in his favor in spite of their initial distrust of the man. Later on, Otto Von Bismarck became the Prussian representative of the German empire. He was also named the Prime Minister of the empire by none other than the king himself.

Bismarck's main intention was to make sure that a sense of national pride and unity was instilled in the public. He was also careful about not letting some ideologies create their stronghold in the empire. He was also apprehensive of the Catholic church and was certain that the church's power and influence were decreased in some way. Otto Von Bismarck is also known for his drive toward making Germany the greatest and most powerful empire in the whole of Europe. He was also responsible for some of the wars that took place in Europe.

Otto Von Bismarck is also known for being the ambassador for places within Europe, such as France and Russia. After being made the chancellor of Germany, Bismarck laid the foundation for Germany to have peaceful ties with the other nations of Europe. He carefully formulated policies with regard to foreign affairs and was able to establish peace between Europe and Germany for around 20 years.

Towards the beginning of his political career, Otto Von Bismarck was known for being a part of the Prussian legislature. He later went on to be known as a royalist and conservative politician.

Charity Work

Otto Von Bismarck brought about many changes in society and was known for his ideologies. He was a Royalist, and even though the monarchs were apprehensive of him initially. They slowly understood his intentions and accepted him as the chancellor and prime minister. He has also been a part of the struggles in Austria and places of Germany.

What awards did Otto Von Bismarck win?

Otto Von Bismarck was made the prime minister and chancellor of the Prussian Empire (now Germany) by the monarch.

Otto Von Bismarck’s Hobbies And Interests

Bismarck was an educated person. Since he was from an aristocratic family, he was also interested in the management of estates.

Other Interesting Otto Von Bismarck Facts And Trivia

  • Bismarck is best known as the chancellor of the 'New Germany.'
  • He was against the power of the Catholic church in regions of Germany - especially Southern Germany.
  • Otto Von Bismarck was able to win the support of Austria, which enabled Prussia to win many wars. Eventually, Austria
  • Bismarck was born and raised in an aristocratic family in the Kingdom of Prussia.
  • Otto Von Bismarck is also known for being part of the German Confederation in places such as St. Petersburg, Paris, and Frankfurt.
  • Bismarck is known for creating such a relationship between Germany and Austria in which Austria was merely used. The same dynamics were carried on until the end of World War I.
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