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Paul Harvey Birthday & Fun Facts

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Paul Harvey Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Paul Harvey Aurandt
Place Of Birth
Tulsa, USA
105 years old
Birth Date
September 3 1918

Paul Harvey Facts

Child Star?
Radio Broadcaster
Education & Qualifications
The University of Tulsa
Net Worth
Paul Harvey Jr.
Harry Harrison Aurandt, Anna Dagmar Christensen Aurandt
Frances Harrietta Aurandt Price

About Paul Harvey 

Paul Harvey has been well known as a radio broadcaster since he appeared on the radio show 'The Rest Of The Story'.

Paul Harvey is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He went to Tulsa Central High School and from there he started his broadcasting career by joining KTSB.

Paul Harvey stated that he was heavily inspired by sportscaster Bill Stern and columnist Walter Winchell and he had obtained his on-air persona from them. He took inspiration from Stern's 'The Colgate Sports Reel' and newsreel programs such as Reel Two and Reel Three and used that emphatic style of delivery in his Page Two and Page Three. Harvey's catchphrases were well admired among the audience such as, "Hello Americans, this is Paul Harvey. Stand by for NEWS!", "Paul Harvey... Good day", "Paul Harvey... Good night", "Good day!". Some of his eminent phrases included, "Here's a strange...", and "Self-government won't work without self-discipline.".

Paul Harvey Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Paul Harvey’s net worth?

The net worth of Paul Harvey lies somewhere around $150 million.

How much did Paul Harvey earn per year?

The annual salary of Paul Harvey has not been shared with the media.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Paul Harvey?

Paul Harvey was around 6 ft 3 in (188 cm) tall.

How old was Paul Harvey?

Paul Harvey was born on September 4, 1918, and on February 28, 2009, he died at the age of 90 in Phoenix, Arizona. His birthday represents the zodiac sign Libra.

Childhood And Education

Paul Harvey belongs from Tulsa, Oklahoma. His family life includes Harry Harrison Aurandt and Anna Dagmar Aurandt, his parents, and Frances Harrietta Aurandt Price, his older sister.

Harry worked as secretary to Commissioner J.H. Adkinson, and was killed in December 1921, off-duty during rabbit hunting. Harvey went to Tulsa Central High School. In the same school, the future actor Tony Randall was his junior. At the age of 14, he joined KTSB, a commercial radio station in Tulsa, and his teacher Isabelle Ronan encouraged him. He joined with a cleaning job but in a few months, he became a radio newscaster, broadcasting the news and advertisements.

Harvey went to the University of Tulsa. There his journey from being an announcer to a program director was quite exquisite. He worked for three years for television station KFBI AM (their former studios were in Salina, Kansas) as a station manager. Then he started working with KOMA located in Oklahoma City for a newscasting job and made a career shift to radio station KXOK situated in St. Louis, where he ended up becoming the Director of Special Events and a journalist.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who was Paul Harvey’s partner?

Paul Harvey and Lynne Cooper of St. Louis got married in 1940.

The couple met at KXOK when Cooper arrived there for a school news project and later Harvey proposed to her at dinner. They got married and became parents of Paul Harvey Jr. In 2007 Lynne was diagnosed with leukemia and died on May 3, 2008, at the age of 92.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Paul Harvey served in the US Navy during World War Two. He returned to the continent as a survivor of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, later assigned to the US Army Air Forces (December 1943-March 1944).

From December 1943-March 1944, Paul Harvey was in the US Army Air Corps as a pilot, basically a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, and also the Experimental Aircraft Association. He had invested in Cirrus Aircraft, which was an aircraft manufacturing company. Barry Schiff, from AOPA, cited that Harvey introduced the word Skyjack.

In 1952, Paul Harvey befriended then FBI Director late J. Edgar Hoover, who helped him dodge the various charges associated with his trespassing at Argonne National Laboratory. He was also friends with former US Senator late Joseph McCarthy and got involved in his campaign to expose and expel communists from American society and government. He made himself an ally of late television evangelist Billy Graham and late television evangelist George Vandeman.

In June 1944 Paul Harvey returned to Chicago and started working as a broadcaster at WENR, which was an ABC-affiliated facility. He hosted a program on postwar employment on WENR in 1945 titled 'Jobs For G.I. Joe'. He narrated some in-depth feature stories which were given the tagline of 'The Rest Of The Story' in 1946. Few of his stories included lax security at Argonne National Laboratory which is a nuclear research facility, and The Washington Post.

At the start of the '40s and end of the '50s, Harvey worked part-time for ABC Radio. He had been replaced with veteran commentator and journalist late H.R. Baukhage and performed Baukhage's 11 AM news round-up on daily basis as a guest host after two weeks when Baukhage came back after ending his early spring vacation, Paul Harvey was laid aside by ABC. In 1951, ABC Networks gave Paul Harvey a weekday lunchtime slot for his 'Paul Harvey News And Comment' broadcast, and later on November 16, 1952, Harvey was offered the newscast of 15-minute on radio station ABC Radio Networks. The whole concept was primarily started at WENR-TV in Chicago.

Harvey introduced 'The Rest Of The Story', a program where he narrated famous people and related events' backstories and on May 10, 1976, he premiered the show on radio station ABC Radio. The series was so well-received by the audience, that he started producing six broadcasts in a single week. Paul Harvey, Jr. helped his father in the writing and production part. Those broadcasted stories were entertaining and completely true.

In November 2000, ABC Radio Networks presented Harvey with an offer of a contract worth $100 million for 10 years. He took the offer but went off from the industry for a bit because he damaged his vocal cords, but resumed his trajectory a couple of months later in August 2001. In his journey, he encountered many critics, including urban legend expert Jan Harold Brunvand. During 2006-2007, Paul Harvey had been substituted by many substantial figures including Fred Thompson, his son named Paul Harvey, Jr., Mike Huckabee, Mort Crim, Gil Gross, Ron Chapman, Doug Limerick, Scott Shannon, Tony Snow, and Mitt Romney.

Since April 2008, Harvey stopped arriving frequently to the 'News and Comment', after he suffered from pneumonia. After his wife's death on May 3, he took a long time off from broadcasting. After the break he started broadcasting 'The Rest Of The Story' and 'News And Comemnt' new episodes and advertisements. Eventually, the broadcast was called off after his death.

What awards did Paul Harvey win?

Paul Harvey was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame and National Radio Hall of Fame. On June 25, 1993, he appeared in the DeMolay Hall of Fame, a Masonic youth organization.

Paul Harvey was also nominated for the Gallup poll list of America's most admired men. He had secured 11 Freedom Foundation Awards. He won the Horatio Alger Award. Former US President George W. Bush awarded Paul Harvey the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005, the country's highest civilian honor. In 1992 the Radio Television Digital News Association gave him the Paul White Award. In 1987 Harvey appeared at The Lincoln Academy of Illinois, where the Governor of Illinois honored him with the Order of Lincoln award (the State's highest honor).

Other Interesting Paul Harvey Facts And Trivia

  • Harvey died at a hospital located in Phoenix, Arizona, in the presence of his family. The cause of death has not been shared with the media. Former President George W. Bush shared his condolences and described him as "a friendly and familiar voice in the lives of millions of Americans".

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